Mafia Olde Style
Mafia old style
Game information
Host Lost in space
Link Mafia old style
Size 16 Players (Large)
Start Date January 25, 2009
Winning Faction Indy
Roster # player
  1. Prince_Marth85
  2. Peace / Crazypainter
  3. IDoNotExist
  4. Social Darwin
  5. Rainthinker
  6. GreyCells
  7. Joe's Student
  8. JarZe
  9. Reaymond
  10. SomeGuy
  11. Slick
  12. Lemonymelon
  13. Impervious
  14. Fox
  15. Riranor
  16. Star_Tiger
First to Die Riranor & Rainthinker
Last Remaining
MVP SomeGuy
Awards -

Mafia Olde Style was a game designed and hosted by Lost in space based on own design.

It began on January 25, 2009 and ended in a Indy win in N4 (February 2nd).

Game MechanicsEdit


ALL players have secret/extra ability... Innocents have on kill role only - they need to act and think carefully

Secret - everyone has one (Block/save/spy/kill and vote rigging included).... except those that are not posting two post per lynch with substance .... if repeated then 2/3 chance of ability and so on till you vanilla then die

Role reveal by self will mean 50/50 chance of ability reduction that night

Innocents and Mafia have one Freemason each - they know who they are but not each other,.. One dies, the other dies too.

Role DescriptionEdit

Mafia Win when independent is dead and the innocents are dead (or overpowered) - Have BTSC - know who the suicide bomber is. Elect an Innocent to kill every night

  1. Don - Cool under pressure and will stake steps to control the town.
  2. Bank Roller - Likes to invest here there and everywhere - with the mobs money.
  3. Thief - into everything literally - chock your wallet if you see him around.
  4. Bodyguard - Brutal so watch what you say when the don is around.
  5. Goon - does as he is told. Well, tries to.

Innocents Win when the Mafia and Independent are dead no BTSC unless....

  • Doc and healer meet at night
  • Inspector discovers spy.
  1. Vigilante - Kills at night. Can not die Night one, can not accidentally kill defender. Can not die while protected by the defender who he does not know.
  2. Defender - Knows the Vigilante, keeps safe 100% at night, can not save any other.
  3. Inspector - PMs me a player name 2/3 chance sucess.
  4. Doc - saves any player any night - if self 50/50 chance of fail.
  5. Healer - saves - 2/3 chance.
  6. Spy - picks a player - I give role - Known by the suicide bomber.
  7. Medical Examiner - 2/3 chance of discovering the dead's ID (day action).Can not tell the classified information to general public. I PM the Sheriff of sucess (Max two people will know the ID of dead only)
  8. Sheriff - can arrest during day to prevent lynch, player is 100% safe that day and night (50/50 reveal next day) PM player name before end of day, not the same player twice in a row. Can not arrest self
  9. Mayor - can choose to end the day vote early twice - (notes last accepted post number to stop vote) - host will lynch there and then.. (even if Host is asleep )
  10. Suicide bomber - If lynched, player last to vote has 1/3 chance to live too by choosing a wire to cut (role will be revealed) - killed at night 2/3 chance of exploding and killing attacker - choosing wire)

Independent - win as last man standing or if kills vigilante.

  1. Failed Prosecutor - Kills every night after N1

Host's SummaryEdit

Game Idea and ExpectationsEdit


  • N1..Ist night nerves, three people use saves - no effect and two had no other saves
  • N2.. Mafia grp target IDNE/defender, and use kat's thief on imp/vig to kill jarzee/doc Who saved Vig, but reaymond blocked kat with a pm 30mins to go, So SG's attack on Imp/vig failed
  • N3.. ME saved impy instead of Doc, who was already doing that,save the doc or wait another night wld be best
  • Maybe, the bomber could have tried to draw fire for a 2/3 chance
  • Coincidence 1 the Freemason chosen as a target by the F/mason
  • Coincidence 2 Spy investigates Slick (M.E.) and ends up on his slab next night :)
  • Coincidence 3 Doc saves the vig, not the defender - did he see the danger.
  • Coincidence 4 JS (Don) and SD (Mayor) both double vote Marth (innocent) not that the count mattered

Despite the 1 for 1 N1 luck, opening of roles didn't help. And two failed lynches.... :lol: Taking CP was a good move, she had a day kill in hand - oh_OH!

Sheriff had a day kill too - but SG had a save - extra lucky

I enjoyed hosting it - hope it was good for you

But hey it was fun. Maybe if reaymond held back on Bomber, he may have attained a kill by drawing the Mafia and exploding on 2/3 chance.

Special commendationsEdit

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning FactionEdit

Some Guy - Failed Prosecutor Ada Charnz

Day and Night PostsEdit

End of Game RosterEdit

  1. Joe's Student - Mafia D Don Wunderin
  2. Peace - CP - Mafia Mafia Goon Arty Chowkes - Killed by Vigilante N3
  3. Kathleen - Mafia Thief Lester Leevuwiv - Lynched D3
  4. Reaymond - Suicide Bomber Ann Gerry
  5. Social Darwin - Mayor Jan Itorr
  6. Grey Cells - Sheriff Nick Ezee
  7. JarZe - Doctor Dr I.Makeuwel - Killed by Mafia N3
  8. Some Guy - Failed Prosecutor Ada Charnz
  9. akaslickster - Medical Examiner Reg E Strarr
  10. !mpervious - Vigilante Vic Torry - Killed by Ada N4
  11. Prince Marth - Inspector Ins. Lukiman - Lynched D2
  12. IDoNotExist - Defender Jite Qwando - Killed by Mafia N2
  13. Lemomymelon - Healer Paul ItovLynched D1
  14. Riranor - Mafia BR B.A Lendurr - Dead N1 (Freemason)
  15. RainThinker - Spy Ivor Biknooze - Killed by Mafia N1 (Freemason)
  16. Star Tiger - Mafia BG Bo de Garde - Killed By Vigilante N2


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