Smiley Mafia
Game information
Host EDM
Link Smiley Mafia
Size 16 Players (Large)
Start Date 21.08.2011
Winning Faction Baddies & Indy
Roster 1. darth nox

2. Aaryan
3. curr3nt
4. Akriti
5. Vineetrika (KlueMaster)
6. Limey
7. Auramyna
8. tolecnal
9. Shadow7
10. Fox
11. Marquessa
12. Slick
13. Nana7
14. DarthMask
15. RainThinker (Segul)
16. GMaster479

First to Die Auramyna
Last Remaining 13. Nana7

16. GMaster479

MVP Nana7
Awards -

Smiley Mafia was a game designed and hosted by EDM based on the smiley icons used on the MafiaManiac forum.

It began on August 21st, 2011 and ended in a Baddie and Indy win on N6 (September 3rd, 2011).

Game Mechanics


  • No roles will be given in day and night posts.
  • The order of actions is:
    • Indy<Baddie<Goodie
    • Kill < Divert < Trap < Block < Save
  • RID guesses are affected only by redirects.
  • Spy can be redirected. In that case, the spy will be informed, and action will be 'blocked'.
  • Self traps are allowed.
  • Spy unaffected by kill.
  • Only kills, saves and traps will be posted
  • Trapped player can be voted off.
  • In case of a tie, no one gets lynched.

Role Description

WINCON: Kill all baddies and indies.

  • Smile Smile: Goodie leader, Redirects a vote.
  • Wink Wink: Tricky little fellow; faction spy ability.
  • Stop Stop: A cautious fellow....too cautious. Block ability (Cannot target the same person more than twice)
  • TMI Ph34r: The ninja smiley. Night Kill.
  • Wacko Wacko: A crazy fellow; Redirect Ability through confusion.
  • IDK Shrug: Random Ability given by dice roll. (Host gives the number, Player chooses target)Roll of Dice action: 1. Trap [night] 2. Spy to find role 3. Redirect 4. Block 5. Save 6. Any of the above
  • Angel Angel: Save ability (once per player)
  • Peace Peace: Vote manipulation (x0, x1, x2) (Usable for cumulative vote)
  • Thinker Hmm: RID guess: If correct, takes identity and role for the night. The real person's actions are thwarted/replaced by thinker's action. (thinker has to give target name with guess)
  • Hypno Hypno: Trap ability (victim trapped for night only), but never the same person twice....[block+save]

Badddies: Have group kill & BTSC
Wincon: Kill all goodies

  • The Don Thedon: If you're outta here, you're blocked, baby!!! (block)
  • Devil Devil: Tempts smilies to choose someone else. (redirect)
  • Evil Grin XD: Has night-spy ability and can change person's vote by x2 or x0 during the day.
  • Guns 2guns: Shoots and wounds a smiley (trap) for the night and day (victim cannot vote.)[block+save]

Indies: Wincon -> Survive till the end (allowing tie wins with baddie....) {have BTSC} If one indy dies, the other assumes both roles and identities [Powerplay ability](e.g. if 2face dies, no one will know if 2face is dead; backstab has authority of 2face also....and vice-versa).....

  • 2face 2face: trapper during night and vote manipulation during day; can make anyone's vote count as +0 or +2.
  • Backstab Backstab: night kill.

Host's Summary

Just needed to add this:

  • Congrats Nana, you're the MVP!!! You deserve it!!!
  • Very Happy with Nana, cur3, GM, DM, Se, Shad, guys played well....
  • Not very happy with Limey, Fox....coz you guys didn't act....
  • As for the rest, if you had been given a better chance, you would have easily won for your team....

Overall, I was very pleased with the whole thing (I had made a recording, expressing my views, but it's 6MB, so no chance getting it on here.....)

If you all feel that it was decent enough to have a Smiley Mafia part 2, please do let me know, coz I wanna have a part2....


Winning Faction


  • GMaster479 - Guns
  • Vineetrika (KlueMaster) - Evil Grin
  • Auramyna - Devil
  • Slick - The Don


  • Nana7 - Backstab
  • curr3nt - 2Face

MVP: Nana7

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Host: EDM

  1. darth nox - Angel - Killed N3 by Guns
  2. Aaryan - Smile - Lynched D1
  3. curr3nt - 2Face - Lynched D3
  4. Akriti - Wink - Killed N2 by Backstab
  5. Vineetrika (KlueMaster) - Evil Grin - Killed N5 by Backstab
  6. Limey - Thinker - Lynched D5
  7. Auramyna - Devil - Killed N1 by Backstab
  8. tolecnal - Wacko - Lynched D2
  9. Shadow7 - IDK - Lynched D4
  10. Fox - TMI - Killed N2 by The Don
  11. Marquessa - Peace - Killed N4 by Guns
  12. Akaslickster - The Don - Killed N4 by Backstab
  13. Nana7 - Backstab
  14. DarthMask - Hypno - Killed N3 by Backstab
  15. RainThinker (Segul) - Stop - Killed N6 by Backstab
  16. GMaster479 - Guns


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