Projects on MMWiki!

This page helps you stay up to date with what's happening on the wiki. (See also Latest News for things that are already done)

  • User talk pages have been replaced with comment bubbles. Talk pages have been archived and can be accessed on these new messenger pages.
  • New page templates have been created. If you create a new page for a player or a game, you can use the appropriate template for faster creation.
  • Please check articles that need help and contribute what you can. Some eras are being prioritized, but if you want, you can jump and pick any game that is incomplete (especially if you've hosted a game in previous eras and you want to edit it first).
  • If you've played on MM or BD, make an account. We can link it to your page so you only have to update one. If you have a page that isn't populated, go ahead and do it. Find all the player pages here Category:PlayersHelpNeeded.

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