Revelation Mafia
Game information
Host Yuli
Link Game thread: Revelation Mafia BTSC threads
Size 12 Players (Small)
Start Date February 18th, 2011
Winning Faction Baddies
Roster 1. Araver

2. DarthMask
3. Hirkala
4. Marquessa
5. DougFarley
6. Izzy
7. SeaHorse
8. Sayalzah
9. Maurice
10. GolfJunkie
11. Lionheart87
12. Vineetrika

First to Die GolfJunkie &
Last Remaining 2. DarthMask

8. Sayalzah
9. Maurice

MVP Sayalzah
Awards Nominated for Best Mafia Game 2011

Revelation Mafia was a game developed and hosted by Yuli loosely based on Revelation Chapter 12.

It began on February 18th, 2011 and ended in a Baddie win in Night 4.

Game Mechanics

Revelation Mafia ran as a standard Mafia game with 8 Goodies (Heavenly Hosts), 3 Baddies (Fallen Angels) and 1 Indy (The Four Horsemen) with Public abilities and WinCon. Key point was the ability of the Baddies to try to RID recruit each night a certain Goodie - The Betrayer.


Order of Actions: Resurrect >> RID Kill > RID Recruit >> Night Kill > Redirect > Goodie Kill >> Block > Spy > Message

Note: If there is ever a loop, it will break at a >, unless the loop only contains >>'s. If that is the case, the action furthest to the left will take precedence. A tied lynch D1 will result in no lynch. A tied lynch any other day will select a random player in the lynch.

Role Description

Fallen Angels : BTSC and Night Kill
WINCON: Be in majority

  • Satan-- Influences the minds of his foes. Can redirect one player every night.
  • The Antichrist-- Hides among the people, pretending to be something he isn't. Can spy once per night. If spied, he appears as the Christ.
  • The Great Red Dragon-- Intimidates the enemies of Satan. Can block one target per night.

Heavenly Hosts
WINCON: Eliminate the Fallen Angels

  • Christ-- The Son of God. Can heal the sick and raise the dead. Once during the game may bring one player back to life (cannot be redirected, blocked, or stopped in any way). Cannot die while The Mother lives.
  • Michael the Archangel-- The warring angel. Employs his armies to keep any evil forces at bay. May block one target per night.
  • The Angel of Death-- A mysterious angel with a single task. May choose to kill one target per night.
  • Gabriel-- God's Messenger. May deliver a message (max 100 characters) to one target per night.
  • The Church-- There is no land not influenced by the Church, for It is everywhere. On odd nights, may spy one target. On even nights, may redirect one target.
  • The Woman-- Mother of the Christ. Protects her child by sacrificing herself if he is to be killed.
  • The 144,000-- The chosen people of Jehovah. They're vote counts as x1 or x2.
  • The Betrayer-- Everyone has their price. He is, by nature, a goodie. If he is correctly RID'd by the baddies, he is informed that he's been recruited becomes a baddie outside of the BTSC (but will be given the names of the baddie players, not their role) and wins with the baddie faction. His vote counts as x1 or x2 with the goodies; with the baddies, his vote counts as x0 or x1. This is The Betrayer's choice.

Indy--WINCON: Outlive Christ and Satan. If the Indy meets his WINCON, he leaves the game.

  • The Four Horseman-- Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death. They cause destruction wherever they go. His ability changes each night between a block, spy, redirect, and kill (in that order). On the previous day, he may elect to change his ability to a RID kill. The Horsemen, however, may never actually kill two nights in a row.

Host's Summary

Special commendations

MVP was a hard choice to make. Everything hinged on Sayalzah's subtle hints D1 that Maurice picked up and decided not to RID recruit him in order to preserve Say's vote x2. The whole game, Sayalzah played his role very well and was instrumental in victory for either side. It was a tough race between Maurice and Sayalzah.

Host disappointments

Points of error: Night 1 the following occurred: DF kills GJ redirects Izzy blocks maurice spies hirk. GJ should have died without redirecting Izzy back to herself. Vine (the Indy) still would have blocked Izzy. Michael (Izzy) then would not have shown in the night post. Maurice would have spied Hirk.

Instead, GJ redirected Izzy to Izzy (block). DF killed GJ. Izzy was blocked by both Vine and herself (both shown in night post). Maurice spied Hirk anyway.

The only real difference is that Michael shouldn't have shown up in the Night Post. It can make a pretty big difference, though. I'm glad it was brought up because it was a mistake on my part (and if I had openly corrected it, it would have outed Izzy).

Alternate endings

Alternate ending 1: (Possible Indy Win) - N1 Satan and Mother were killed. Some luck for Vine, who only needed to kill Marquessa (Christ). The lynch turned toward Marq for a short while. When that happened, I asked GM whether I should announce the Indy win publicly (or just to Vine) and continue the game. If I announced it publicly, everybody would know that Satan, Mother, and Christ were dead. It wouldn't be hard to figure out who was who. But I didn't want to just end the game right after D1, either. I was kind of secretly hoping for an Indy win at the end of D1 (it was just so random and perfect). But I'm glad it lasted a bit longer than that. (Of course, my OP stated that an Indy win would not end the game.) Alternate ending 2: (Possible Goodie Win)

  • In N2, had the Goodie Kill targeted Sayalzah, he would not have been redirected (since the Baddie REDIRECTOR was dead) - this would have given the Goodies lynch majority.
  • In N3, had the Goodie Kill targeted the Baddie Blocker, the kill would have gone through - this would have given the Goodies lynch majority.
  • In D3, the outcome was decided by a coinflip. Had the Baddies lost the coinflip maurice would have been lynched, giving goodies a majority lynch the next day.

Alternate ending 3: (Possible Goodie Win with the Betrayer) In D3, before being recruited, if Sayalzah (The Betrayer) were lynched or pleaded no contest, this leads to a goodie Win and a personal win for The Betrayer as a goodie: He dies as a goodie leaving it 4 vs 2. NK makes it 3 vs 2 in N4. D4: Goodies lynch maurice (without vote manip) making it 3 vs 1. N5: NK makes it 2 vs 1, D5: Goodies lynch the last remaining baddie.

By Yuli

Winning Faction

Fallen Angels (Baddies)

  • Darthmask - Great Red Dragon
  • sayalzah - The Betrayer
  • maurice - Antichrist
  • golfjunkie - Satan

MVP: sayalzah

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Host: Prophet Yuli

  1. Araver - The 144,000 - Lynched D2
  2. Darthmask - Great Red Dragon
  3. Hirkala - Mother - Killed N1 by Baddies, Resurrected N2 and Lynched D3
  4. Marquessa - Christ - Killed N4 by Baddies
  5. DougFarley - Angel of Death - Killed N3 by Baddies
  6. Izzy - Michael
  7. seahorse - The Church - Lynched D1
  8. sayalzah - The Betrayer - Recruited N4
  9. maurice - Antichrist
  10. golfjunkie - Satan - Killed N1 by the Angel of Death
  11. Lionheart - Gabriel
  12. Vineetrika - The Four Horseman - Killed N2 by Baddies