Soul of the Fire Mafia
Wizards Fifth Rule: Mind what people do, not only what they say, for deeds will betray a lie.
Game information
Host DarthMask & Araver
Link Game thread: Soul of the Fire Mafia BTSC threads
Size 13 Players (Medium)
Start Date March 17th, 2011
Winning Faction Indy & Baddies
Roster 1) Marquessa

2) Glycereine
3) Framm18
4) Slick
5) Yourheroro
6) Hirkala
7) Smith
8) Blablah99
9) Solman
10) Shadow7
11) maurice
12) EDM
13) Vineetrika

First to Die Vineetrika
Last Remaining 3) Framm18

5) Yourheroro
8) Blablah99
11) maurice

MVP Hirkala
Awards -

Soul of the Fire Mafia was a game designed by DarthMask and hosted by DarthMask (and co-hosted by Araver) based on Soul of the Fire, the fifth Book in the Sword of Truth series.

It began on March 17th, 2011 and ended in a tie Indy & Baddie win in N4 (March 24th, 2011).

Game Mechanics

Soul of the Fire Mafia ran as a standard Mafia game with 8 Goodies (2 had BTSC but no actions and another 2 could gain BTSC during the game), 4 Baddies and 1 Indy. It contained Vanilla roles, making this a transitional Mafia towards more complicated games.


  • Order of Actions: RID Kill >> RID guess >> save > NK > block > trap > goodie kill > redirect > spy >> (night) vote manip.
  • Additional OOA: NK >> trap >> (day) vote manip.
  • Tie lynches will be handled as follows: D1 = no lynch, any other time = random lynch
  • The nightkill must be delegated to a specific baddie role (choice of the baddies).
  • (during the game): Unlynchable players cannot call "no contest".

Role Description

D'Haran Empire (Goodies) (WinCon: Destroy the Imperial Order)

  • Richard Rahl - Seeker of Truth. He protects the people of the D'Haran empire from the Dreamwalker with his magic. (Saves 1 per night. Cannot save same person twice in a row unless fewer than 5 players remain and cannot save himself.)
  • Kahlan Amnell - Mother Confessor. Can "touch" a person with her power to find the truth of that person's loyalties. (Spy target player each night. Learns player's role)
  • Cara - Bodyguard of the Lord Rahl. Richard Rahl cannot die (at night) while she is alive (except for Indy RID kill). She can also trap a player on even nights.
  • Verna Sauventreen - Prelate of the Sisters of the Light. She holds the loyalties of all of the Sisters. (Her vote can be worth 1x or 2x)
  • Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander - First Wizard of the Midlands. Richard's Grandfather. He gets one RID guess each night for Richard. If he succeeds they gain BTSC. Once they have BTSC Zeddicus can redirect once per night.
  • General Reibisch - Highest ranking D'Haran general. He can kill once every night, but since he has no magic of his own nobody learns the identity of the victim.
  • Captain Meiffert - Commander of the D'Haran forces in Anderith. Has good communication with his men making him one of the best officers in the army.(BTSC with D'Haran Soldier)
  • D'Haran Soldier - Soldier in the single best-trained army in the New World. Sworn to the family of Rahl. (BTSC with Captain Meiffert)

The Imperial Order (Baddies) (BTSC, nightkill, WinCon: Be in the Majority)

  • Emperor Jagang - Emperor of the Imperial Order. Due to the fact that he is a dreamwalker he can influence the minds of those who wish him harm. He is unable to be lynched unless he is the only Imperial Order player left.
  • Stien - Representative of the Imperial Order sent to Anderith. He is also known as a brutal torturer and womanizer. He can block one player from using his/her role each night.
  • Bertrand Chanboor - Minister of Culture. He is able to swing the vote of the Anderith people in his favor. His vote can count as 0x, 1x, or 2x, but he must decide what value his vote will have during the previous night.
  • Hildemara Chanboor - Bertrand's Wife. She pulls the strings in Anderith from behind the scenes. (Redirect each night)

Indy (WinCon: correctly RID kill Richard Rahl. alternate WinCon: stay alive until the end of game if Richard is killed/lynched)

  • The Chimes of Death - Reechani, Sentrosi, and Vasi. They must have Richard's soul to stay in the world of life. They may make an RID kill attempt each night for Richard Rahl only. If they target the Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander as Richard Rahl they immediately die. If the Indy wincon is met both the Chimes and Richard are removed from the game.

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations

This was DarthMask's first hosting experience where Araver provided background co-hosting. A host BTSC was used for communication (using an unocuppied BTSC slot). Google spreadsheet was used for sharing actions and Google Docs for writing day/nightposts and REAL TIME chat while writing the posts. Real Time Host chat was fun! First off, created another very experienced team of Baddies, and distributed newbies in key Goodie and Indy positions. However, as the game progressed, the balance moved from Baddies to Goodies then back to the Baddies.


