Scooby Doo Mafia
Game information
Host Lost in Space
Link Scooby Doo Mafia
Size 16 Players (Large)
Start Date 04.11.2009
Winning Faction Goodies & Baddies
Roster 1) Izzy

2) GMaster479
3) JarZe
4) Sayalzah
5) DudleyDude
6) Framm
7) Ictinike
8) Prince_Marth85
9) Clozo
10) Music_luvr95
11) CrazyPainter
12) Riranor
13) Slick
14) Brandonb (Magic_luver101)
15) Fox
16) tpaxatb (Rihanna)

First to Die Riranor
Last Remaining 13) Slick

16) tpaxatb

Awards -

Scooby Doo Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Lost in Space based on the Scooby-Doo animated series.

It began on November 4th, 2009 and ended in a tie Goodie & Baddie win in N7 (November 20th, 2009).

Game Mechanics

This game included a lot of twisting game mechanics: Day 0 start, Day 0 pass the parcel which results in a known player losing abilities N1, unstoppable Night Kill / baddie abilities, tie lynches trigger a night-skip, the Indy ability and WinCon is revealed through a puzzle.

Some of these mechanics proved to be quite confusing for players - e.g. using RID as a label for an unstoppable ability instead of the usual Role ID meaning, not updating the rules in the thread (updating them on an external wiki instead), an error in Cyber Phantom's description which led to a confusion regarding the ending.


  • Day 0, preceeds N1, a lynch start.
  • In parallel, Day 0 has a Pass the parcel roster. The parcel can not be passed to same player first round or from player A to player B in successive rounds. The parcel may be faulty and go off at a predetermined number after one complet round. Exploding parcel mid lynch results in a loos of ability N1. Exploding parcel at end of lynch is loss of ability N1 and N2
  • Voting rules:
    • Default as vote for self. Players need to change it, any spoiled (no votes), will result in that player loosing ability that night. 2nd offence results in that player being lynched instead.
    • Tied votes results in more than one victim. Tied votes results in a successive Day, the Night is skipped.
    • Kidnapped players cannot speak, vote or be voted.
  • (not actually posted in the game thread, just in the wiki) For clarity RID is a Mystery Machine ability, is unstopable, used once per night. It is not Role ID Kill, it's just a way of relating to the ability being unstoppable

Role Description

Mystery Inc - ("Those meddeling kids"). Every night elect a Mystery Inc member to catch a ghost and send him to the underworld for good! Mafia/Mystery Inc have no BTSC during the day, they are blending in. They had 24 hours of night to plan. No BTSC duting the Lynch

  • Fred
  • Daphne
  • Velma
  • Shaggy and Scooby-Doo (one player)

In addition they may use only two of the following each night:

  • Twice, elect either Daphne or Velma to discover an ability - never a role.
  • Twice, elect Shaggy and Scooby, or Daphne to distract monsters who's ability is pointed elsewhere.
  • Twice, elect Fred or Shaggy and Scooby to block - uses the Mystery Machine
  • Twice, elect anyone to copy a role for use the next night by that member, picks two players, gets one ability. (role not revealed), can not copy the Mummy, Cyber Phantom or 10,000 Volt Ghost.
  • Twice, elect Fred or Velma to Spy a player - uses the Mystery Machine.

Any RID used with above is unstopable, the Mystery Machine goes out of commision if it runs into the Cyber Phantom or the 10,000 volt ghost, thus so some actions will no longer be possible.

Ghastly Ghouls All get up to no good! (or are no good) and want rid of '"those meddling kids"

  • Sarah Ravencroft - 16th century witch that spells trouble! Ability - BLOCK n DIVERT; picks two payers every night, can either: find ability, block, divert or save. If she discovers Ben, they gain BTSC and he can use of the spells she isn't using. CHAOS RULE: If Killed at night, the next day cyle is skipped.
  • Ben Ravencroft - Watch which Witch is which cos this guy can switch. Ability - DIVERT. If he discovers Sarah or she discovers him, they gain BTSC and he can use one of her spells. CHAOS RULE: If lynched the next night cycle is skipped.
  • Snow Ghost - Can Slither, slip n slide but so big he is not that stealthy.. Not yet-i. Abillity - DEFENDS anyone, but saves Ben Ravencroft automaticaly
  • Captain Cutler - Super swishy swashbuckling pirate who has major. Ability - DEFENDS any one against Cyber Phantom or 10,000 volt ghost, but saves Sarah Ravencroft automatically from them
  • Miner 49er - Adept at creating bricks and blocks. Ability - BLOCKS
  • Ghost Clown - Was once an illusionist extraordinare, till he was thrown out of the circus for stealing. Abillity - HYPNOTISE every night 2/3 chance of finding players abilities.
  • Tar Monster - Oh poo! He's all goo! Ability - STICK UP! well if you run into him you are out of the game for one Night and day (kidnap effect).
  • Black Knight - Once a king always a king, but once a (k)night is enough. Ability - TRACKS one person every night, and sees what they did an/or what was done to them
  • Mummy - Coin! Coin! is the only gruff repetivtive sound the Mummy can make. Abilities: NECROMANCER: Copies abilities of the dead, stores max of two for use any time. VOTE SWITCH: Coin! Coin! Chooses player to rob of vote and place elsewhere.
  • Cyber Phantom - A computer virus that makes it's way in and out of the real world - he sucks you in to his! Ability - KILL Odd nights and if attacked by Mystery Machine odd nights, will render it useless if it targets the [s]Cyber Phantom[/s] 10,000 Volt Ghost. Can not die at night while the Tar Monster is alive
  • 10,000 Volt Ghost - An ex Cable Guy, who's mad and looking for trouble! Ability - KILL Even nights, he has no choice to not act. Mystery Machine is irrepairable if used on the 10,000 Volt ghost, who also short circuits and wakes up dead, but not if Black Knight is alive.

