Mafia of Swordsmen
Mafia of swordsmen
Game information
Host Mew
Link Game thread: Mafia of Swordsmen BTSC threads
Size 18 Players (Large)
Start Date 6.15.13
Winning Faction Baddie
Roster #, player
  1. Marth
  2. golfjunkie
  3. Vommack
  4. Cube (MikeD)
  5. EDM
  6. Hirkala
  7. FatTony
  8. Brainy
  9. Kitsune
  10. Curr3nt
  11. Dee tot
  12. Aura
  13. Shadow7
  14. Harvest Ty
  15. Marq
  16. Segul
  17. Boquise
  18. Vineetrika
First to Die Shadow
Last Remaining Curr, Vine, Segul
MVP Curr
Awards -

Mafia of Swordsmen was a game designed and hosted by Mew based on own idea.

It began on June 15, 2013 and ended in a Baddie win in D7 (July 2).

Game Mechanics Edit


  • OOP: Indy>Baddie>Goodie
  • RID kill>Redirect>Block>Trap>Save>Kill
  • Kills are Blocks
  • Blocks, traps and kills in an impossible loop will all fail.
  • Redirected spies will not be informed.

What shows in posts:

  • Blocks
  • Kills
  • Traps
  • Successful Saves
  • Successful RID kills

Role DescriptionEdit

Goodies (WinCon: Eliminate baddies and indy):

  1. Kanda Yuu (D.gray-man): One of the main protagonists, uses his powers to stop a player from acting that night . His weapon's name is Mugen. (block)
  2. Nariko (Heavenly Sword): The first ever to wield a sword that was meant for a deity and with it, she rid her people of the ruthless King Bohan, the sword comes with 3 stances: 1-Power(Kill) 2-Speed(Block) 3-Range(Save), one will be chosen at random each night.
  3. Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara): One of the top generals of the sengoku period, mobilizes a huge army. He uses 6 swords as his weapon. (Has 7 extra votes to be used any time, max. 3 per day).
  4. Link (Legend of zelda): Our favorite hero of Hyrule, he has saved it on countless occasions (Save).
  5. Kairu (Black Sigil: Blade of the exiled): A boy with a cursed soul, has grown in a land were everyone uses magic except him, he tries to save as many wronged people as possible (RID lynch save, twice per game)
  6. Claire (Claymore): One of the silver eyed witches, 3 part human, 1 part Yoma, works for an organization were she will be given a name, and act accordingly (Possible actions: Save, Block, Kill, Spy)
  7. Welt (Soma Bringer):The newest member of the Pharzuph, 7th division, a part of an organization that defeats beings known as "Visitors". Welt will choose a role and devote his life to it. (Bodyguard to choice, will die instead of the said role in both kills and lynches, will gain info on who has the role and who targets it)
  8. Takeshi Yamamoto (Kateikyoushi Hitman REBORN!): A guardian of the 10th Vongola family, a mafia, also the successor of the extremely versatile "Shigure Soenn Ryu" sword style.(N1=Save, N2=spy, N3=Block, N4=Kill, N5+=choice but not twice in a row)
  9. Rallen (Spectrobes): The junior officer of the Nanairo Planitary patrol and Spectrobe master. He will chose a player to bring back to HQ and trap for a night and day period (trap)
  10. Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin's creed): The leader of a guild of assassins, he will use his sources or himself to learn the role of a player (Role spy)
  11. Lucian (Lunar Knights): A dark swordsman and vampire hunter, his motto is "If someone stands in my way, I take him down, plain and simple."(Kill)
  12. Caim (Drakengard): A son of the royal family, he managed to forge a pact with a dragon in a near death situation, and having a dragon on his side is quite threatening (Redirect)

Baddies (Night kill+BTSC)(WinCon:Gain majority):

