MafiaManiac has a reputation system in place. It's main purpose is to reflect deeds in Mafia Games. Only Current Hosts and In-Game Mods are allowed to control the

Rep System

reputation system.

Rep point system

Positive rep points for Players

  • +1: Playing in a Mafia Game without winning
  • +2: Winning in a Mafia Game as a goodie/baddie
  • +3: Winning in a Mafia Game as an Indy

Players in a team that are selected by the Host (or the In-Game Mod if host does not choose) as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) gain an extra rep point:

  • +1: For being the MVP in a Mafia Game.

Positive rep points for Hosts

  • +1: Co-hosting a successful Mafia Game (Tiny, Small or Medium)
  • +1: Hosting a Mafia Game with minor problems (partial inactivity, several mistakes fixed during the game, etc.)
  • +3: Hosting a successful Mafia Game (no problems)

Negative rep points

  • -1: Being inactive in a Mafia game

Note: Players that are replaced (at their request, giving prior notice) do not receive any rep point for the game.

Rep point titles

Players with more than 20 Rep points have an Award and a (custom) trophy next to their name. Framm18 was the first player to reach 20 Rep points on MafiaManiac.

Several other awards exist for reaching 100+ Rep points (100 Rep Award) and 200+ Rep points (200 Rep Award). No player has reached 300+ Rep points so far.