Manfred is a fictional character, involved in punishing inactive players or hosts on MafiaManiac.

Brief history

When MafiaManiac on IPBFree was started, the games were still less active than most of the members wanted them to be. After much persuading, Phaze turned GMaster479 on to the Manfred idea. Phaze wrote up the posts and suggested players to be toadified. This was used successfully on many players and even a host. An account was made for Manfred that only the Current Host and Phaze had access to and the inactive posts were made from there. This idea was later resurrected on MafiaManiac as well.


Determining inactivity

See the definition of inactivity first
  • If a player/host is inactive for A night or A day AND there is a back-up available, the inactive member is eligible to become a toad.
  • If a back-up is not available, then the inactive member can be killed off at the host's discretion.
  • A host is eligible to become a toad if they haven't been heard from within 24 hours of their own set deadline for a night/day. In this case, the worst case scenario is for one of the Admins or Mods taking over a game.
  • There is also the :manfred: symbol that can be used to alert the host to inactivity.
  • If one gives a reason for leaving the game and asks to be replaced, this will not apply - as warning ahead of time gives the host and the inactive player enough time to find a replacement.

Punishment for inactivity

  • For the rest of the current game, the Current Host or one of the Moderators will put the inactive member into the Toad group. This toad group has less privileges than the regular blue member group. This will keep inactive players out of their secret forums and limit their edit time. Once the game is over, the player will be returned to his/her correct group.
  • The inactive player loses 1 rep point.

Regaining non-toad status

  • If an inactive member gives a valid reason as to why you were inactive in a timely fashion and apologizes to the host and the other players, their rep points will be returned and they will be un-toadified.