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Monster Buster Club
Game information
Host Akriti
Link Game thread: Monster Buster Club BTSC threads
Size 18 Players (Large)
Start Date January 30, 2012
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster #players
  1. Prof. Templeton
  2. MiKi
  3. EDM
  4. plasmid
  5. mewminator
  6. Auramyna
  7. Nana7
  8. Marquessa
  9. Slick
  10. darth nox
  11. Shadow7
  12. GMaster479
  13. FatTony
  14. Phaze
  15. DarthMask
  16. Vineetrika
  17. tolecnal
  18. smoth333
First to Die Marquessa, FatTony
Last Remaining MiKi, Nana7, Slick, DarthMask, Smoth333
MVP Phaze
Awards -

Monster Buster Club was a game designed and hosted by Akriti based on Monster Buster Club cartoon

It began on January 30, 2012 and ended in a Goodie win in N5 (February 13, 2012).

Game Mechanics Edit


1. If the target of your spy dies the same night, you won't get the result of your spy.
2. Jeremy doesn't die in place of cathy.
3. OOA - RID kill > redirect > block > save > kill > spy
4. Everything except vote manip, and RID kill can be redirected and blocked.
5. What will night/day post show/not show ?
RID kill - only successful is shown
Save - only successful is shown
Spy - never shown
Block - who was blocked by whom (role)
NK - successful
Vote manip - never
Messages sent by cathy or Mr. Smith - no
Simple kill - only successful
Action of bodyguard - never
redirect - never
6. On any day, tie means both the players will flip coins for their life.
7. Kills are not blocking.
8. Indy > baddie > goodie
9. Role copier sends me the action along with RID, so that his/her action may occur in the same night.
10. Cathy needs to tell me the person who she thinks is Mr. Smith, if her guess is correct then the msg will be sent, and Mr. Smith can reply to it. But if Cathy's guess is wrong, her only chance of messaging will be lost.

plz, no outing is allowed. Hinting to a small extent is allowed.

Role DescriptionEdit

Monster Buster Club, goodies: Wincon Last standing

  1. Cathy Smith - killing role, and send a message to her grandfather once in the whole game
  2. Chris (Chirstopher) - Role copier - copies the role for one night/day but needs RID
  3. Sam (Samantha) - Redirector - May choose the target of another player's action
  4. Danny (Daniel) - Trapper - traps a person for the day as well as night, act as a trap + save
  5. Mr. Hugo Smith - Jammer - Selects a player and disrupts/jams BTSC communications for that player, and can reply to cathy's message
  6. John - If Chris dies, he inherits all his powers
  7. Jeremy Flablotnick - Bodyguard - Saves cathy, or Cathy cannot die until Jeremy is alive
  8. Elton Smith - Role spy
  9. Mr. Fusster - Save - May protect a role from attack during the night and appears as random goodie when spied by baddie and as random baddie when spied by a goodie
  10. Principal Rollins - Vote change - changes the true target of someone else's vote

Alien enemies: Wincon Last standing, BTSC + Night kill

  1. Addison Single - Inherits the ability of the first baddie to die + Blocks one person per night
  2. Herptilius - Receiver – Periodically receives a message from the host that discloses the identity of random roles
  3. Proskar - Vote manip - self - from x0, x1 and x2
  4. (former) King Petalia the 13th - Redirect - redirects a person's action to another person, not the same person twice in a row

The three octovores: Wincon Last standing, BTSC

  1. Grandpa Octovore - Mirror – Chooses a player and ‘Reflects’ that player’s role ability on them, not the same person twice in a row , unblockable
  2. Jenny - Kill - May choose someone to kill during the night, target can be saved or kill blocked
  3. Grandma Octovore - Vote manip - self - from x0, x1 and x2 + block one person per night OR spy actions of a person per night
  4. Mark - Dice roll - 1,3 = RID kill; 2,4 = role spy; 5,6 = block

Host's Summary Edit

It was the shortest truck lane game ever, I guess. But, this game was way too different from many usual games. In most of the games, baddies and indy kill all goodies, and at last, fight against each other. This time, it didn't happen so. And the funniest thing here was, that till last, goodies were uninformed . Even for Night 5, I got actions on DM. Baddies, and indy killed each other, and paved a royal way for goodies.