  1. Vergil Sparda (Devil may cry 3): One of the 2 twin sons of Sparda, a.k.a "The Dark Slayer" very persuasive, however, if someone fails to do his duty he usually ends up dead. His weapon is a katana by the name Yamato (Redirect, Redirected player has a 50% chance of dying if blocked by a non-baddie, not counting blocks by redirecting to self, unsaveable except by bodyguard, works even if player has a day action, or a static role.)
  2. Wrath (Fullmetal Alchemist): A powerful and very speedy homunculus, he can block on odd nights and RID kill on even ones.
  3. Kaguro (Kekkaishi): Once human, but sacrificed his humanity and became an ayakashi in order to gain more power, he has a habit of following his target and observing silently.(Follow spy)
  4. Xemnas (Kingdom Hearts): The leader of a group of nobodies, as far as he's concerned, you don't need a heart to know how to manipulate one (Vote redirect)
  5. Sesshomaru (Inuyasha): Son of the Great Dog Demon, can choose one player to trap in Meidō Zangetsuha .(Trap)

Indy: Your own RPG character (Ability and WinCon Secret) but are shown below:

  • Indy gets N1/D1 immunity.
  • You have immunity, N1/D1 (will be shown as saved). Will be given choice of spy and RID Kill each night. Your initial WinCon will be to kill 1 of 5 targets (Rallen, Date, Caim, Vergil and Sessho), once you do, you level up and have 2 options:
  • Option 1 - Berserker Class:
    • You will be given 10 lists in priority, and your action becomes Spy and Kill (both usable during the same night), and your WinCon will be to outlive 3 of 5 targets on the list at hand, having killed at least 2, if the WinCon of on highest list fails, you will move on to the next viable list without being informed, if you switch lists, the people you kill are carried forward. If you kill someone not on your current list, you cannot act next night.
  • Option 2 - Hero Class:
    • Action becomes Spy, Save and Lynch save (choose 2 at night, even lynch save target). WinCon is to save 1 baddie and 2 goodies from death. If WinCon is impossible (which the only case for that is not having saved a baddie after all baddies die), save 3 goodies, for whatever it's worth.
  • If you achieve your WinCon, you leave the game.

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations Edit


This was actually the first game I was planning to host, which explains why it's so basic, but it got buried and I forgot about it. Anyway, a few general titles I would like to give:

Confused and confusing: This award goes goes to Dee, for having redirected two spies on the first two nights, also due to the fact that she had two hints that Vine was bad and didn't manage two figure it out(or just stayed quiet), the first being Gj attacking Boquise after being redirected to Vine, and the second being redirecting vine to Vomm and having vomm trapped.

Game resurrector : I'd give 25% of this award to FT's statement and trying to cure the inactivity, and the remaining 75% to curr3nt for successfully riling people up the last few cycles, I was heavily losing my motivation to host this seeing how bad the inactivity was, but curr3nt managed to bring this back to life, so, thank you curr3nt.

I tripped near the finish line: This one goes to Boq, who was doing so well this game but blundered the last cycle, Boq should have gone for saving Harvest regardless since Harvest was the only sure-fire way to stop Vine from trapping herself again.

Reversal finish: This one also goes to curr3nt, who even though he seemed to have given up in BTSC after Hirk, Cube and Marq's deaths, but he performed very well to throw the goodies off their tracks and transformed a 2 vs 8 situation D4 into an astonishing 2 vs1 by D7, goes to show no matter how tough a spot you're in, there's always a way out.

MVP: Curr3nt obviously, for reasons stated above.

By Mew

Special commendationsEdit

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit

  • Cube - Kaguro
  • Hirk - Wrath
  • Curr - Xemnas
  • Marq - Vergil
  • Vine - Sesshomaru

Day and Night Posts Edit

Intro N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4 D4 N5 D5 N6 D6 N7 D7

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Marth - Kairu - Killed N2 by baddies
  2. gj - claire - Killed N3 by baddies
  3. Vommack - welt - Killed N6 by baddies
  4. Cube - Kaguro - Lynched D4
  5. EDM - Yamamoto - Lynched D2
  6. Hirk - Wrath - Lynched D3
  7. FT - Date - Killed N4 by baddies
  8. Brainy - Ezio - Killed N5 by baddies
  9. Kits - Link - Lynched D5
  10. Curr - Xemnas
  11. dee - caim - Lynched D6
  12. Aura - rallen - RID Killed N6 by Auron
  13. shad - lucian - Killed N1 by baddies
  14. Harvest - kanda - Killed N7 by baddies
  15. Marq - Vergil - Killed N4 by Nariko
  16. Segul - RPG
  17. Boquise - Nariko - Lynched D7
  18. Vine - Sesshomaru

Actions Edit

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