Never Never Land
Game information
Host Glycereine
Link Game thread: Never Never Land BTSC threads
Size 13 Players (Medium)
Start Date 17.06.2011
Winning Faction Baddies
Indy (not full Indy win)
Roster 1) araver

2) darth nox
3) Lionheart87
4) Akriti
5) Segul
6) Hirkala
7) Auramyna
8) Yuli
9) KlueMaster
10) Maurice
11) EDM
12) YoDell
13) Vineetrika

First to Die EDM&


Last Remaining 3) Lionheart

4) Akriti
7) Aura
8) Yuli
9) Kluemaster
10) Maurice

MVP Yuli
Awards -

Never Never Land was a game designed and hosted by Glycereine based on the fictional world of Neverland created by J. M. Barrie.

It began on June 17th, 2011 and ended in a Baddie - Indy win on N3 (June 23rd, 2011).

Game Mechanics


  • Tie Lynch results in separate coinflips for all in the tie
  • OOA: Block/RID Kill/Kill/Redirect/Save/Spy. The save obviously saves from the kill however it can be redirected, hence the order the way it is.
  • RID Kills are blocking, kills are not
  • RID kills attempted or successful are shown. RID guesses are not. Correct RID recruits are. Unneeded saves are not.
  • Chain events would occur i.e. if A blocks B and B blocks C then both B and C appear as blocked

Role Description

Pirates: - BTSC – Pirates have an RID recruit guess for Jack, or can instead choose to spy. This can be carried out by any of the pirates. If Jack is spied using this ability, he cannot be recruited for 2 nights following. Must be in the majority to win.

  • Captain Hook – Kill, cannot die at night while Smee is alive (except by croc)
  • Mr. Smee – Loyal devotion to Captain Hook, he protects him at all times – Bodyguard, if hook dies, inherits kill.
  • Pirate – A simple minded minion, he can prevent his target from acting each night – block. Block actions can prevent kills and RID kills unless the blocker is RID killed.

Lost Boys and Friends: Must eliminate the Pirates.

  • Peter - RID guess on Rufio per night, additionally has a kill ability
  • Wendy – Caring and compassionate, she can protect a target from Kills or RID kills each night – save
  • Jack – His devotion to Peter is shaky at best, but he is aggressive whichever side he is on – RID kill
  • Maggie – Unsuspected as very useful, Maggie is able to sneak into most areas and learn the identity of a person each night – spy
  • Thud Butt – The largest of the lost boys, he can inherit Peter's kill if Peter is killed in the first two day/night cycles. Prior to that he can coerce others to vote with him, redirecting one vote per day – Vote redirect
  • Tootles – Has been transported back to Never Never Land despite being very old. He can't remember much and has a terrible habit of misplacing his marbles – Block
  • Pockets – Can recognize faces by touch but only if he knows what he's "looking" for - RID guess.


  • Rufio – Recruitable if Peter RID's him. If not he must eliminate Peter and Hook. – Redirect if recruited. Straight kills are not redirectable, but RID kills are (only if the new target is the guessed role). Has RID Kill Prior to recruitment but can only be used on Peter. He can instead choose to RID Guess anyone.

  • TinkerBell – Eliminate Wendy, peter must survive. – Spy OR RID kill attempt on Wendy. Game continues if she reaches her wincon but she is removed from the game.
  • Croc – Must kill Hook (if hook is lynched he can win by being last one standing). – RID Kill, unlynchable

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations

Never Never Land has been disrupted. The anti-aging properties of the place have gone to extremes and time itself is out of sync. The ages of the children and adults are relatively inaccurate.

When a person first enters Never Never Land, their age is the same as it was in the outside world. They however never age in Never Never Land, even while gone. So when people return after having been in the world, they are suddenly the age they were when they were last in Never Never Land.

Wendy is alive and young despite the situation in the world around them. Due to the chronological absurdeties, old rivalries and new ones coexist.


Interesting things:

  • Night 1 Peter killed Rufio, the only potential recruit for goodies
  • Night 1 Hook killed Wendy (Tinkerbell's wincon)

Araver had RID kill Yuli as Croc as his first action, and if everyone else's actions had been in on Friday, Croc would have won and the pirates would have been down a baddie and Yuli's leadership most likely resulting in a goodie win.

Baddies were ALMOST lynched on both days. Aura survived by coinflip only, Akriti seemed to be about to be lynched and when I checked back later there was a huge swing to nox (who I personally thought was safe).

Honestly I also thought Segul was safe as well...

Special commendations

Grats to Yuli for MVP for leadership (and some key changes to proposed actions) of the pirates

Host disappointments

I messed up twice. The first messup was not including Jack's action in the night post. That didn't appear to alter anything at all (no one made any accusations or assumptions about him at least publicly or in BTSC).

The second messup was having the wrong block target in the night post (baddies changed their block after I'd written the post). I fixed the results of the block on actions, but didn't fix the block post so it still read maurice, not LH. That one COULD have altered people's thoughts but the only person who ever mentioned either of those two was LH in a PM to me after the day had ended.

Alternate endings

Winning Faction


  • Akriti - Mr. Smee
  • Auramyna - Pirate
  • Yuli - Hook
  • KlueMaster - Jack - RID recruited in N3


  • Maurice - Tinkerbell

MVP: Yuli

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Host: Glycereine

  1. araver - Croc - killed N2 by Hook
  2. darth nox - Tootles - Lynched D2
  3. Lionheart87 - Peter
  4. Akriti - Mr. Smee
  5. Segul - Pockets - Lynched D1
  6. Hirkala - ThudButt - killed N3 by Hook
  7. Auramyna - Pirate
  8. Yuli - Hook
  9. KlueMaster - Jack - recruited in N3 by Baddies
  10. Maurice - Tinkerbell
  11. EDM - Rufio - killed N1 by Peter
  12. YoDell - Maggie
  13. Vineetrika - Wendy - killed N1 by Hook


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