ODTG = Once During The Game (also known as One-Shot Abilities) - is used for abilities that can be used only once during the course of the game.


This type of abilities are usually used as secondary abilities for roles, allowing the player once during the game to forfeit their normal ability for that cycle and use this one-shot ability. Also, most roles can be adapted to have only one-shot abilities, thus becoming One-Shot Roles.

  • Resurrect ability can usually only be used once, to return a dead player to the game.
  • Save from Lynch ability can sometimes only be used once, to save someone from the day's lynch.

Blocking a ODTG

In most cases, when a roleblocker targets a person using a ODTG ability successfully, the ability is considered used and gone. Exceptions can be made by hosts, based on the game's theme or individual players, but should be decided during the design of the game and included in the public rules of the game.