Mafia All Stars
Installment I
Game information
Host maurice
Link Game thread: Mafia All Stars BTSC threads
Size 12 Players (Small)
Start Date 06.06.2011
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster 1. Framm (araver)

2. Vineetrika
3. Hirkala
4. Lionheart
5. Shadow7
6. Auramyna
7. Yuli
8. RainThinker
9. KlueMaster
10. DarthMask
11. Glycereine (Segul)
12. darth nox

First to Die Hirkala
Last Remaining 2. Vineetrika

4. Lionheart
7. Yuli
11. Glycereine

MVP Lionheart
Awards -

Mafia All Stars was a game designed and hosted by maurice based on roles from previous Mafias.

It began on June 6th, 2011 and ended in a Goodie win in D3 (June 13th, 2011).

Game Mechanics


  • OOP – Indy > Baddie > Goodie. Action switch > redirect > trap > block > save > kill > spy > pm > oracle
  • Night Kill and RID Kill can not be acted on. Actions fail only if target is saved or trapped. Goodie Kills can be acted on.
  • RID Recruit can not be redirected, but can be otherwise stopped
  • Kill does not work as a block
  • Trap works as a block and save.
  • Vote Manips can not be acted on.
  • Tie lynch = all in lynch flip a coin for their lives
  • Spies, unused saves, Phaze's switch, Picard's message, Merlin's ?, Vote Manips will not be shown in Night or Day Posts. Only all traps, blocks, redirects, kills and needed saves

Zero-ghost-post policy: Ghosts are not allowed to post at all.

Role Description

Goodies: Goodie All-Stars WinCon - Eliminate the Baddies

  • Wooly Mammoth (Ice Age Mafia - Glycereine) - This large creature's vast size and heavy coat make him less vulnerable than other animals and allow him to intervene on their behalf. Can save any animal including himself but cannot save the same target twice unless fewer than 5 animals remain alive.
  • Phaze Costume (Halloween Mafia II - GMaster479) - The confused plastic surgeon. The person he votes for can not be lynched that day. If that person has the most votes, their role will be revealed. May not vote for self. Can once per game permanently swap abilities (not faction nor role) of any two players (living or dead) to cause confusion.
  • Rex (Dungeons and Dragons - Glycereine) - Subvert: A tricky, skillful scout and spy who wins the battle by stealth rather than brute force. Learns the faction of 1 person per night.
  • Hunter (Quantum Leap Mafia - maurice) - Can kill once per night
  • Captain Picard (Star Trek II Mafia - araver) - Chooses three persons to contact each night. One of them is randomly selected by host and is pinged (informed he was discovered by Picard). Picard is told the role of the player he has contacted but not the player. He has the opportunity (choice) to send a single message to that role during the next day. Message will be sent to host who will relay it anonymously to that role via PM the day after the contact.
  • Sound Card Specialist (Glitch Mafia - GMaster479) - Can deafen (block) one person per night
  • Buffy Summers (Angel Mafia II - Hirkala) - Vampire Slayer with mixed emotions about life; Random action each night based on Die Roll: 1: Kill 2: Block 3: Spy 4: Trap 5: None 6: Choice

Baddies: Baddie All-Stars have BTSC and a Night Kill WinCon - Be in the majority

  • Jack-in-the-Box (Puppet Mafia - Framm18) - Spy - Can pop up on a puppet when it's least expected and observes his or her action for that night
  • The Great Red Dragon (Revelation Mafia - Yuli) - Intimidates the enemies of Satan. Can block one target per night.
  • Remake (Movie Mafia - Hirkala) - Takes an action during the night AND a vote during the day and changes them, redirecting them to another.

