Scrubs Mafia
Game information
Host Clozo & GMaster479
Link Game thread: Scrubs Mafia BTSC threads
Size 11 Players (Small)
Start Date 09.12.2011
Winning Faction Indy
Roster 1) Filly678

2) Araver
3) Glycereine (Izzy)
4) GolfJunkie (Framm18)
5) Maurice
6) JarZe
7) Onetruth
8) Hirkala
9) Slick
10) NickFleming
11) Molly Mae (Limey)

First to Die JarZe
Last Remaining 1) Filly678

4) GolfJunkie
5) Maurice
7) Onetruth
10) NickFleming
11) Molly Mae

MVP Maurice
Awards Nominated for Best Mafia Game Brandos 2010

Scrubs Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Clozo & GMaster479 based on TV Series.

It began on December 9th, 2010 and ended in an Indy win in N4 (December 16th, 2010).

Game Mechanics Edit

Scrubs Mafia ran as a standard Mafia game with 7 Goodies (the Staff), 3 Baddies (Head of Staff) and 1 Indy (The Janitor).


  • Tie Lynch: Day 1 - no one is lynched. After that, a tie = random player in the tie is lynched.
  • "Sent home" is the same as being killed.
  • Traps have priority over blocks. Trapping saves a player from the Night Kill.
  • If the same player is target for the kill by both the baddies and goodies is will be marked as a baddie kill. However Indy kill takes priority over both.

Role DescriptionEdit

Head of staff - BADDIES
WinCon - Have BTSC and a nightly Group Kill. Win by majority.

  • Dr. Kelso - Head of the doctors, he is intent on making work as un-enjoyable as he possibly can by locking a character in the store room every night. (Trap. Trapped players action is blocked and they’re unable to vote the next day)
  • Dr. Cox – Believes strongly that harsh treatment is necessary to keep everyone in shape and order, he regularly dishes out heavy doses of sarcasm that confuses almost everyone. (Redirects a Player to another. Twice maximum for the one player)
  • Jordan Sullivan (Dr. Cox’s ‘partner’) – Still having a hold over dear Perry, she seems cruel and cold but has a softer side and likes to involve herself in the lives of others. (Spies on a players role)

WinCon - Win when no Baddie remains.

  • JD – A vivid daydreamer who likes to think the best of himself, his daydreams tend to save people from a bad outcome. (Save. Can only save self once)
  • Turk – Not the brainiest surgeon around, he looks more manly than he really is, proving to be a softy beneath the scary chocolate bear surface, deceiving people beyond thought. (Block. Targeted player cannot perform their action)
  • Elliot – Tends to have more guts than the rest of the medical team put together, she is not afraid to eliminate someone from the picture in the name of good. (Goodie kill)
  • ‘The Todd’ – The hospitals local wannabe, he constantly makes bad sexual calls and hangs around people trying to get their attention. (Spies on a players action)
  • Carla – An affectionate nurse who is seen as a mother figure to the entire staff, she often covers up mistakes made by the others and attempts to fix them herself. (Vote Manipulator. Can make anyone’s vote count for 0x, 1x or 2x, including hers)
  • Doug – Was once a hopeless doctor with a knack of killing people, he is now a skilled coroner, though still has a habit of doing things wrong. (Trap. Traps a player for a night and has a 50% chance of finding out their role)
  • Ted Buckland – The hospitals poor excuse for a lawyer, he’s finally standing up against Dr. Kelso and will now do anything anyone but the Head of Staff say. (Dice roll. 1, Kill. 2, Block. 3, Spy. 4, Save. 5, None. 6, Choose.)

WinCon - Wins if he successfully RID kills 2/3 of his targets or is the last one standing; Targets to be told secretly

  • The Janitor – Irritated of his job and the annoying people he works with, his pranks help him cope and often set others in sticky situations, though he hardly ever gets the intended target. (RID kill guess once a night)

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations

Scrubs Mafia was a well-balanced standard Mafia with a very popular theme. A streak of inactivity and some minor inconsistencies affected the balance during the game. After 2 days, Clozo had to be replaced by GMaster479. Also, three other players had asked to be replaced. In spite of all this, the game managed to attract a lot of attention from new and veteran members of MafiaManiac.


