Skulduggery Pleasant 2: Playing with Fire
Game information
Host Aaryan & Nana7
Link Skulduggery Pleasant 2: Playing with Fire
Size 15 Players (Medium)
Start Date 15.08.2011
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster 1) Bong

2) Yuli
3) EDM
4) Akriti
5) Tolecnal
6) Sakura-chan
7) Auramyna
8) Maurice
9) KlueMaster
10) Curr3nt
11) Darth nox
12) Thalia
13) Yodell
14) Shadow7
15) DarthMask

First to Die EDM
Last Remaining 4) Akriti

5) Tolecnal
7) Auramyna
8) Maurice
9) KlueMaster
10) Curr3nt
12) Thalia
13) Yodell
15) DarthMask

Awards -

Skulduggery Pleasant 2: Playing with Fire was a game designed and hosted by Aaryan and hosted by Aaryan & Nana7 based on Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire.

It began on August 15h, 2011 and ended in a Goodie win on D4 (August 25th).

Game Mechanics


  • OOA:

Redirect > RID Recruit > Save > [Baddie NK] > Goodie RID Kill > Baddie RID Kill > Indy RID Kill > Steal > Goodie Block > Baddie Block > Indy Block > Trap > Indy NK > Baddie Spy > Goodie Spy

  • People are notified if they are redirected, and spies will be told (if they target X) thay Y is Y's role.
  • On any day, tie = no lynch.
  • Springheeled Jack can only be Recruited by Baddies.
  • If anybody is redirected to themself, their action fails.
  • If anyone chooses to act on themself and make a loop, it means a mod-kill.

Role Descriptions

Baddies(BTSC +NK): WinCon=Majority

  • Baron Vengeous – Out to set free the Faceless ones, RID Kill.
  • Billy-Ray Sanguine – A crazy psychopath,his ability to move underground like a mole makes him able to follow the player of his choice undetected (follow spy on odd nights, role spy on even) </span
  • Dusk – A freelance vampire, he works for Vengeous. He can knock out the player of his choice (block) and has the ability of RID Recruiting Springheeled Jack (Block + RID Recruit is given, but only one will go through. If RID is correct, the Recruit goes through)

Goodies: WinCon=Eliminate Baddies

  • Skulduggery Pleasant – Has a grudge against the Baron, RID Kill every Night
  • Valrykie Cain – Still a novice sorceress, she cannot do much. Vanilla, but BTSC with Gordon. If Gordon dies, she gets his power. If she dies, the power is lost.
  • Gordon Edgley- An imprint of the real Gordon Edgely’s soul, he is only known to Valrykie. He has a silver tongue, and he can convince an Indy to join the BTSC and become a Goodie.
  • Tanith Low – An expert with the sword, she’s not a fan of killing. Block
  • China Sorrows – Enchantingly beautiful, she can get any character to tell her their role. Role Spy
  • Mr. Bliss – His superhuman strength allows him to trap the player of his choice. (Save+block target, target cannot vote or speak.)
  • Kenspeckle Grouse – A magical doctor, he can save the player of his choice.
  • Finbar Wrong - A Sensitive, he has the power to envision the future. He can also steal the power of one player (he chooses the role, not the player, and cannot choose the same role twice). For example, N1 he targets X and Y. He uses X's power on Y, etc. for every Night cycle. He fails if he targets Gordon, Valrykie,RID Killers, or Scapegrace (if already recruited and chose redirect).

Indies (separate WinCon, but if recruited their WinCon changes to that of their new faction)

  • Vaurien Scapegrace- WinCon: Last man standing out of Valrykie, Skulduggery, and him. - Calls himself the “Killer Supreme” but is really inept at murder. He has a grudge against Valrykie and Skulduggery for apprehending him. He is such a non-threat that it takes two lynches to kill him. If recruited, chooses between two-lynch or redirect.
  • Springheeled Jack – WinCon: Last man standing of him, Tanith Low and Sanguine - A mage with an obsession with killing, he is apprehended by Tanith Low and is tricked by Sanguine. Has a RID kill every night. If recruited he takes the cover of a random goodie when spied.
  • The Torment – WinCon: Last man standing out of him, Valrykie and Baron Vengeous. - He hates the Faceless ones and the Ancients, and so neither wants Vengeous to succeed or Valrykie to live. He has a block every night. Keeps his ability if recruited.
  • The Grotesquery- WinCon: Survival. - Massive and almost indestructable. He has a NK and cannot die in the day. Cannot be recruited.

Host's Summary

I was kinda hoping the Indies would play a bigger part...I made their wincons a little easy so as to worry goodies and baddies.

Game discussion time... I think a big flaw with the mechanics was the amount of info going into the NP, and most people could be cleared instantly, ie blocked but baddies acted.

Winning Faction


  • Akriti - Gordon Edgley
  • tolecnal - Tanith Low
  • maurice - Mr. Bliss
  • KlueMaster - Finbar Wrong
  • darth nox - Valrykie Cain
  • Thalia - China Sorrows
  • Yodell - Kenspeckle Grouse
  • DarthMask - Skulduggery Pleasant
  • Sakura-chan - The Torment - Recruited N3 by the Goodies

MVP: -

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Hosts: Aaryan & Nana7

  1. Bong - Baron Vengeous - Lynched D2
  2. Molly Mae - Dusk - Killed N4 by Skulduggery
  3. EDM - the Grotesquery - Killed N1 by Springheeled Jack
  4. Akriti - Gordon Edgley
  5. tolecnal - Tanith Low
  6. Sakura-chan - The Torment - Recruited N3 by the Goodies, Lynched D3
  7. Auramyna - Vaurien Scapegrace
  8. maurice - Mr. Bliss
  9. KlueMaster - Finbar Wrong
  10. curr3nt - Springheeled Jack - Killed N3 by Billy Ray Sanguine
  11. darth nox - Valrykie Cain - Killed N4 by Billy Ray Sanguine
  12. Thalia - China Sorrows
  13. Yodell - Kenspeckle Grouse
  14. Shadow7 - Billy Ray Sanguine - Lynched D4
  15. DarthMask - Skulduggery Pleasant


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