A RID Kill is a night action that removes someone from the game if the person who has the RID Kill can identify the 'R'ole + 'ID'entity of a given player. Inclusion of the ability is a tool often used by the host to prevent outing.

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

Such a stipulation has several advantages and disadvantages, regardless of which faction actually controls the ability.

  • The majority faction may attempt to kill players of opposing factions without the risk of crossfire
  • As the game progresses, more information is gathered leading to greater accuracy
  • With some luck, a player can guess correctly without information, changing the balance of the game in his favour
  • When working with a role spy, the sum of the two actions is much greater than both of them individually.
  • The killer may choose the most dangerous targets to eliminate
  • In equal-faction games, it makes information gathering a strict requirement
  • It doesn't allow for blind kills, which benefit any faction that knows all of its allies (if any)
  • It makes other players more hesitant to hint at their role.

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