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Quantum Leap Mafia
Game information
Host Maurice & Araver
Link Game thread: Quantum Leap Mafia BTSC threads
Size 14 Players (Medium)
Start Date 12.01.2011
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster 1) Hirkala

2) JarZe
3) Vineetrika
4) Framm18
5) GMaster479
6) Izzy
7) Social Darwin
8) akaslickster
9) Glycereine
10) Phaze
11) firno
12) golfjunkie
13) Segul
14) Sparrowhawk

First to Die Phaze


Last Remaining 2) JarZe

4) Framm18
6) Izzy
9) Glycereine
12) golfjunkie

MVP GolfJunkie
Awards -

Quantum Leap Mafia was a game developed by Maurice based on the Quantum Leap TV Series. It was set in the fictional Seguin, Texas, around 1984, and contained canon elements from the TV Series. The main character (Sam) leaped each night into one of the people in Seguin and had to achieve a possible WinCon in order to be leaped back to present day. It was hosted by Maurice (as Al - game designer and main host), and Araver (as Ziggy - BTSC work on game mechanics and co-host).

It began on January 13th, 2011 and ended in a Goodie win in N4 (January 19th, 2011). Sadly, the main point of attraction, the secret Indy, was killed early, in N1.

Game Mechanics Edit

Quantum Leap Mafia ran as a standard Mafia game with 9 Goodies (the Townspeople), 4 Baddies (El Jefe's crew) and 1 Indy (Sam) with a Secret Identity and Secret WinCon. Signups were via PM to protect the identity of the Indy, who did not appear on the roster. It also contained a Spy role who could be either Sane (spied factions correctly) or Insane (spied Baddies as Goodies and vice-versa).


  • Lynch Rules: If a tie lynch results day 1 no lynch will take place. All other days a random player in the tie is lynched.
  • Baddie Kill is a group kill that cannot be blocked/redirected unless there is only one surviving baddie in which case it is automatically assigned to that person. Exception is if Sam leaps into El Jefe. He will control (essentially redirect) Night Kill.
  • Precedence of Actions: frame > lynch save > Save > RID Kill > kill > block > Nightkill (if on all baddies) > redirect > spy > give away vote > buy vote

Special RulesEdit

Leaping - The Indy would leap each night into a different player and assume his identity and control of his night actions. The host is leaped into 2011 with the hosts, can still play but his actions will be overruled by Sam’s actions. Each night the host PMs Sam the role of the person (but not the name) they have leapt into and two WinCons for that night/day cycle (WinCon1 OR WinCon2). WinCon1 has a 75% chance that is the actual WinCon and WinCon2 has a 25% chance that is the actual WinCon. No action will be able to be taken on him directly. Since Sam's actions are through his host he can be killed, redirected, etc if host is targeted. If Sam's host is killed at night or is lynched then Sam dies and the host will be stuck in 2011 with maurice and araver (out of the game).

Role DescriptionEdit

Goodies: the Townspeople.
WinCon - Rid Seguin of all baddies

  • Mayor: Has the ability to make any vote count as 0, 1, or 2
  • Big Daddy (BD): Believes his money controls the town. Buys a vote each night. Target does not know that their vote has been bought. If Big Daddy tries to buy El Jefe's vote, then El Jefe buys his vote. Big Daddy will not know he has lost his vote, but El Jefe will know he has BD's vote.
  • Sheriff: Learns the role of a target each night.
  • Deputy: Finds out the faction of a target each night (Goodie or Baddie) I will randomly choose before the game starts whether the Deputy is crazy or normal. The deputy will not know this result.
  • Doctor: Can save one person per night. Can save self only once. Can not save the same person two nights in a row.
  • Hypnotist: Hypnotizes one player per night, blocking them.
  • Hunter: Can kill once per night.
  • Judge: Has RID kill. Can also choose to save a player from the lynch. Chooses that player at night. If that player is lynched, he will be spared but his role will be revealed. Can do this each night if chooses. Can save self. Cannot save the same person twice.
  • Foolish Cabbie (FC): Usually does not get target to destination. 75% of time will result in redirect. 25% of time redirect will fail. Also knows that he is not the brightest bulb. Each night he agrees to give his vote to someone else. If no target is given then I will randomly choose who vote goes to. I will PM that person that they have an extra vote and they will PM me their extra vote. FC can still cast a vote. If target does not PM me a vote for FC then I will count FC's vote.

