Nightmare Before Mafia
Game information
Host Magic_luver101
Link Game thread: Nightmare Before Mafia BTSC threads
Size 7 Players (Tiny)
Start Date 02.01.2011
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster 1. Onetruth

2. Hirkala
3. Slick
4. Seahorse
5. Limey
6. maurice
7. Araver

First to Die Hirkala
Last Remaining 4. Seahorse

7. Araver

MVP Seahorse
Awards -

Nightmare Before Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Magic_luver101 based on Nightmare Before Christmas.

It began on January 2nd, 2011 and ended in a Goodie win in D3 (January 10th, 2011).

Game Mechanics Edit

This was a tiny game: 5 goodies, 1 baddie and 1 indy.


  • Lynch Tie Rules: Day 1 - no lynch, any other day - random person among the tied is lynched.
  • Precedence of actions: Block > Redirect > Save > Kill > Kidnap > Find target

Role DescriptionEdit

Baddie: WinCon: Kill all goodies

  • Oogie Boogie: one kill each night

Goodies: Wincon: Kill the baddie

  • Jack: Redirect
  • Sally: Block
  • Mayor: Vote change (gets an extra vote or can remove a vote)
  • Sandy Claws (aka Santa Claus): Save
  • Zero: Finds out a previous target

Indy: Wincon: Survive longer then Oogie Boogie and Jack

  • Lock, shock, and barrel: kidnap

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations

Due to its size, this was a short game, which had some moments of inactivity (but no one was replaced).

Game (Play-by-Play of Cycles)

  • Night 1 - The baddie tried to kill Araver, but he was saved by Santa Claus (Seahorse). The Indy trapped Onetruth. Not shown in the post, Slick redirected Maurice to Onetruth. Limey was outed by the host to be either Jack or Sally since he was declared inactive in N1. Minor confusion arose when the host claimed that traps go before kill which would clear Onetruth from being the baddie.
  • Day 1 - With the baddie trapped, the Goodies and the Indy had no obvious choice during D1. Pressure for information led to a tie between Seahorse and Hirk (who hinted to be Zero). The vote was tied by the Mayor's vote x2, then the day got extended by the host resulting in a tie-breaker self-defense vote by Seahorse. Since the host ignored the votes after a certain point, Hirk was lynched and found to be the Goodie Spy.
  • Night 2 - Limey died after blocking Seahorse who was trying to save him. Onetruth was again trapped by the Indy, this time without any redirects. Slick's redirect Araver to Limey was not featured in the night-post, but the host did not inform him that it was failed. This later lead to Slick's confusion about Araver.
  • Day 2 - Araver outed himself to be the Mayor. Because of the x2 vote pressure, Maurice admitted to being the Indy and trapping Onetruth once. He would cooperate with Goodies but as his WinCon included outliving Jack and Slick outed himself to be Jack, Maurice refused to help the Goodies to narrow down between Santa and Ooogie. Slick's confused about Araver's role since the host had not informed him that his action in N2 had failed, tried to start a bandwagon on Araver. Seahorse outed himself as Santa/Sandy and pointed to the hints dropped in D1. As the Baddie was trapped and could not vote nor be voted for again, the Mayor (Araver) chose to lynch Slick as a basis for future cooperation from Maurice/Indy. Maurice devised a plan: Seahorse should save Araver and Onetruth should save Maurice to prove they are the Goodie save.
  • Night 3 - Forced by the Goodie plan to choose between killing Araver (who most likely would be saved by Seahorse), Maurice (whose death would implicate her) and Seahorse (the only other person who was suspicious), Onetruth chose Maurice, to prevent an Indy win.
  • Day 3 - As both Seahorse and Araver voted for her, Onetruth tried a last attempt at convincing the Mayor to switch votes. As she provided no defense, there wasn't much talking in D3 as everyone waited for the final post.

Special commendations

  • Seahorse – Sandy Claws - for preventing the Baddie kill in N1, hinting at his role in D1 and cooperating on the Goodie plan in N3 by choosing to save Araver again which cleared him as a Goodie.
  • Araver – Mayor - for fixing his initial mistake in D1 by lynching a confused Goodie in D2, keeping the Indy alive as a decoy in N3 and sealing the Baddie's fate by the vote in D3.

Host disappointments

  • Night 1 the host announced an extension because one action was missing from Limey. As the action never came and was not featured in the night-post, this outed Limey role to everybody.
  • Day 1 was extended unexpectedly for 2 hours. Voting continued past the extension point, until the host came back (a few hours after). This lead to some confusion on which was the final roster.
  • The host went inactive before and after the final post. Rest of host duties (rep points and MVP selection) had to be finished by Admins.

Alternate endings

  • Alternate ending 1: Had Onetruth chose to kill Araver or Seahorse in N3, the Indy would have survived and won also (tied win).
By Araver (host MIA)

Winning Faction Edit


  • Hirkala – Zero
  • Slick – Jack
  • Seahorse – Sandy Claws
  • Limey – Sally
  • Araver – Mayor

MVP: Seahorse

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

1. Onetruth – Oogie - Lynched D3
2. Hirkala – Zero - Lynched D1
3. Slick – Jack - Lynched D2
4. Seahorse – Sandy Claws
5. Limey – Sally - Killed N2
6. Maurice - Lock, shock, and barrel - Killed N3
7. Araver – Mayor

Actions Edit

Links to night and day posts: