Mirror Mafia
Game information
Host BlaBlah99 & Hirkala
Link Mirror Mafia
Size 25 Players (SuperSize)
Start Date 14.10.2010
Winning Faction Baddies
Roster 1) Framm

2) Lionheart
3) GMaster479
4) Vipe195
5) Filly
6) LJayden
7) Phaze
8) yuiop
9) Glycereine
10) Vineetrika
11) MollyMae
12) Marq (Slick)
13) RainThinker
14) Harvey45
15) Limey
16) Woon
17) EvilCookie (qwerty)
18) Fox
19) MissKitten
20) EDM
21) NickFleming
22) Izzy
23) Not24
24) golfjunkie
25) Onetruth

First to Die MollyMae
Last Remaining LJayden
MVP Phaze
Awards -

Mirror Mafia was a game designed and hosted by BlaBlah99 and Hirkala based on original design.

It began on September 9th, 2010 and ended in a Baddie win on Day 12 by LJayden, who used his x3 voting power to lynch Vipe195.

Game Mechanics


Role Description

Visuals (GOODIES):
WINCON: Eliminate the Reflectors.

  • Illusion: The leader of the visuals. Can fake an action each night. (Like Kate in Pirates of Penzance Mafia.) Has BTSC with Optical.
  • Optical: Illusions more realistic sibling. The second in command. Gets a random ability each night. Has BTSC with Illusion.
  • Light: Can blind (block) someone each night.
  • Spectrum: Can choose someone in lynch. If he targets a color or his targets vote is a color, he gains BTSC with the color. If the majority of the colors and Spectrum agree, they can call for a blind lynch. Everyone will PM me their vote and no discussion will take place.
  • Red: A color. Can choose one person each night. If that person is a color or Spectrum, he gains BTSC with that person and anyone they have BTSC with.
  • Green: A color. Can choose one person each night. If that person is a color or Spectrum, he gains BTSC with that person and anyone they have BTSC with.
  • Blue: A color. Can choose one person each night. If that person is a color or Spectrum, he gains BTSC with that person and anyone they have BTSC with.
  • Opacity: Can spy on somebody each night and learn something about them.
  • Hallucination: Can use psychological influence to redirect a vote each day.
  • Dream: Can use psychological influence to redirect an action each night.
  • Brightness: Can restore color. Can save a player each night. Can save self once.
  • Prism: Breaks down light. He can choose one player each night and learns who that player is.
  • Magnifying Glass: Have you ever fried ants with a magnifying glass? This is a large scale one of those. He can kill on even nights and learn a players faction on odd nights.
  • Glasses: Can clear up an action. He chooses a player each night. That player learns the identity of his target and his action must succeed.

Reflectors (BADDIES):
Have BTSC. Have a kill each night.
WINCON: Is in the majority.

  • Mirror: The leader of the reflectors. Can reflect someones action back onto them. He also learns that players role.
  • Smoke: Mirrors second in command. Not a reflector, but he's part of the phrase "smoke and mirrors." He can block one player each night.
  • Clone: Two mirrors facing each other. He can make his vote count up to 3 times in lynch.
  • Grey-scale: A color blind spectrum. He can choose someone to be randomly redirected to another person.
  • Mirror Darkly: Can attempt and RID each night. If the RID is correct, that persons ability becomes a faction ability (like the night kill) until that player or Mirror Darkly dies.
  • Shadow: The opposite of brightness. He can darken a player. If he targets a player, until that player is targeted by Brightness or Light, that player has a 10% chance of being blocked and a 10% chance of being randomly redirected.
  • Flashlight: Artificial light. If investigated, he shows up as a random visual.


  • Facade: When he is investigated or lynched, he shows up as random visual. (Secret) - When he joins a faction, the opposite faction's actions have a 5% chance of failing. He learns the identity of his target's target each night.WINCON: Wins in place of his faction.The first faction to lose both its leader and its second in command, Facade joins. Once that faction achieves its wincon, Facade wins, but the faction doesn't.
  • Audio: (Secret) - Learns a random role each night. Can redirect a vote each day and an action each night.WINCON: Secret.

Black and White: Two independents with the same goal. At the beginning, I flip a coin. Black goes to one faction and White to the other. They are neutral and have no abilities, but they win with their faction. They have BTSC.

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations


Special commendations

Host disappointments

  • Facade was outed when lynched in Day 10, though the OP stated she would not be revealed if lynched. This post was done by GM, covering for BlaBlah and Hirkala

Alternate endings

Winning Faction


  • Framm_18 - Mirror Darkly (Baddie)
  • LJayden - Clone (Baddie)
  • Vineetrika - Flashlight (Baddie)
  • Harvey - Mirror (Baddie)
  • woon - Smoke (Baddie)
  • EDM - Shadow (Baddie)
  • onetruth - Grey-Scale (Baddie)
  • Miss Kitten - White (Indy)

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

  1. Framm_18 - Mirror Darkly (Baddie) - Lynched D8
  2. Lionheart - Blue (Goodie) - Killed/Lynched N13/D14
  3. GMaster479 - Brightness (Goodie) - Killed by Reflectors N9
  4. Vipe195 - Green (Goodie) - Lynched D12
  5. Filly678 - Audio (Indy) - Lynched D2
  6. LJayden - Clone (Baddie) - Survived
  7. Phaze - Light (Goodie) - Killed by Reflectors N6
  8. Yuiop - Magnifying Glass (Goodie) - Lynched D11
  9. Glycerine - Prism (Goodie) - Killed by Reflectors N3
  10. Vineetrika - Flashlight (Baddie) - Lynched D9
  11. Molly Mae - Red (Goodie) - Killed by Reflectors N1
  12. Marquessa - Facade (Indy) - Lynched D10
  13. RainThinker - Optical (Goodie) - Killed by Reflectors N8
  14. Harvey - Mirror (Baddie) - Lynched D1
  15. limeliam - Black (Indy) - part of the Goodie faction - Lynched D3
  16. woon - Smoke (Baddie) - Lynched D5
  17. Evil Cookie(qwerty) - Illusion (Goodie) - Lynched D7
  18. Fox - Spectrum (Goodie) - Killed by Reflectors N12
  19. Miss Kitten - White (Indy) - part of the Baddie faction - Killed By Reflectors N11
  20. EDM - Shadow (Baddie) - Lynched D4
  21. NickFleming - Glasses (Goodie) - Killed by Reflectors N7
  22. Izzy - Dream (Goodie) - Killed by Reflectors N2
  23. 24_65_34_83_361 - Opacity (Goodie) - Killed by Reflectors N10
  24. Golfjunkie - Hallucination (Goodie) - Killed by Reflectors N5
  25. onetruth - Grey-Scale (Baddie) - Lynched D6