Indy: Indy All Star WinCon - Kill 2/3 of secret targets or be the last faction standing

  • The Janitor (Scrubs Mafia - Clozo) – Irritated of his job and the annoying people he works with, his pranks help him cope and often set others in sticky situations, though he hardly ever gets the intended target. (RID kill guess once a night)

Indy: Indy All Star WinCon - Wins with faction. If not recruited, wins if survives until the end

  • Merlin (Amber Mafia - araver) - son of Dara and Corwin, and great-grandson of Benedict. Although he spent his first years in the Courts of Chaos not knowing of Amber and his father, he is truly neutral in the conflict, being ignored or kept in the dark by all sides. Each night he may ask the host one yes/no question. Additionally he has the option to forgo this ability for a secret ability each night.
  • Every night, each goodie, one baddie and the indie may forgo their night action to RID recruit Merlin. They will also submit a number from 1-100. If there are multiple correct guesses, the correct guess that was sent with the number closest to my number will win out. Merlin will gain BTSC with only the player that recruited him. Merlin can betray his faction once, that is to say he can be recruited twice per game but only once per faction. Any night, but not twice in a row Merlin can make himself unrecruitable. If the Janitor recruits Merlin and dies, Merlin may choose to RID Kill (assuming he has not betrayed). If Merlin reveals his role, he will be mod-killed and can not win.

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations


Secret stuff:

  • The Janitor's targets - Phaze, Remake, Buffy

I must say this was a well played game for the most part (except for the baddies killing my pet role Night 1). In the ghost thread I questioned the balance of this game after Day 1 as I thought it was balanced towards the Baddies too much. But some good play and as Hirk pointed out, good coordination by the Goodies swiftly shifted things towards the Blue side.

And the Baddies played well as well, they just ran into some bad luck and spot on play by the Goodies.

Glycereine and Framm were the first backups I've ever had to use. I want to thank them for stepping in and being instrumental in the gameplay.

Hirkala ...what can I say. I regret not giving you some sort of early death protection, like I did in Tombstone. I was excited when you got my the role, but that feeling was extinguished quite early by araver.

And I can not forget the award for hint of the game (maybe of the year thus far). So I will reward Yuli with (311 - Amber. If you didn't pick up on it ... go find it after seeing the above.

If you enjoyed this game and would like to see other characters brought back to life, please make suggestions in the Mafia Discussion thread.

Special commendations

Darth nox never used the ability swap but he put a lot of thought and questions into each night's decision. Vine's blocks were spot on and Night 3 was needed as KlueMaster was blocking lionheart. Glycereine took advantage of a fortuitous find Night 1 and didn't rush into his recruit. Shadow was also coordinated with lionheart and was able to confirm that the kills were not reckless. Auramyna banged her head in the ghost thread for getting herself killed but she was instrumental in outting the Baddies. And of course there was lionheart with his back to back kills. They all played well and a case could be made for any of them to be MVP, but I like to reward the risk taker and the game changer. There's no doubt that that was lionheart. So congratulations to Lionheart for winning MVP of Mafia All-Stars!

Host disappointments

  • Baddies killing my pet role Night 1 :(

Alternate endings

Winning Faction


  1. Vineetrika - Sound Card Specialist
  2. Lionheart - Hunter
  3. Shadow7 - Rex
  4. Auramyna - Buffy
  5. Yuli - Merlin - recruited by Goodies
  6. DarthMask - Wooly Mammoth
  7. Glycereine (Segul) - Cap. Picard
  8. darth nox - Phaze Costume

MVP: Lionheart

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster


  1. Framm (Araver) - Jack in the Box - Lynched D3
  2. Vineetrika - Sound Card Specialist
  3. Hirkala - Janitor - killed N1 by Baddies
  4. Lionheart - Hunter
  5. Shadow7 - Rex
  6. Auramyna - Buffy - killed N2 by Baddies
  7. Yuli - Merlin - recruited by Goodies
  8. RainThinker - Remake - killed N2 by Hunter
  9. KlueMaster - The Great Red Dragon - killed N3 by Hunter
  10. DarthMask - Wooly Mammoth - Lynched D1
  11. Glycereine (Segul) - Cap. Picard
  12. darth nox - Phaze Costume - killed N3 by Baddies


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