Mental Institute Mafia
Game information
Host EDM & StarTiger
Link Game thread: Mental Institute Mafia BTSC threads
Size 13 Players (Medium)
Start Date 01.09.2010
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster 1) NickFleming

2) Marquessa
3) Fox
4) Limey
5) Framm18
6) Izzy
7) Filly678
8) golfjunkie
9) LJayden
10) onetruth
11) GMaster479
12) Riranor
13) Glycereine

First to Die LJayden &
Last Remaining 8. golfjunkie

10. onetruth
12. Riranor

MVP GMaster479
Awards -

Mental Institute Mafia was a game developed by EDM and hosted by EDM & StarTiger.

It began on September 1st, 2010 and ended in a Goodie win in Day 4.

Game Mechanics Edit

Ordinary, everyday 3 Faction Game, with extra power plays. The Goodies comprised of the insane patients, Baddies were the staff and Indies were insane beyond repair.

Role DescriptionEdit

Baddies: Win by killing crazy couple AND being majority. With BTSC

  • Head Doc - traps a player but never the same person twice and vote count as (x 2)
  • Dr. Mental - Kill ability
  • Nurse Render - Divert actions (same player maximum twice)
  • Corrupt Guard - spy ability to find faction

Goodies: Win by being last faction standing .

  • Loony old woman - diverts actions of a player (never the same twice in a row)
  • Wacko wife - ability to save a player (same player maximum twice) *
  • Raging husband - Roll of dice action 1. RID Kill 2. Spy to find faction 3. Divert 4. Block 5. Save 6. Choose
  • Insane man - traps a player
  • Vampire crazy teen - night kill ability
  • The good Guard - blocks an action of a player and vote count as (x2)
  • Crazy FBI (undercover) - spy on player and learns their role.

Indies: Win by 1 or both of them being the last one standing.

  • Orphan Girl - Roll of dice action
  • Jekyll/Hyde - Kill ability at alternate night and vote count as (x 1, x2 or x3)


  • The order of actions Indy < Baddie < Goodie ----------- Kill < Divert < Trap < Block < Save
  • Tie lynch = random coin flip whether there is a lynch or not.
  • No roles revealed for killed / lynched players.

Extra Abilities/Power Plays:

  • Husband and wife (aka 'crazy couple') have BTSC. If wife dies / is lynched, husband and wife will be lynched together and their roles will be revealed. They cannot be harmed on N1.
  • Vampire crazy teen dies - His role goes to insane man.
  • If corrupt guard finds out good guard, gains ability vote count which increases to (x3).
  • Orphan girl: safe if targeted first time.
  • Jekyll/Hyde - safe if targeted by Orphan girl for first time.
  • End ability: goodie and indy with vote tie; game ends as per majority

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea And Expectations

Ok...This was my first game as a host....Initially, star tiger(ST) was my co-host, but unfortunately she fell sick (poor thing), and hence had to quit, making me do this solo. However, She was a big source and help in this game, so she gets her due credit. .. :D

It was the basic 3 Faction game - Goodies, Baddies and Indies. I was quite pleased at the roles and characters ST and I came up with. All the characters and roles were based on books and/or movies I'd seen or heard of, especially the Indy Jekyll/Hyde....a tribute to one of my favourite books...:D

During the Day:
In case of a tie, a random coin flip (yes, I actually flipped the coin!) chose whether there would be lynching or not. It was helpful, really....:D

Whether Night or Day, No role was revealed! That was to make everything more complex and crazy!!! (XD)

We decided to have extra abilities/power roles to increase the complexity in this game; a big step for the first time. But it was a lot more fun to have than I hoped! :D

We only had one big expectation; That all, players and non-players, would enjoy it. We had our little mess-ups, but it was worth it...:D


