A RID (from Role + IDentity) is a stipulation imposed on some roles that must be met in order for a player's action to be successful. Of all abilities, the most common action to require a RID is the kill (then called RID Kill). Another common use is with the spy and is often called a RID Guess. In many games, the RID stipulation has been allowed as a means of recruiting Independents or gaining BTSC with teammates.

Such a role can be very powerful when aligned with either faction, but is especially dangerous when controlled by the Baddies and is an oft-used method for preventing Outing. When aligned with the Goodies, it allows for early kill attempts without the repercussion of accidentally killing a teammate. As the game progresses, a player with a RID ability typically becomes stronger as more information is gathered.


The typical form for RID roles is RID <action> <target> as <role>

  • RID Kill GMaster479 as the Godfather
  • RID Recruit Yuli as Merlin
  • RID Guess: Araver as the Detective

All of these would get responses in the affirmative or negative, unless otherwise blocked. If correct, the <action> happens--GMaster would die, Yuli would be recruited, or the player would know that Araver is the Detective.

Other UsesEdit

RID can also refer to any player and role combination, and is often modified by its accuracy (e.g., "an incorrect RID" or "a correct RID").

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