There are several other Mafia forums where Mafia games have been played in this format.

List of Mafia Forums

The following list contains links to Forums where Mafia is played or was played in this form:



  • BrainDen (BD) - Mafia is played only in the Games section. Status: ACTIVE
  • Incognito - Mafia dedicated - Admin/Moderators: unreality, Brandonb, itachi, Shadow, Sinistral. Status: CLOSED
  • Mafiosphere (mOs) - Mafia dedicated - Moderators: Unreality, Sinistral, Contract Collector (yoruichi-san [BD]). Status: IDLE / Registration and Validation is not possible
  • MafiaManiac on IPBFree - Mafia dedicated - Admin GMaster479. Status: CLOSED. History is lost forever due to IPBFree's unexpected shutdown. See IPB Fall for more information.
  • MafiaManiac (MM) - Mafia dedicated forum - Admin: GMaster479. Status ACTIVE

List of wikis

Also, there has been another Wiki, started in 2009, last update: March 2010 which contains some of the Mafias on BrainDen. Link: - Mafia Party Game Wiki Admin: rookie1ja. Main contributors: Lost in Space (Piandao), PrinceMarth85, Sayalzah, abhisk (Jicochi), GMaster479, Fox (TheFox). Status: IDLE