The posts were as insane as I could possibly make it... ;-) :D

  • Initially, we had a bit of a problem where we mixed up a couple of roles. But we sorted it out by changing a couple of roles...:D
  • Night 1, LJayden was killed by Dr.Mental. This left the goodies without their trapper, although unaware of it. This had an interesting effect on Day 1; although votes were mostly random, the goodies seemed to have an idea of who may be the baddie. It was also the time when ST got sick, but after a couple of tips from her, I began handling it. Interestingly, Marquessa was lynched after a random, but glued bandwagon from 3 people, even though Limey failed to vote. The goodies lost their diverter.....:(
  • Night 2 became more serious (and crazy). After GM correctly assumed the fact that they may have lost 2 goodies, the actions that came in were so completely locked in, that there was no way to stop the inevitable: The 3 baddies - Fox, Framm & Glyc were killed. :o
    However, this really confused everyone, and I mean everyone! Since Limey wasn't there for D1, people started voting him off, although he correctly got Izzy's role. OT was also accused after a mix of words, but Limey ended up being lynched, thanks to Izzy, OT and riranor. Well, that was the end of the crazy FBI. :P
  • Night 3 was weird. Due to 3 baddies being gone, 5 people in total were out. The actions sent in totalled up...and No One Died! I mean come on! This was ridiculous!!!
    Anyway, now everone was more confused than ever (muwahahaha), but then after Nick started talking and questioning, people got suspicious. Izzy and Nick loggerheads, you can say. But GM again had a correct assumption of Nick being the last baddie, and OT and Izzy got on Nick. Obviously, Nick couldn't really defend himself since he didn't have his pals around. But somehow, Nick confused GM and everyone else. Then filly was under scrutiny, but it wasn't really there, as such. Anyway, this whole Nick/Izzy/GM vote triangle became too confusing. But when Izzy was the majority vote, Izzy and Nick 'opened their mouths' again, and Nick became the majority vote. The shock for all was; No one was lynched!!! LOL! Take that, no action!!! :D
  • Night, that was awesome! Nick wasn't lynched D3, but Izzy was so raged, that her Hyde character totally smashed Nick!!! So the baddies were ALL GONE!!! :D
    Obviously, there was no point in arguing about who's left as such; GM pounced on Izzy (lol) and everyone followed. Izzy tried to get Baddie alliance in, but since there were no baddies left, well......XD
    So finally, although filly had some suspicion on GM and he was also accused, though not so much, Izzy was lynched in an AWESOME Day 4 post (thanks to me ;-)). The Baddies were gone, Indies were gone, and the Goodies won!!! :D
  • Hehe....OT was mad at me one time in between because I forgot to give her the action she needed (I messed up...:P). But it was great and I would LOVE to be a crazy host again!!! :D

Special commendations

  • GM was the Most Valuable Player (MVP). His assumptions were almost spot-on and although confused at one time, easily got around it....:D
  • Izzy was very close to being MVP. Why? Because she was smart enough to come up with the right decisions even when accused. She held her ground well....and she was quite good at confusing....nice! :D
  • Special thanks to star tiger, my part co-host, who was sooo helpful in the initial stages. Without her, there would be no MIM, I guess.....Thanks, ST!!! *hugs* :D

Host disappointments

Just one major disappointment: It didn't go as long as I'd wanted it to. Especially because most of the baddies were gone already. But there were no other disappointments, and it was overall, a lovely, insane experience! ;-)

Alternate endings

So far....If the baddies were not dead sooner (especially Fox), the game would have been longer, and the baddies would have won, considering what they had in mind....:D


Winning Faction Edit


  1. Marquessa - Loony Old Woman
  2. Limey - Crazy FBI
  3. golfjunkie - Good Guard
  4. LJ - Insane Man
  5. onetruth - Raging Husband
  6. GMaster479 - Vampire Crazy Teen
  7. Riranor - Wacko Wife

MVP: GMaster479

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. NickFleming - Corrupt Guard - Killed N4
  2. Marquessa - Loony Old Woman - Lynched D1
  3. Fox - Dr Mental - Killed N2
  4. Limey - Crazy FBI - Lynched D2
  5. Framm - Nurse Render - Killed N2
  6. Izzy - Jekyll/Hyde - Lynched D4
  7. Filly - Orphan Girl
  8. golfjunkie - Good Guard
  9. LJ - Insane Man - Killed N1
  10. onetruth - Raging Husband
  11. GMaster479 - Vampire Crazy Teen - Lynched D4
  12. Riranor - Wacko Wife
  13. Glycereine - Head Doc - Killed N2

Actions Edit