Miniature LOST Themed Mafia
Game information
Host Unreality
Link Miniature LOST Themed Mafia
Size 9 Players (Tiny)
Start Date August 9th, 2008
Winning Faction N/A Game stopped
Roster 1) GreyCells

2) Taliesin
3) Marv
4) PuzzleGirl
5) Lemony Melon
6) Reign Of Fire
7) yellowsubmarine
8) Lost in space
9) Rene83

First to Die Lost in space
Last Remaining N/A
Awards -

Miniature LOST Themed Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Unreality based on the television series LOST

It began on August 9th, 2008 and ended in a Game Stoppage on D1.

Game Mechanics


Role Description

Others: BTSC & NK.

  • Ethan - creepy surgeon. "Wasn't on the manifest, dude"
  • Goodwin - handsome heroic man. Ana Lucia pwns him with a stick. Too bad in this game he goes to the Losties' beach, not the Tailies' beach
  • Tom - the "bearded guy" who isn't really bearded. Also gay, as revealed in season 4. Tom reports back to Richard (who reports to Ben) or Ben (who reports back to Jacob). Because of this, Tom gets info from Jacob Himself, and can learn one person's role each day

Losties (Crash Survivors):

  • John Locke - is attuned with the Island and the Black Smoke Monster, and thus is told the identity of one Other each day. Each day John Locke can pick one person only known to him... if he picks Charlie, he helps rid Charlie's drug addiction. If he does't pick Charlie by the 3rd day, Charlie dies from heroin overdose
  • Jack - the Losties' doctor who has a soap opera life. Chooses one person each night. If that person is targeted by the Others, Jack slams their chest repeatedly and yells "Come on, dammit!" until they come back to life
  • Charlie - plays the guitar
  • Kate - resident Island b*tch. Also, the center of a love triangle which involves Jack and Sawyer. If Kate dies during the day, there is a 1/3 chance Kate is lynched as normal, a 1/3 chance Jack dies in her place, and a 1/3 chance Sawyer dies in her place. If Kate dies at night, Charlie makes a song about it
  • Sawyer - needs huge reading glasses to peruse children's books. Steals stuff. Cons money. He steals stuff every night- if he steals stuff from an Other, he realizes who they are, but the Others figure out that he was going through their stuff and learn his identity after the night is over
  • Sayid - pure badass Iraqi. Can snap people's necks with his feet and torture you with a rusty wrench. Sayid can torture someone on the 2nd day, and their role is revealed to him

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations

Oh how I wish I could make this bigger, I could have lots more LOST characters (Hurley, Ben, BSM, even Jacob... you name it ) This could be epic. But I'm keeping it down to 9 people for quick signup and quick play

Remember: only play if you are not playing Mafia V or have died in Mafia V This is Miniature Mafia and shouldn't last long.


Tips for the Losties: the ratio of Losties to Others is 3:5. Lynch a Lostie today and it will be 3:3 tomorrow if Jack doesn't save anyone tonight. Ties will always go to the Losties, but still if one person deviates in the 3:3, the Others have majority and game over... so I'm just saying, you guys have to do whatever you can to lynch an Other today ;D

Game stop explanation

The 1 star bandit strikes again hehe

Yeah I'm starting Mafia VI soon, so I won't be able to dedicate as much time to this anyway. Too bad people signed up and didn't participate- that won't be acceptable in Mafia VI of course.

Winning Faction

N/A - Host stopped the game

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

The Island: Unreality

  1. Grey Cells - Sayid
  2. Taliesin - Goodwin
  3. Marv - Jack
  4. Puzzlegirl - Tom
  5. Lemony Melon - Kate
  6. Reign Of Fire - Ethan
  7. Yellowsubmarine - John Locke
  8. Lost In Space - Sawyer - Killed in N1 by the Others
  9. Rene83 - Charlie


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