Baddies: El Jefe's crew. They have a night kill and BTSC.
WinCon - be in majority.

  • El Jefe (EJ): the Boss. Cannot die at night if the Bodyguard is alive. Appears innocent while the Attorney is alive. If the Sheriff targets him while the Attorney is alive then the Sheriff will have a random Goodie role (besides Sheriff) returned. If the Deputy targets him while the Attorney is alive then the Deputy will have "Goodie" returned if Deputy is normal and "Baddie" returned if Deputy is crazy. Big Daddy can not buy his vote. If BD tries to buy EJ's vote then EJ will buy BD's vote. BD will not know that this happened but EJ will.
  • Bodyguard: has blocking ability
  • Attorney: has redirect ability
  • The Framer: can learn the ability of a role each night. Also chooses a target each night. If that player is targeted by the Sheriff/Deputy that night, then the Sheriff/Deputy will be told that the player is a random Baddie/Baddie. (If Deputy is crazy then Deputy will be told target is Goodie)

Indy: WinCon - Choose the right target for your action on a given night.
WinCon is secret (and changes every night).

  • Sam: a Quantum Leaper. Each night leaps into a different player and assumes his identity and control of his night actions. The host is leaped into 2011 with maurice and araver, can still play but his actions will be overruled by Sam’s actions. Each night the host PMs Sam the role of the person (but not the name) they have leapt into and the two WinCons for that night/day cycle.
    Sam does not appear on roster. No action will be able to be taken on him directly. Since Sam's actions are through his host he can be killed, redirected, etc if host is targeted. If Sam's host is killed at night or is lynched then Sam dies and the host will be stuck in 2011 with maurice and araver (out of the game).

Indy Wincon: For each role that Sam can leap into, host will randomly choose 2 WinCons and PM them to Sam as WinCon1 OR WinCon2. WinCon1 has a 75% chance that is the actual WinCon and WinCon2 has a 25% chance that is the actual WinCon. Indy wins if they successfully perform the actual WinCon. If Indy wins then they will leap back into their body in 2011, host will be leaped back and game will continue without the Indy. If Indy was Judge or Mayor, the win is announced with the Day Post, in all other instances it will be announced with the Night Post.

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations

There was a lot of BTSC talk among the hosts before and during the game. The game featured a lot of clashing actions: e.g. buying and giving votes and the Indy leap ability. The Indy leaping ability was designed to spread chaos on goodie/baddie actions as the Indy powerplayed the host he leaped into each night.

Finally, the hosts chose to keep the Indy's identity secret and protect the Indy throughout the day, to maximize his chances of success. Some changes had to be made to the classic leap featured in the TV series in order to embed it in a Mafia Game.


  • Night 1 - Phaze claims in the thread that he is the Goodie kill in the game thread. Immediately, the baddies focus on spy-killing him and the Goodie spy also tries to spy him. Baddies try to block a fellow baddy with no action. The Indy is killed because of this, leaving Phaze trapped in 2011 with the hosts.
  • Day 1 - Hirk and JarZe are tied both in the official roster and behind the scenes (despite a lot of vote manipulation going on). No one is lynched.
  • Night 2 - The Hunter (Izzy) kills GMaster (unproven Baddie) in an attempt to frame a newbie as the goodie kill role. Social Darwin (Goodie save) attracts the attention of the Baddies and is killed. He could not save himself as he was blocked by Glycereine. The baddie spy is redirected by Framm. Vine's redirect fails, however the baddies don't realize it (despite the fact that it's not featured in the night-post). Due to incorrect reasoning, they assume Izzy is the Hunter (which is actually correct). Hirkala is fake-blocked by the baddies but is spied by the Sheriff. BigDaddy tries to buy ElJefe's vote resulting in an extra vote for the baddies in D2.
  • Day 2 - Hirkala and JarZe are again massively voted, the Sheriff leading the lynch against Hirkala. Despite having an extra vote BTS, the baddies lose the lynch, mainly because JarZe is the Mayor and one of the Baddies (Segul) did not vote against JarZe. Hirkala is lynched due to Baddies inactivity towards the end of the day.
  • Night 3 - Vine's flash vote puts her on the goodie killer's radar. The Baddies realize too late that they cannot in fact redirect the goodie kill away from them and Vine is killed. Instead of letting the NK targetting Izzy, Segul changes it to kill Slick, leaving the Hunter alive for further kills.
  • Day 3 - Segul is lynched (no defense provided)
  • Night 4 - The Hunter finishes off the remaining baddie (Firno).