Special Rule: If Cyber Phantom and 10,000 volt Ghost meet, they become a faction obtaining BTSC. Meeting is if they target each other in the game or vote the same at the end of D1 or D2 only. Then one has block and the other divert.

Independent - Secret

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations


Strange finish, and I'm sort of sad that JarZe spotted the way to not loose. Just in case it was not clear, Fred tarred himself to attempt a double lynch in D6 but Jz figured a way out, so it was an edge of the seat finish. Also, perhaps Sayalzah can explain why he thought Clozo was dangerous at that stage, she only got an abiity discovery of vote manipulation and that should have been read as the mummy??? somehow he pushed the perfect lynch for the wrong reason. Poor Kat loosing her minion the day after she picked Clozo.

I am curious as to what people realy think of the Day 0 start, Maybe Pass the Parcel was not to anyone's liking - I just thought it added an element to the game. You did get the parcel - I gave it to you, you just didn't want it, and gave it away ;p It's definitely going off at a pre determined number next time - we can watch the mafia buddies avoid it

Did you hate the D zero start? It's meant to give some tell for the N actions, but it was just a blanket randomness and no discussion or vibes. I'll definitley do it again on that basis

But overall I like the design personally. If I had to do it again I'd change the Mystery machine, allow day night posting in the thead - but post a lookout role in the mafia/MI that can divert, just to avoid all the overt planing. That was my thinking for not having posts during the night periods. It does make the thread hot and cold, but you get used to it and welcome the break and then the intensity starting up again

Special commendations

  • A special mention for GMaster - three times in a row he was spot on with his saves - unbeievable and unheared of in mafia. Unfortunately the van ran them all down
  • Thanks for playing folks, some of you were siick, busy etc and it could have been more fun - there ought to be a tweak or two and a rematch, but that's up to you.

Host disappointments

  • Inactivity was a big hurdle, but what can you do - dice role for absent actions??? I will not allow power play for BTSC groups in future too. Has to be equal for both sides
  • Pass the parcel - could not believe slick got caught with it, home PC probs I think, it was meant to ensure activity, it was gonna be harsher, next time it will, and may be ysed for two days, - I did not want random in the game idealy.. but then again, we al know who's been parcelled.
  • My mistake was D5, N6, D5, so then N7.
  • Sorry about the RID EFFECT, it was meant to be used as unstoppable - Mystery Inc had trouble with it and I thought I put that in the thread, it was updated in the wiki.

Alternate endings

  • I thought they [10,000VG and Cyber Phanton] would have paired, well they would have if Slick was around sooner D1, D2 votes - not getting confirmations was a major oversight from the host. The game should have been very different especially if Slick did attack Marth or vote align with him, which would have happened on the Kat Bandwagon. If Marth had attacked more, he may have found Slick or taken out a goodies (monsters) but so that could have swung the game.
  • The headless horseman should have reincarnated in it's minion, but Kat was unlucky to have lost Clozo the day after - sad everyone voted for her while she was sleeping on the other side of the world, clozo also forgot to clear one of the people she knew was on her side. Clozo forgot to put her vote in, despite checking in by PM, I was in a dilema of how to deal with the situation, but wanted to leave the clues as deductible, which was not that easy without decoding. I did not want to make it easy as it would give the indy no chance.
  • The Mystery Machine was too powerful - but I think the game would have been different if Riranor came in or just appeared for the first day (D zero), as it was less likey he would have been voted by just appearing. M.Inc lost Riranor, when it is usually a goodie loss to start (day zero)
  • There were a lot of missed, unused (by choice) or cancelled actions, and the consecutive lynch lowered the monsters chances too. Clown did not get active N1, N2 it was too late, then died. Minder 49er N1, no action, N2, MIA, D2 PMd apology but MIA N3 then default lynch rule. JZ had a punishment of no action for MIA

Winning Faction

Mystery Inc / Baddies

  • Music_luvr95 - Velma
  • Izzy - Shaggy&Scooby
  • tpaxatb - Fred
  • Riranor - Daphne

Ghosts / Goodies

  • GMaster479 - Snow Ghost
  • JarZe - Tar Monster
  • Sayalzah - Sarah Ravencroft
  • DudleyDude - Ben
  • Framm - Black Knight
  • Ictinike - Miner 49er
  • Prince_Marth85 - Cyber Phantom
  • CrazyPainter - Capt. Cutler
  • Slick - 10,000 Volts Ghost
  • Brandonb - Ghost Clown

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Host LIS

  1. Izzy - Shaggy&Scooby - Lynched D3
  2. GMaster479 - Snow Ghost - Killed N5 by Baddies
  3. JarZe - Tar Monster - Lynched D6
  4. Sayalzah - Sarah Ravencroft - Lynched D3
  5. DudleyDude - Ben - Killed N1 by Baddies
  6. Framm - Black Knight - Killed N2 by 10,000 Volts Ghost
  7. Ictinike - Miner 49er - Lynched D4 (inactivity mod-kill)
  8. Prince_Marth85 - Cyber Phantom - Killed N7 by Baddies
  9. Clozo - Mummy - Minion - Lynched D1
  10. Music_luvr95 - Velma - Lynched D5
  11. CrazyPainter - Capt. Cutler - Killed N2 by Baddies
  12. Riranor - Daphne - Lynched D0
  13. Slick - 10,000 Volts Ghost
  14. Brandonb (Magic_luver101) - Ghost Clown - Killed N3 by Baddies
  15. Fox - Independent - Lynched D2
  16. tpaxatb (Rihanna) - Fred