MafiaManiac has a reputation system in place. It's main purpose is to reflect deeds in Mafia Games. Only Current Hosts and In-Game Mods are allowed to control the

Rep System

reputation system.

Rep point system

Positive rep points for Players

  • +1: Playing in a Mafia Game without winning
  • +2: Winning in a Mafia Game as a goodie/baddie
  • +3: Winning in a Mafia Game as an Indy

Players in a team that are selected by the Host (or the In-Game Mod if host does not choose) as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) gain an extra rep point:

  • +1: For being the MVP in a Mafia Game.

Positive rep points for Hosts

  • +1: Co-hosting a successful Mafia Game (Tiny, Small or Medium)
  • +1: Hosting a Mafia Game with minor problems (partial inactivity, several mistakes fixed during the game, etc.)
  • +3: Hosting a successful Mafia Game (no problems)

Negative rep points

  • -1: Being inactive in a Mafia game

Note: Players that are replaced (at their request, giving prior notice) do not receive any rep point for the game.

Rep point titles

Certain titles are shown next to a member's posts once he reaches a certain amount of rep points:

  • 5 - Knowledgeable
  • 10 - Intelligent
  • 15 - Genius
  • 20 - MMCertified Awesome Amazing Person

In addition, players with more than 20 Rep points have an Award and a (custom) trophy next to their name. Framm18 was the first player to reach 20 Rep points on MafiaManiac.

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