Rock & Roll Mafia
Hands in the air - in concert
Game information
Host Auramyna & FatTony
Link Game thread: Rock & Roll Mafia BTSC threads
Size 12 Players (Medium)
Start Date 2.21.12
Winning Faction Goodie and Indy
Roster #, player
  1. Akaslickster
  2. EDM
  3. Marquessa
  4. Plasmid
  5. Mew
  6. Shadow7
  7. Nana7
  8. Hidden Z
  9. MissKitten
  10. DarthMask
  11. Smoth333
  12. Darth nox
First to Die Slick and Miki
Last Remaining Plas, Nana, Hidzy, DM, Nox
MVP Plasmid
Awards -

Rock & Roll Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Auramyna & FatTony based on own concept involving Rock & Roll.

It began on February 21st, 2012 and ended in a Goodie and Indy win in N3 (February 27th).

Game Mechanics Edit


(There may be secret abilities and/or wincons in this game)

  • Appears in the night post:
    • Successful RID Kills and/or saves
    • Night Kill
    • Goodie Kill
    • Trap
    • Block
  • NK cannot be acted upon, (only target of NK saved)
  • RID Kill cannot be blocked/redirected unless redirected to the correct target. Target can be saved. RID Killer will be notified RID was correct.
  • ALL Kills are non-blocking (killed person's action goes through.)
  • Redirected spies receive B is [B's role] not A is [B's role]
  • Trapped players are blocked and saved at night. Next day CAN post in thread but NOT vote or be lynched.
  • OOP = Block > Redirect > Trap
  • Faction OOP = Indy > Baddie > Goodie

All actions go through unless acted upon. OOP only comes into play if there is a loop. If two blocks or two traps are in the loop, Faction OOP kicks in.

Tie lynch on D1 results in one tied lynchee dying. At end of night post, the following day's Tied lynch rule is disclosed. Is randomly chosen from [none die, all die, one dies, all flip coin individually, all individually have random chance to die (25%, 75% - chance unknown to players.)]

Day cycles end at 10 PM Board Time with post up by 11 PM Board Time.

Night cycles end at 9PM Board Time with post up by 11PM Board Time.

Role DescriptionEdit

Baddies – Wincon = Gain a majority that cannot be overcome (NIGHTKILL and BTSC)

Rnr bad3
Rnr bads
Rnr bad2
  1. Justin Bieber - Block. I woulda chose a better stage name than Bieber...
  2. Britney Spears - Spy. She's so trailer trash, if you cut her, she bleeds crystal meth and Kevin Federline (credit goes to Lisa Landry for that line wink.gif ) Check her out, she rulez.
  3. Paris Hilton - Vote Manip x0, x2 (self) – When role spied, appears as a random, alive goodie. Supposedably the Stars are Blind but I'm thinking mehbeh the fans AND the stars are blind. P.S - Don't listen to too much of that song, it's kinda catchy and getting into the jive of a Paris Hilton song can cause severe cognitive dissonance.

Goodies – Wincon = Last Faction Standing (CAN TIE WITH INDY ONLY IF SHE IS ON HER PRIMARY WINCON)

Rnr good1
Rnr good2
Rnr good3
Rnr good7
Rnr good8
Rnr good4
Rnr good5
Rnr good6
  1. Steve Tyler - Can assume a dead player's ability (retains this ability throughout the game). Until he assumes an ability, he has a role spy at 35% probability of success. Chooses player not role. If chooses a non goodie, action fails.
  2. Jim Morrison – Spy (chance) - Is too paranoid to leave the house so watches with his telescope from the window. 75% chance of role spy, 25% chance of other spy [choose on N1 out of Faction spy, Follow spy or Target spy where choose a player name and receive the all player names who targeted them that night.]
  3. Mick Jagger – Vote Redirect (other), ODTG can RID Lynch Save, instead. Mick has plenty of groupies he calls on to help him and his pals out.
  4. David Bowie –Redirect – Due to his make up and crayzee weird acting, he causes people to lapse into confuzzlement and forget where they were going. If he redirects a spy from A to B, spy receives result: B is [B's role] (not A is [B's role]) Can message Freddie once per day cycle (w/ reply), if he can RID guess him.*
  5. Freddie Mercury – Save - Sings Bohemian Rhapsody until angels come down from heaven and save his target. Can message David once per day cycle (w/ reply), if he can RID guess him.*
  6. Eddie Vedder – Faction Spy – may be sane or insane. Cannot spy himself. While he's playing his ukelele, he is really watching the crowd for insurgents. Eddie spies Indy as a goodie if sane or a baddie if insane.
  7. Ozzy Osbourne – Trap – Confuses people thus causing them to spend the night staring at him in perplexity and the following day shaking their head in amazement.
  8. Kurt Cobain – Kill – Is lonely in the after-life so kills people purely for company …
    Icon shifty

  • A RID guess can be attempted 3 times during the game. Freddie and David do not have to give up their night action to attempt a RID Guess message. However, when the original RID guess is successful, that night's action will be reduced to a 75% success rate.

