Short Bio: This player is to be considered erratic and a serious danger to your mental health. He is one of the main reasons that tinfoil hats are distributed. He is also responsible for writing Manfred's posts to replace inactive players on MafiaManiac.

Player bio

Name(s): Phaze

First Mafia Game: Mafia VI(Era 1)

On MafiaManiac: Yes

Favorite Games: ???

Other notes:

  • Has been committing Mafia suicide since August 2007
  • Prefers playing as the least significant goodie
  • Favourite part of Mafia: successfully pulling off the unexpected
  • Known strengths: the art of confusion and manipulation
  • Known flaws: mercy and megalomania
  • Member of The Bullseye Club


Hosted Mafias

On BrainDen (BD)


On MafiaManiac (MM)

Mafia Record

Overall 18-30

Goodie 11-14

Baddie 4-5

Indy 0-6

Other Faction 3-5