Skulduggery Pleasant Mafia
Book 1
Game information
Host Aaryan
Link Skulduggery Pleasant Mafia
Size 11 Players (Small)
Start Date 06.07.2011
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster 1. TheCube

2. Hidden G
3. Flamebirde
4. Shadow7
5. Thalia (KlueMaster)
6. Anon26
7. Auramyna
8. maurice
9. Molly Mae
10. curr3nt

First to Die Anon26
Last Remaining 3. Flamebirde

4. Shadow7
7. Auramyna
9. Molly Mae
10. curr3nt

Awards -

Skulduggery Pleasant Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Aaryan based on Skulduggery Pleasant: The Scepter of the Ancients.

It began on Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 and ended in a Goodie win in N3.

Game Mechanics

This was designed as a simple game with "standard" roles; not as simple as Trainer's Manuals but still as a game for newer players.


  • On any Day, a tie means no lynch.
  • Powerplay is allowed.
  • Order of Actions (OOA):

RID > Goodie Block > Baddie Block > Action Spy > NK > Role spy

  • Ghastly can save self twice in the whole game.
  • Saves show up in Night Post; even if unsuccessful.

NK cannot be blocked. It is a group ability. Serpine shows up in the night post, though.

Role Description

Goodies-Wincon: Eliminate Baddies

  • Skulduggery Pleasant- The “Skeleton Detective” is always on the lookout for his arch nemesis Nefairan Serpine. RID kill every night.
  • Stephanie Edgely/Valrykie Cain- Because of her reflection taking her place every day, she is unlychable.
  • Tanith Low- A master swordswoman, has the ability to fight off the character of her choice (block)
  • Ghastly Bespoke - His magical clothes allow whoever wears them to be protected from any attacks (save)
  • Mr Bliss - An incredibly tough man, has BTSC with China Sorrows and together they can follow someone to see what they're up to (follow spy)
  • China Sorrows - An enchantingly beautiful sorceress, she and Bliss (BTSC) have the resources to track someone (follow spy)
  • Eachan Meritorious - The Grand Mage of Ireland, his opinion is very important. Therefore, he can multiply his vote as much as he wants (x0,x1,x2,x3)
  • Morwenna Crow - The wisest of all the Elders, with her logic she can convince any player to change their vote (vote manip)

Baddies -(BTSC and NK) Wincon: Majority

  • Nefarian Serpine - The most evil being around, Serpine is out to get the Book of Names and control every sorcerer on the face of the Earth. NK carrier with his Scepter of the Ancients, he, being the leader, can make his vote count x0,x1,x2,x3.
  • The White Cleaver- The most powerful being, brought back to life by Serpine’s Necromancy, he can keep the character of his choice “busy” (block)
  • Sagacious Tome - The “rat” in the Sanctuary, Tome has the power to find out anything about any character he likes (role spy) and, being an Elder, takes the form of a random goodie when spied.

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations

The game is more an experiment for the (narcissistic) host. The idea is that I (Aaryan) will be able to stick my toe in the water to see if I could manage a Mafia alone. of course, my lab rat players should have fun with a semi-standard game.


Special commendations

I'm not sure there should be an MVP vote. This was orchestrated by multiple goodies.

Host disappointments

Alternate endings

Winning Faction


  • Flamebirde
  • Shadow7
  • Thalia (KlueMaster)
  • Anon26
  • Auramyna
  • Molly Mae
  • curr3nt
  • (Other)Medji

MVP: None

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Host: Aaryan

  1. TheCube - Sagacious Tome - Lynched D2
  2. Hidden G - Nefarian Serpine - RID Killed N3 by Skulduggery Pleasant
  3. Flamebirde - Tanith Low
  4. Shadow7 - Mr. Bliss
  5. Thalia (KlueMaster) - Morwenna Crow - Killed N2 by Serpine
  6. Anon26 - Valrykie Cain - Killed N1 by Serpine
  7. Auramyna - Skulduggery Pleasant
  8. maurice - the White Cleaver - Lynched D1
  9. Molly Mae - Eachan Meritorious
  10. curr3nt - Ghastly Bespoke
  11. (Other)Medji - China Sorrows