Mythological Mafia
Game information
Host RainThinker
Link Myth Mafia
Size 11 Players (Small)
Start Date December 19, 2008
Winning Faction Indy & Baddie
Roster # player
  1. Star_Tiger
  2. Skywalker
  3. Fox
  4. Prince_Marth85
  5. Limey
  6. A. Person
  7. Lemonymelon
  8. Dr. Destructo
  9. SomeGuy
  10. Reaymond
  11. UKJon
First to Die A. Person & SomeGuy
Last Remaining Star_Tiger, Fox, Limey, UKJon
MVP Limey
Awards -

Mythological Mafia was a game designed and hosted by RainThinker based on the Gods and creatures of Greek mythology.

It began on December 29th, 2008 and ended in Indy & Baddie wins in D3 (December 19th, 2008).

Game MechanicsEdit


Role DescriptionEdit

  • Myths: Have BTSC. Win when they outnumber innocents
  • Siren: Can save a player every night
  • Chimera: Can attack every night
  • Hydra: Can steal another player’s role ability 4 times.
  • Vampire: Can prevent player from using their ability every night. If the Vampire Targets Zeus, Zeus can only attack every other night for the rest of the game.
  • Greek God’s: Not BTSC. Win when all Myths are dead
  • Zeus: Can attack every night, except if Vampire has targeted him, then he may only attack once every other night for the rest of the game.
  • Hera: Can save someone every night.
  • Hermes: Can change a player’s role ability to another player’s role ability (and vice versa) every night. Abilities will go back to normal at the end of the night. (example: Hermes changes Zeus’s ability to Hera’s ability)
  • Demeter: Can change someone’s vote on odd days.
  • Poseidon: Can PM me for a player’s role every night.
  • Athena: I will PM Athena a riddle every night, if the player answers it correctly, I will post the role of a player they choose on the main game thread. If they guess incorrectly, they will be only PM back with the role. (Note: because of the frequency of the ability, these riddles will be hard)
  • Independent: Wins if 3 main gods die, Zeus, Hera, and Poseiden
  • Ares: Every night, Ares may cause someone to go on a rampage, and either kill a random person (other than Ares), reveal their role to him, or they will become harmless and nothing will happen.

Host's SummaryEdit

Game Idea and ExpectationsEdit

Congratulations Myths on your second place win!

And a second Congrats to Limeliam for winning first as Ares!


Special commendationsEdit

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning FactionEdit

  • limeliam-Ares
  • star_tiger- Vampire
  • Kathleen-Chimera
  • Prince_Marth85-Siren
  • UKJon-Hydra

Day and Night PostsEdit

End of Game RosterEdit

  1. star_tiger- Vampire
  2. Skywalker-Demeter Killed N3
  3. Kathleen-Chimera
  4. Prince_Marth85-Siren
  5. limeliam-Ares
  6. A. Person-Hera Killed N1
  7. Lemonymelon-Hermes Lynched D3
  8. Dr. Destructo-Zeus Lynched D2
  9. SomeGuy-Posieden Killed N1
  10. Reaymond-Athena Killed N2
  11. UKJon-Hydra Lynched D1


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