  • Night 1 - Izzy is targeted by the baddie kill but is saved by being trapped by Doug (Araver) who also learns her role and Maurice (Indy) is trapped for the next day. The goodie save (JarZe) was redirected from Izzy to Nick. A very short post does not show the 2 spies.
  • Day 1 - Confusion dominates the first day as the night-post does not say who was the target of the NK and does not clarify the fact that a trap saved the NK target. Onetruth and Araver are finally tied with 3 votes, while the Goodie vote manipulator does not vote.
  • Night 2 - Jarze (the goodie save) is spy-killed by baddies. Turk (Izzy) blocks Onetruth and Doug (Araver) traps self in an effort to clear both as goodies. However, this fails as Todd's spy action is featured in the night-post, but not the Baddie spy action (hence clearing neither OT nor Araver). Framm is trapped for the next day by Baddies and Filly is redirected.
  • Day 2 - Izzy is replaced by Glycereine, Limey is replaced by Molly Mae. Initial votes go for Slick (not featured in any night posts), Araver (not cleared from the previous day over-posting) and Nick who draws attention on himself. Finally, Nick outs himself as Carla - the vote manipulator. In an effort to avoid Nick being lynched, Araver outs himself as Doug and appeals to Glycereine (Izzy's replacement, spy-trapped in N1) in order to turn the lynch away from both Nick and Araver. Maurice (Indy) helps Araver (who was on his secret list of targets) by starting a bandwagon on Slick followed by Araver. Glycereine does not trust Nick's claim and tries to tie Nick in the lynch, unaware that Nick already made Glyc's vote x0 (while Glyc was voting Araver, to give Araver a chance to clears his name). The day does not end in a tie, lynching Slick as a Baddie, but does not establish Nick's claim as Carla is true, since Nick's vote is not involved in the tie and Nick's manipulation is only claimed, not proved.
  • During Night 2 - Araver is aware that he cannot trap self twice in a row, and knows he will probably be targeted by the baddie (and possibly the Indy) kill. As 2 goodies had already outed themselves and either could be on the Indy secret list, and as the Goodie save role is possibly dead, Araver proposed a Goodie operation, entitled Operation Eagle (nominated for Biggest Mafia Blunder Brando 2010) designed to stop the baddie night-kill by blocking all remaining baddies. Doug and Turk should block the three suspects Hirkala, Onetruth and Molly Mae, while Elliot and Ted (if he rolls a kill) should take out one of the latter suspects.
  • Night 2 - The plan backfires as Turk (Glycereine) blocks Hirkala (misreading the operation), Ted (Onetruth) does not roll a kill, Elliot (Framm replaced by Golfjunkie near the end of the night) does not kill. The Indy (Maurice) RID Kills Araver, while the baddies try to kill Araver as well.
  • Day 3 - Suspicion falls on Hirkala and Onetruth. Finally, Hirkala is lynched, partly due to the goodie vote manipulator. The goodies don't try to ferret the Indy out, leaving his chances to strike intact.
  • Night 3 - The Indy RID Kills his second target - Glycereine as Turk, thus winning the game. If either Golfjunkie or Onetruth (who rolled a kill) had targeted Molly Mae, the goodies would have won also.

Special commendations

  • Maurice, MVP for his Indy win
  • Araver, for Operation Eagle (which did not work), but succeeded in scaring the baddies.

Game disappointments

  • 3 players and the initial host asked or had to be replaced.
  • Inconsistencies in showing the spies in the night-posts: some night-posts featured the goodie spy actions, but not all. None featured the baddie spy actions.
  • There was some confusion for the goodie spy who was redirected in N2. First host told the goodie spy that Araver is Carla (Nick's role, the person to which the spy was redirected to), while the second host told him Nick is Carla, thus clarifying the effects of the redirect.

Alternate endings

Alternate ending 1 - The goodies had 4 possible kills from Elliot (Framm/Goodie) + 2 rolled kills from Ted (Onetruth). Neither acted at any time, preventing the goodies from obtaining a win after D3 or a tied win in N4. Goodie kill inactivity in Night 3 (Framm was replaced by Golfjunkie, but had already submitted a no-kill action) and in Night 4 (Golfjunkie came online just after the night-post).

Alternate ending 2 - After losing all hope of winning, the last remaining baddie (Molly Mae) wanted to out the list of RIDs available to the baddies in D4, in an effort to help the Indy win. The Indy had already sent a second correct RID in N4.

Alternate ending 3 - After D2 voting, had the baddies targeted Maurice instead of Araver in N3, they would have (unknowingly) stopped the Indy from winning. Also, had they targeted Nick for the kill in N3, they would have succeeded in avoiding a vote manipulation in D3 lynch.

By Araver (Host MIA)

Winning Faction Edit


  • Maurice – The Janitor

MVP: Maurice

Day and Night Posts Edit

links to game posts:

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Filly678 – The Todd
  2. Araver – Doug - Killed N3
  3. Glycereine (Izzy) – Turk - Killed N4
  4. Golfjunkie (Framm18) – Elliot
  5. Maurice – The Janitor
  6. JarZe – JD - Killed N2
  7. Onetruth – Ted Buckland
  8. Hirkala – Dr.Cox - Lynched D3
  9. Slick - Dr.Kelso - Lynched D2
  10. NickFleming – Carla - Killed N4
  11. Molly Mae (Limey) – Jordan Sullivan

Actions Edit