I am happy, that even though Indy got swept away very quickly, and phaze was only one left in the baddie BTSC to talk with walls, there were discussions in BTSCs.

Special Recommendations

Special recommendations for all goodies, as not even a single day, they lynched a goodie, a perfect lynch record.

Slick, I was surprised when Slick outed himself D1 and still there were no actions on him. The only action on him, by aura, got redirected to herself. He lived royally, with his confusion about redirect, throughout the game, proving his ESP. Actually, he was redirected only once, that too went the whole way round and came back to the same faction. Moral of the story is, don't always believe your spy results if you are playing my game with redirects. But, He gets great great recommendations for leading all correct lynches

nox, your silence proved to be your shield, at least for some time.

Prof T, he did really good, and remained off the goodie radar, before the indy killed him. N1, as well as, N2 (after that, he died), I had to deal with a redirect web with him. And one thing to mention, had he not changed the block mew action N2, he would have hed been alive.

DM, There are many things that one can't write in rules, or else, no one will use his mind. I had been waiting for the question ' if I can copy dead players' roles ?' the answer to which was yes. It had been too easy to copy roles, once you knew this. First, I thought, I should tell you, but later I decided, it is a question to be asked. And finally, he did ask the question.

EDM, D1 was going to lynch mew (indy kill) but her D1 vote redirect lynched Shad instead.

Shad, D1 wouldn't have had been a guarentee of her death, had she not vote maniped herself x2.

Tole, Marq, and FT , you all could have one a great job for your teams, if you hadn't died so early.

GM, your reflect plas thingy, did the only great set back to goodies.

Most Valuable Player (MVP)

And now...................

  • drum rolls*

The MVP goes to ...................... Phaze

He was great while keeping away from radar (till he was spied, and even after that), and at the same time, saving his teammates. He, successfully helped, save aura D2 after she had gathered a lot of attention.

Most importantly, he asked almost all questions that I felt will create problem by giving rise to a lot of confusion, incuding how redirect webs work. He beautifully laid the trap, and quietly helped his teammates out of that trap, and stelthily went back into the crowd.

His posts, even when he had votes on him, didn't lose logic. Wherever he posted, BTSC or thread, he posted meaningful. And if I hadn't known his role, I would have, no doubt, believed him to be a goodie. He was the first, and most probably, only one, who realized that slick needs to be acted upon, forgetting the fact that their block failed and slick spied phaze. His getting away from the lynch was incredible. He posted logic, confused goodies and saved himself from lynch. And I greatly thank him for making others' 'head hurt' and giving me an opportunity to write posts till episode 9. Had he not saved himself or aura, the game would have ended earlier.

Though, I don't understand the reason of his suicide, I totally understand his signature, now.

Winning Faction Edit

2. Miki - Fusster
3. EDM - Rollins - Killed N4 by baddies
4. plasmid - Cathy - Killed N2 by Cathy
7. Nana7 - Danny
9. Slickster - Elton
13. Fat Tony - Jeremy - Killed N1 by Jenny
15. DarthMask - Chris
16. Vineetrika - Sam - Killed N3 by Jenny
17. tolecnal - John - Killed N2 by baddies
18. smoth333 - Mr. Smith

MVP : Phaze

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

1. Prof. T - King Petalia - Killed N2 by Jenny
2. Miki - Fusster
3. EDM - Rollins - Killed N4 by baddies
4. plasmid - Cathy - Killed N2 by Cathy
5. mew - Jenny - Killed N3 by baddies
6. Aura - Addison Single - Lynched D4
7. Nana7 - Danny
8. Marquessa - Grandma Octovore - Killed N1 by baddies
9. Slickster - Elton
10. Nox - Grandpa Octovore - Evacuated D3
11. Shadow7 - Proskar - Lynched D1
12. GMaster479 - Mark - Lynched D2
13. Fat Tony - Jeremy - Killed N1 by Jenny
14. Phaze - Herpitilius - Killed himself N5
15. DarthMask - Chris
16. Vineetrika - Sam - Killed N3 by Jenny
17. tolecnal - John - Killed N2 by baddies
18. smoth333 - Mr. Smith

Actions Edit

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