Slick's Kitchen Mafia 4
A Day In The Life Of Slick
Game information
Host Jay Gold
Link Slick's Kitchen Mafia 4 BTSC threads
Size 13 Players (Medium)
Start Date 2016-04-07
Winning Faction Baddies
Roster #, player
  1. Dr.Saab
  2. Okosan
  3. Nana7
  4. Hachi
  5. Prince marth85
  6. EDM
  7. yuiop
  8. IAWY
  9. Emberguard
  10. Dee
  11. Maurice
  12. Slick
  13. Framm
First to Die yuiop
Last Remaining Emberguard,Framm,EDM
MVP Emberguard
Awards -

Slick's Kitchen Mafia 4 was a game designed and hosted by Jay Gold.

It began on April 7th, 2016 and ended in a Baddie win in N5 (April 16th).

Game Mechanics

Classical 3 Baddies vs 9 Goodies vs 1 Indy with secret Indy abilities and wincon.


  • TIE LYNCH RULES: D1 = No lynch. D2 and Beyond = One in the tie will die.
    • FACTION: Indy > Baddie > Goodie
    • POWERS: Redirect > Block > Save > Kill
    • Successful Kills
    • Successful Saves
    • Successful Blocks
  • REDIRECTS: They will be informed of success/failure. If someone targets Player A and a redirect forces them to target Player B, and it's a role that gets info back, the player will be informed that they have been redirected.

Role Description

BADDIES: [BTSC. BADDIE NK IS A GROUP NK (NO CARRIER). WINCON: Gain tie or majority over Goodies + Indy]

  • Slick’s Boss (Baddie Block) – Makes sure that Slick reports to work, pressing all of those easy buttons.
  • Mushrooms (Baddie Self Vote Manip x0-x2) – Will see it to that Slick eats his vegetables, twice!
  • FedEx (Baddie Redirect) – Makes sure that the mail is delivered where it believes it should go, especially to Slick’s workplace so he has to press the easy button.

GOODIES: [WINCON: Eliminate all Baddies, before Indy achieves its wincon on its own]

  • Slick (Goodie Kill) – Killing it in the kitchen, always making delicious food. And pressing easy buttons.
  • Li (Goodie Innocent Young Lady) – NIECEY! At any point in the game, as long as she has at least one vote on her, she can PM the host and say “GO GOODIES!” It will be revealed publicly that this player is goodie.
  • Liquid N (Goodie Lazy Role Spy) – Does not come around all the time, learns role spy result 1 night later.
  • Liquid Ar (Goodie Lazy Save) – Could illuminate your life, but it also does not come around all the time, so it will save your life 1 night later. (can save self)
  • 12-Pack of Beer (Goodie Mortician) – Too much could kill someone, so it can visit someone once they are dead, learning what role the dead player is. (cannot be redirected, but can be blocked)
  • Easy Button (Goodie Pilot) – Is used to open up that gate, that is after the operator, Slick, allows a delivery through. It’s the Easy Button that gets it all started, so it can perform recon by tracking and watching the vehicle that has just been allowed through. (this role picks 1 player and will be able to see who this player acts on, along with seeing who acted on the player chosen)
  • Pork (Goodie King) – Pork really IS King in Slick’s life. Can make it so that no other votes count on a certain day phase, but can only use it x2, as Slick cannot always have Pork!
  • The Slick Show (Goodie Block) – Always catches someone’s attention when it’s on in the shoutbox.
  • Arizona Cardinals (Goodie Faith Healer) – I guess they can’t always be relied upon to pull out the big win. That said, there is only a 50% chance that they will be able to save someone on any given night.

INDY: [WINCON: Secret]

  • Jay (Secret Role)

Host's Summary

  • Li is so totally dead during D1, if she posts.
  • Goodies could have won with Indy, but only if the 3rd Indy voodoo hex victim had been the final baddie alive.
  • I kinda thought the day phase that everyone was gung-ho about lynching Slick was really where the tide turned in favor of the baddies. Dee should have been the one lynched there. The goodies could have just lynched Slick in the next day phase, or had IAWY go to kill him.
  • You could have lied about your wincon though and gotten in the graces of the goodies, and hexing Dee.
  • MVP: Ember did have some scummy-looking posts early on, but apparently not scummy enough to warrant lynching until late in the game. She also did supply a decent amount of input in the baddie BTSC for her first game here.

Winning Faction


  • Emberguard - Slick's Boss
  • Dee - FedEx
  • Framm - Mushrooms

MVP: Emberguard

Day and Night Posts

N1 D1 N2 Mid-D2 D2 N3 D3 N4 D4 N5

End of Game Roster

Host: Jay Gold

  1. Dr.Saab - The Slick Show - Killed N2 by Baddies
  2. Okosan - Liquid Ar - Killed N5 by Baddies
  3. Nana7 - Li - Killed N3 by Baddies
  4. Hachi - Pork - Killed N2 by Slick
  5. Prince marth85 - Liquid N - Lynched D4
  6. EDM - Easy Button
  7. yuiop - 12-Pack of Beer - Killed N1 by Baddies
  8. IAWY - Slick - Killed N4 by Baddies
  9. Emberguard - Slick's Boss
  10. Dee - FedEx - Lynched D3
  11. Maurice - Arizona Cardinals - Killed D2 by Jay
  12. Slick - Jay - Lynched D2
  13. Framm - Mushrooms