Before starting a game thread, hosts should organize the information contained by the OP. The order (checklist) in the original post should be:

  • Intro / Prelude (optional) - providing a backstory to your game. If it is long, you can either put it in a spoiler, or put it as a reply after you describe all the other stuff
  • Factions & Roles - using different colors for different factions. Not necessarily the standard Red/Blue/Green, but be consistent. Always include WinCons when describing each faction (or just say secret WinCon when players are not supposed to know it).
  • Rules - include at least the order of actions or precedence, tie lynch rules, all Q&A from the signups thread, and cycle normal ending times (including the timezone)!
  • Roster - latest copy of the roster from the signups thread.


Intro / Prelude
Factions & Roles
[color=red]Baddies WinCon - BTSC[/color]
[color=blue]Goodies WinCon[/color]
[color=green]Indy WinCon[/color]
Order/Precedence of Actions: .....
In the event of a tie lynch, .....
FAQ from signups: .....
Nights and days will end at .....

Host: X
1. Y
2. Z

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