One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Game information
Host JustDanceForever
Link One Night Ultimate Werewolf BTSC threads
Size 10 Players (Small)
Start Date 2017-01-27
Winning Faction Villagers/Goodies
Roster #, player
  1. Maurice
  2. Nana7
  3. Golfjunkie(BabyCee)
  4. Slick
  5. yuiop
  6. araver
  7. Okosan
  8. Boquise
  9. plasmid
  10. Hachi
First to Die Boquise
Last Remaining -
MVP maurice
Awards -

One Night Ultimate Werewolf was a game designed and hosted by JustDanceForever based on One Night Werewolf board-game.

It began on January 27th, 2017 and ended in a Goodie win in D1 (February 4th).

Game Mechanics


  • Role order - Werewolves, Minion, Seer, Mason(s), Robber, Troublemaker, Drunk
  1. Despite having 13 roles available, there will only be 10 players playing, the 3 not played roles will be put in color slots, which are Gold, Silver and Bronze. I will not reveal the 3 not played roles until the game ends.
  2. You will only do your night action of your beginning role, if your role is swap you will not do your new role action. Your wincon is whatever role you have after the night phase. You will not be notified if your role is swap (Only Robber will know his new role).
  3. Like the name of the game there will be only 1 Night and day.
  4. Night will only last 1 day, while Day lasts 5 day because there will be a lot of discussion and its not multiple days.
  5. Votes are different in this game, instead of voting openly and having an option to change votes, votes are message to me. Once everyone has voted I will reveal everybody's vote and everyone's role. The most voted player is Lynch and the win chart below are used to determine which team wins. You are not allowed to vote yourself. Send to me your votes after the Day phase has ended.
  6. You are allowed to vote 'abstain' if you think no werewolves are present. But you must still message me 'abstain'. 'Abstain' will only be gain if it gets the most votes. If there is more than 1 person getting the same most votes, everybody in the tie gets killed. The chart below will help sort out who wins the game.
  7. There will be no Baddie forum as the game does not involve nights and werewolves must cooperate with each other only through the forum.

Role Description

Villagers/Goodies (Wincon : Lynch a Werewolf)

  • Seer - View another player's role or 2 of the not played roles.
  • Robber - Exchange your role with another players role. You will be notified your new role
  • Troublemaker - Exchange roles between 2 other players.
  • Hunter - If the Hunter get killed, whoever the Hunter votes dies instead.
  • Drunk - Exchange your role with a not played role.
  • Mason (2) - You know the other Mason(s). You will be notified if no one else is Mason
  • Villager (2) - No role action

Baddies/Werewolves (Keep all Werewolves alive and Lynch a villager)

  • Werewolf ( 2 ) - No role action. If there is only 1 werewolf present they will be able to view a not played role.
  • Minion - You know who the werewolves are, but they don't know you. If you are killed, Werewolves win.

Indy ( Wincon : Get Lynch )

  • Tanner - No role action

Host's Summary

  • It was interesting seeing Robber being the main center point if the game and no had it!!!
  • I like seeing Plasmid claiming Troublemaker just to gain more information .
  • The Tanner strategy sadly did not work for werewolf and it would have been more interesting if minion had helped werewolf and c.c a role or claimed Robber
  • I'm torn for who should have MVP , I'm thinking either Plasmid or Nana7 - what do you guys think??
  • That is all my notes and I would like if you guys help review ONUW Daybreak and Thank you everyone for participating and I hope everyone had fun finding the Werewolf!!
  • I have seen given everyone their respective points - 1 or 2 points and it is close between Araver , Plasmid , Nana or Maurice being MVP. But I narrowed it down to Nana7 and Maurice and I have chosen ......... MAURICE , he was the 1 who was able to get Boquise to claim, and I feel like he had a few good points on what was happening in the game.

Winning Faction


  • maurice - Hunter
  • Nana - Villager
  • Slick - Mason
  • Araver - Troublemaker
  • Okosan - Villager
  • Plasmid - Mason
  • Hachi - Seer

MVP: Maurice

Day and Night Posts


End of Game Roster

Host: JustDanceForever

  1. maurice - Hunter
  2. Nana - Villager
  3. Golfjunkie - Minion
  4. Slick - Mason
  5. Yuiop - Drunk - became Werewolf after N1
  6. Araver - Troublemaker
  7. Okosan - Villager
  8. Plasmid - Mason
  9. Hachi - Seer
  10. Boquise - Werewolf - Lynched D1

Other cards:

  1. Gold - Werewolf - grabbed by the Drunk N1
  2. Silver - Robber
  3. Bronze - Tanner - seen by the Werewolf N1