Silent Hill Mafia
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Game information
Host Riranor
Link Silent Hill Mafia
Size 11 Players (Small)
Start Date July 20th, 2009
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster 1) Impervious

2) Clozobozo
3) GMaster479
4) Star tiger
5) Clozo 2.0 (Joelman)
6) music_luvr95
7) Limeliam
8) Derrai
9) Magic_luver101
10) tpaxatb
11) music 2.0 (underground_dan)

First to Die tpaxatb
Last Remaining 1) Impervious

4) Star tiger
9) Magic_luver101
11) music 2.0

Awards -

Silent Hill Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Riranor based on Silent Hill survival horror video games.

It began on July 20th, 2009 and ended in a Goodie win in D3 (July 29th, 2009).

Game Mechanics


  • Night & Day are actually Otherworld / Fog World cycles. See Backstory.
  • Can't go two nights in a role with an action
  • Save roles cannot save themselves
  • The baddies declare which one of them will be performing the attack

Role Description

Goodies: the Heroes

  • Alex Shepherd: can kill one person every time while in the Otherworld with his shot gun
  • Harry Mason: can discover someone’s role by searching for clues while in the Otherworld
  • James Sunderland: feeling guilty for the killing of his wife if attacked he will let himself die but also take his murderer with him
  • Heather/Cheryl Mason: since she has two identities her vote counts as two, one, or she can confuse everyone and make it zero
  • Henry Townshed: locked in his hotel room he will travel through holes that appear for mysterious reasons and stop the action of a character while in the Otherworld
  • Rose DaSilva: as a mother she is protective thus she will protect someone *save someone every night* every time in the Otherworld *can get BTSC with Travis if he saves the same person*
  • Travis Grady: as a trucker he has a big rig that he can hide a goodie and protect *save someone every odd night* them while in the Otherworld *can get BTSC with Rose if she saves the same person*
  • Maria: after being killed many times but still being alive she can’t die while in the Otherworld *can only be lynched*

Baddies: the Order

  • Dahlia Gillespie: as a powerful Order member she holds the meetings, if dies BTSC is gone. If spied upon she appears as a random goodie
  • Margret Hollaway: As the judge of Shepherds Glen she makes the final say, during the lynch she can change one vote
  • Walter Sullivan: a psychopathic murderer who thinks the hotel room Harry is in is his biological mother, he has the powers to control ghost after a goodie dies, his first choice becomes his role for the rest of the game

Host's Summary

OK everyone the story isn't as long as I wanted but there doesn't have to be that much to get the point across. Good job goodies, you all played well. I really thought the baddies were gonna win this but then one mistake changed the entire game. I hope you all enjoyed the game

Winning Faction


  • Impervious - Alex Shepherd
  • Star Tiger - Rose DaSilva
  • music_luvr95 - Heather/Cheryl Mason
  • Limey - Maria
  • Derrai - James Sunderland
  • Magic_luver - Travis Grady
  • tpaxatb - Harry Mason
  • Music 2.0 (underground dan) - Henry Townshend

MVP: -

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Host: Riranor

  1. Impervious - Alex Shepherd
  2. Clozo - Dahlia Gellespie - Killed N2 by Alex
  3. GMaster479 - Margaret Holloway - Killed N3 by Alex
  4. Star Tiger - Rose DaSilva
  5. Clozo 2.0 (Joelman) - Walter Sullivan - Lynched D3
  6. music_luvr95 - Heather/Cheryl Mason - Killed N2 by Walther
  7. Limey - Maria - Lynched D2
  8. Derrai - James Sunderland - Lynched D1
  9. Magic_luver - Travis Grady
  10. tpaxatb - Harry Mason - Killed N1 by Margaret
  11. Music 2.0 (underground dan) - Henry Townshend