  • Night 1 - Baddies luckily kill Vineetrika, the goodie kill role. Baddie redirect fails on a vanilla goodie, but they block EDM. The goodie save role decides not to act (??), the goodie with the RID guess (Zed) is inactive, the Indy submits a wrong RID guess. Hirkala spies one of the baddies (the block role). Things are looking grim for the goodies, who are not using all their abilities.
  • Day 1 - Few information is shared and the day appears to end in a tie, with the Indy voting for himself. Hirkala outs himself as the Goodie spy and pushes for Glycereine to be lynched. Maurice and BlaBlah flash-bandwagons on Glyc, in an attempt to avoid suspicion. Glyc is lynched, one baddie down. Things were looking good for the goodies, which could push for new lynches, with 1 BTSC in progress and 1 more BTSC to be gained. Hirk asks for a save, ensuring that the baddies won't target him the next night.
  • Night 2 - Solman traps BlaBlah (unaware that this will prevent voting on BlaBlah in D2, but ensuring a D2 without baddie vote manipulators). Shadow saves Hirk (unaware of the WIFOM in Hirk's post), but the Baddies kill Smith instead, redirecting the goodie spy to their kill target. Zed and the Indy submit incorrect RID guesses.
  • Day 2 - During the day, Shadow accidentally outs herself (trying to hint) making all the experienced players aware of who she is. She also outs the fact that she saved Hirk the night before, sealing his fate. Maurice is forced by Hirk claim a role after a 3 vote pressure. Marq lies about having an action and gets voted by both baddies and newbie goodies. Hirk gets a good read on Marq being a vanilla goodie, but he is not listened to by the other goodies. The goodie vote manipulator does not interfere, effectively letting the baddies to lead the lynch and get Marq.
  • Night 3 - Much to the baddies disappointment, the Indy does not RID Kill Shadow as Richard (which would have helped them to their goal). Much to the goodies disappoint, Zed (Slick) also does not RID guess Shadow as Richard. Baddies kill Hirkala, who cannot be saved and the redirect Shadow's save to one of them. From this point forward, the game is almost lost for the goodies.
  • Day 3 - Baddies plan and execute a bandwagon on Framm, who outs himself as a baddie and asks the Indy to vote with them. Solman tries to convince the other goodies that Framm is not lynchable (hence the outing) and tries to move them to vote BlaBlah. Goodies don't return to change their votes / ignore his plan. The Indy votes along with the baddies, but the other 2 baddies don't follow suit (which would have ultimately led to a tie lynch). Predictably, Framm is voted to be lynched and escapes the lynch.
  • Night 4 - The Indy manages to RID Kill the correct person (after the baddies re-outed Shadow in D3). Solman does not target the redirector (maurice), exposing himself to redirects. The baddies redirect Solman to self and kill EDM getting rid of both the goodie trap and goodie vote manipulator. Game over.

Special commendations

  • For maurice - for a very good game - excellent blending in the game thread and very good strategies (along with Framm18) behind the scenes.
  • For Solman - for a very good first game on MafiaManiac.
  • For Hirkala - MVP - even if he was on the losing side, his choices (including spies and in-game posts) gave his faction a fighting chance - balancing both his side losing the kill role N1 and's selection of veteran baddies. His good reads on people and moves have put his side near a winning position after D1's lynch. He could have survived for longer and lynched more baddies if the goodies would have trusted his reads (in D2) and his save posts (N2/N3) or have pursued his suspect list in D3.

Host disappointments

  • Semi-inactivity: During Day 3, after Hirkala died and a bandwagon on Framm was started, Solman tried to move the goodies from the unlynchable Baddie to a lynchable Baddie. However, most goodies never returned or read that, content with their vote in early Day. This crippled the Goodie faction beyond repair.
  • Several Goodies never sent questions about their role and had incorrect assumptions or limited knowledge of what they could do with their ability.

Alternate endings

  • Alternate ending 1: Goodie win - Had goodies listened to Hirk in D2 and not lynch Marq (both Slick and EDM could have prevented that lynch. Also solman and Shadow7 who voted for Marq). Lynching maurice would have left the baddies without a redirect - 6 goodies & 2 baddies & 1 Indy were favorable odds for the goodies.
  • Alternate ending 2: Goodie probable win - Had Shadow not outed herself, Hirk would have probably been alive after N3. He managed to identify the baddies prior to his death, and he would have led the lynch in D3. Even with Shadow outing herself, Zed (Slick) could have RID guessed her and gained both BTSC and a redirect for the goodies.
  • Alternate ending 3: Goodie slim chance to win - Had Solman been listened to in D3, the goodies could have lynched BlaBlah (the baddie vote manipulator). Had Solman trapped the redirector (maurice) he would have given the goodies, number-wise, enough power so that they could have tied & won the next lynch in D4 and had an extra redirect in N5.
By Araver (co-host)

Winning Faction

Indy & Baddie

  • yourheroro - The Chimes of Death
  • Glycereine - Stien
  • Framm18 - Emperor Jagang
  • BlaBlah99 - Bertrand Chanboor
  • maurice - Hildemara Chanboor

MVP: Hirkala - Kahlan Amnell (see Host summary)

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Hosts: DarthMask & Araver

  1. Marquessa - Captain Meiffert - Lynched D2
  2. Glycereine - Stien - Lynched D1
  3. Framm18 - Emperor Jagang
  4. Slick - Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander - Killed end of game
  5. yourheroro - The Chimes of Death
  6. Hirkala - Kahlan Amnell - Killed N3 by Baddies - MVP
  7. Smith - D'Haran Soldier - Killed N2 by Baddies
  8. Blablah99 - Bertrand Chanboor
  9. Solman - Cara - Killed end of game
  10. Shadow7 - Richard Rahl - RID Killed N4 by The Chimes
  11. maurice - Hildemara Chanboor
  12. EDM - Verna Sauventreen - Killed N4 by Baddies
  13. Vineetrika - General Reibisch - Killed N1 by Baddies


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