Night Post = A narrative or summary of the notable events of the previous night, written by the host and posted before the beginning of the following day.

A host has control on what is revealed in Night-posts, as this is a critical faction in designing Mafia games:

  • The night post narrative can be shown from the point of view of the person who acts, the person who is acted upon (victim) or from an external point of view.
  • Night-posts don't usually reveal the player names of those that act - revealing only which roles have acted.
  • Night-posts don't usually reveal the role of the victims - revealing only the player names.
  • Usually, not all night actions are outlined in the night-post. The minimalistic approach: only deaths are revealed in a night-post. Standard practice: Unsuccessful actions (such as saves) are not revealed.
  • As a general pattern, night posts are usually more flavorful than day posts.