Special commendations

  • Golfjunkie for leading almost every lynch and using his spy information to ferret out the Baddies
  • Izzy for killing two of the baddies, even though she started by friendly firing on GMaster479
  • Framm18 for entrusting his vote only to Goodies and playing his blank vote role

Host disappointments

  • The Indy got killed N1 due to a Phaze-suicide move. This killed the most exotic role in the game, leaving only two factions.
  • The random draw placed two newbies in the Baddies team. As the other two more experienced baddies were killed early, this broke the balance, favoring a goodie win.

Alternate endings

Alternate ending 1: Possible Indy win in N1

  • In the first night, the Indy (SH) leaped into the Deputy (Phaze), unaware who was the Deputy. Sam's WinCon for N1 was either WinCon1 - spy the Hypnotist or WinCon2 - spy the Hunter. had selected the actual WinCon to be spying the Hunter(Izzy). SparrowHawk submitted a spy Izzy action (which would have luckily won the game).
  • After Phaze's comment in the thread "who should I kwill tonight", SparrowHawk changed his action ("I've never been able to follow Phaze's strategies (and they often blow up in his face), but I can't find a valid reason for him to claim Hunter (either truthfully or falsely), but I also can't ignore the possibility to complete my objective: Spy: Phaze"). Without Phaze's suicide claim in N1, the Baddies would not have killed him (and kill the Indy instead), and SparrowHawk's original action would have won him the game.
  • Also, had we told the Indy that he leaped into Phaze's Role, he would have not changed his action (but that would still not have prevented the Baddies from killing Phaze).
  • And another possibility, had we chosen to prevent the leaped host (in this case Phaze) from talking in the thread, the Indy would have won.

Alternate ending 2: Restoring the balance for the baddies

  • If all the baddies had voted for JarZe in D2, they could have saved Hirkala.
  • If the baddies understood that their redirect cannot act on the goodie kill because of precedence, they would have killed the Hunter in N3, prolonging the game.
  • If any of the remaining baddies would have had more experience defending, they might have survived D3 lynch.

Winning Faction Edit

  1. JarZe - Mayor
  2. Framm18 - Foolish Cabbie
  3. _GMaster479 - Judge
  4. Zaphod - Hunter
  5. Social Darwin - Doctor
  6. akaslickster - Big Daddy
  7. Glycereine - Hypnotist
  8. Phaze - Deputy(SANE)
  9. golfjunkie - Sheriff

MVP: golfjunkie

Day and Night Posts Edit

Links to the night and day posts:

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Hirkala - Bodyguard - Lynched D2
  2. JarZe - Mayor
  3. Vinetreeka - Attorney - Killed N3
  4. Framm18 - Foolish Cabbie
  5. _GMaster479 - Judge - Killed N2
  6. Zaphod - Hunter
  7. Social Darwin - Doctor - Killed N2
  8. akaslickster - Big Daddy - Killed N3
  9. Glycereine - Hypnotist
  10. Phaze - Deputy(SANE) - Killed N1
  11. firno - El Jefe - Killed N4
  12. golfjunkie - Sheriff - MVP
  13. Segul - The Framer - Lynched D3
  14. Sparrowhawk - Sam - Killed N1

Actions Edit

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