INDY: Wincon = RID Kill 2/3 roles. Alternate wincon = Last "Man" Standing

Rnr indy1

Sharielle – Hard-core groupie with a stalker-type personality who is chasing down her favorite rockers.

  • Choice of
  1. RID Kill
  2. Spy – random of [Role Spy - 40%, Follow Spy - 20%, Faction Spy - 20%, 'Target of' Spy - 20%]
  3. Trap - with 30% chance of role spy, 20% Faction Spy.

Host's Summary Edit

Secret abilities were:

Baddies had +6 votes to add on to any player's votes throughout the game. Indy had +6 votes to add on to any player's votes throughout the game. (Mainly to have a chance of getting to last standing. I think it would be equivalent of being immune for one lynch but can still be killed at night.)

Ghosts voted as a whole, which added one vote to a player's tally each day. The N1 NK victim (Slick) had his own BTSC where he could see the goodie actions each night and, throughout the game, alter the target of 3 actions.

Congratulations (and thanks) to all of the players for a great (but short) game! MVP, commendations and host comments will be up tomorrow :)

If no one else has a fast lane game ready, I'd be willing to rejig the roles slightly (names of roles, some of the actions) and start a Rock n Roll 2 in a couple days. What do people think?

Special commendationsEdit

Most entertaining - Tie between Nox and Plasmid! (also votes for Nana, MiKi and FT)

Most active - Nana, of course! (Nox and DM in 2nd place)

Most logical - Tie between Nana and Plasmid!

Most off the track (i.e - who used incorrect assumptions in their logic and/or was off track with guessing roles - ohmy.gif Hidzy (also votes for EDM, Marq, DM, Shad, Nana, Nox and no one.) laugh.gif

Anything else a player deserves a commendation for - shads lynch save of DM (This was pretty unanimous.)

DM also did well in hinting his role on Day 1. Although there were was a hole or two in the numbers, I thought that saying "gathering info is a secondary use of my ability" showed that he was trying to claim redirect.

HidZy also used some good logic in his action PMs and was very quick to commence the RID PMing to DM after DM was outed.

Nox was helpful in clearing Mew and Nana, which made it straightforward to figure out the last baddies.

Last minute addition: Biggest blunder - MiKi! For looking so suspicious before N1 even ended, and naming Marquessa.


It was pretty obvious we had two main contenders for the MVP; Nana and Plasmid. Nana picked the baddies off on N1, 2 and 3 clap.gif although she was a little off target in the day lynches and making assumptions when figuring out RIDs tongue.gif Regardless, it's pretty difficult to overcome the fact that she singlehandedly eliminated all the baddies!

Then we have Plasmid who reached his Indy win just in time, as the goodies would have started gunning for him if he hadn't won that night. Plasmid also had all the roles figured out correctly in his RID list (which he had figured out earlier than he posted it.)

Also, on Day 1, Plasmid had a strategy whereby he was going to highlight to everyone that Mick Jagger was around to lynch save them, hoping that he could get people at risk of lynch to out themselves (hoping he could get at least 2 outed.) He also figured a no lynch would give him more time to ID his targets before they died.

Hence, although both contenders deserve an MVP, this one goes to Plasmid! clap.gif

Thanks to all for a great game. You were all really active and worked well with each other to logic things out.clap.gif GO PLAYERS biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Winning Faction Edit

  • Slick - Steven Tyler
  • EDM - Jim Morrison
  • mew - Ozzy Osbourne
  • Shad - Mick Jagger
  • Nana - Kurt Cobain
  • Hidzy - Freddie Mercury
  • DarthMask - David Bowie
  • nox - Eddie Vedder
  • Plasmid - Sharielle

MVP - Plasmid

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Slick - Steven Tyler - killed N1 by Baddies
  2. EDM - Jim Morrison - lynched D2
  3. Marq - Paris Hilton - killed N3 by Kurt Cobain
  4. Plasmid - Sharielle
  5. mew - Ozzy Osbourne - killed N3 by Sharielle
  6. Shad - Mick Jagger - killed N2 by Sharielle
  7. Nana - Kurt Cobain
  8. Hidzy - Freddie Mercury
  9. MiKi - Britney Spears - killed N1 by Kurt Cobain
  10. DarthMask - David Bowie
  11. smoth - Justin Bieber - killed N2 by Kurt Cobain
  12. nox - Eddie Vedder

Actions Edit

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