Smiley Mafia II
Smiley mafia 2
The Jester's Revenge
Game information
Host EDM & Akriti
Link Game thread: Smiley Mafia II BTSC threads
Size 16 Players (Large)
Start Date July 30, 2012
Winning Faction -
Roster 1. GMaster479

2. _Aura
3. MikeD
4. Slick
5. Inawordyes
6. plasmid
7. Andrew
8. Brainiac100
9. Marq
10. Aaryan
11. Brandonb
12. mew
13. benjer3
14. SirBlayzalot
15. Vineetrika
16. Viper

First to Die Vineetrika
Last Remaining -
Awards -

Smiley Mafia II was a game designed by EDM and hosted by her and Akriti based on EDM's conquest to reestablish herself as the Smiley Queen.

It began on July 30, 2012 and was abruptly stopped by the Host. :/

Game Mechanics Edit


  • All WinCons = Be the last faction standing
  • Roll of Dice action:
    1. Trap [night]
    2. Spy to find role
    3. Redirect
    4. Block
    5. Save
    6. Any of the above
  • One role will have the extra ability to be unlynchable...but identity will not be known...
  • RID guess is unaffected only by redirects....
  • Spy can be redirected. In that case, the spy will not be informed, but it'll show up in the posts...
  • Acting on self is not allowed...except to kill or save yourself, if you want...
  • Spy unaffected by kill....unless the spy dies...
  • I'll be posting only kills, saves and traps......
  • Trapped player can be voted off.....
  • In case of a tie, no one gets lynched.
  • no roles will be revealed, got it? outing selves not allowed unless there are (< or =) 8 players in the game...
  • In the event of death, all ghosts MUST report to the Ghost BTSC...Ghosts will have the right to decide the way in which a colour will die/get lynched, & will also be allowed to write the post if they so wish...stuff in your ideas, no problem...
  • Duration of Night=Day= 24 hours. In case of me being late in posting, extra time will be given accordingly...
  • If you sign up for the game & are going to be inactive, please tell me in advance; I would prefer full cooperation in this game...
  • IMPORTANT: This is a game; People will be civilized backstabbers in this game; I will NOT tolerate irrational RL behaviour towards each other...personal problems & vengeance is not an excuse to act like a jerk in the game...however, if you are dead, feel free to use the Ghost BTSC to rant out your anger at anyone (including me) in the duration of this game...Act as crazy as you want, but don't act on your grudges here...unless i say so...
  • Finally, ENJOY IT!!!

Role DescriptionEdit


  • Egyptian - RID guess - if guess is right, has the ability to change target, if she so wishes...
  • Golfing - redirect vote
  • Cool - block
  • Manfred - vote manip (increase a person's vote by 1, or 2 , but cannot make it 0)
  • Shnox - redirect
  • Secret - role spy (can send a message to ONE role of the goodie faction only ONCE in the entire game, via the host...RID or FID is not necessary)
  • Cheers - trap (only night)
  • Sigh - roll of dice
  • Sporty012 - kill
  • Horsie - save (not same person twice in a row)


  • Biggrin - block
  • Pirate - redirect
  • Security - RID guess
  • Hammer - trap (night & day)


  • Bunny - trap night, vote manip in day (changes person's vote to x0 or x2)
  • Chuck - kill or spy, but not same action twice in a row...

Winning Faction Edit

The game was stopped by the Host.

Day and Night Posts Edit

Game Start

Night 1: Not Cool Enough...

Day 1: The inferno's no more...

Night 2: The Jester breathes her Last!!!

Day 2: The Fall of The Smiley Snake...

Night 3

Day 3: At Loggerheads...?

Night 4: The Karate Kid's Last Stand...

Day 4: The End...

End of Game Roster Edit

Smiley Host: Li

  1. GMaster479 - Biggrin - Killed N2 by Chuck
  2. Aura - Hammer
  3. MikeD - Bunny
  4. Slick - Pirate
  5. Inawordes - Security - Killed N3 by Sporty012
  6. plasmid - Shnox
  7. Andrew - Chuck
  8. Brainiac100 - Sporty012 - Killed N4 by Chuck
  9. Marq - Manfred
  10. Aaryan - Egyptian
  11. Brandonb - Horsie
  12. mew - Secret
  13. benjer3 - Cheers
  14. SirBlayzaLot - Golfing - Lynched D1
  15. Vineetrika - Cool - Killed N1 by Biggrin
  16. Viper - Sigh - Lynched D2

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