Star Trek Mafia
Game information
Host Araver
Link Star Trek Mafia
Size 14 Players (Medium)
Start Date 08.01.2011
Winning Faction Romulans
Roster 1) Slick

2) Hirkala
3) Segul
4) firno
5) golfjunkie
6) Framm18
7) Vineetrika
8) Darth Legion
9) BlaBlah99
10) Glycereine (Dark_magician_82)
11) benjer3
12) crazypainter
13) maurice
14) Social Darwin

First to Die Crazypainter &


Last Remaining 1) Slick

5) golfjunkie
6) Framm18
7) Vineetrika
8) Darth Legion
9) BlaBlah99
14) Social Darwin

MVP BlaBlah99
Awards -

Star Trek Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Araver based on Star Trek TNG and Star Trek DS9 TV series. Link: Game Thread.

It began on January 8th, 2011 and ended in an Romulan (Indy) win in N4 (January 16th, 2011).

Game Mechanics

This was a classical Mafia with 8 Goodies vs 4 Baddies, with a true Indy and an Indy who could choose sides.


  • Day Rules: Tie lynch on day 1 means no lynch. Any other day it means random lynch among the tie.
  • Night Rules:
    • Order of actions: Trap > RID Kill > Save > Redirect > Kill > Block > Oracle> Steal action > Spy/Follow.
    • Trap = Block + Save and stops a RID Kill
    • All succesful actions are shown in the night-post, including spies and redirects (only the person that was redirected is shown).
  • Other rules
    • about vote-manipulators: Picard can make a vote (any vote) count x0, x1, x2, Dukat can make a vote (any vote) count x0, Sela can make her vote x1 or x2. Vote-manipulators are multiplicative and can interact - e.g. Picard makes A's vote x2 and Dukat makes it x0 then it's x0. Picard makes Sela vote x2 and Sela makes her vote x2 then Sela's vote is actually x4.
    • Odo appears as a random Starfleet if spied by either LaForge or Weyoun.
    • Odo only joins Dominion BTSC if he chooses to side with Dominion in N1 and he is spied by Weyoun in any night (including night 1).
    • Female Changeling changeling ability is steal&gather ability. So each night she can choose to either to A) steal X's ability OR B) use a previously stolen ability. Regardless of the choice, she still appears as a random Starfleet if spied by LaForge (or Weyoun but that makes less sense).
    • Picard's invulnerability at night is for Dominion night-kill, Thomas' kill, Ometiklan kill. He is still vulnerable to RID Kill.
    • Picard's invulnerability at night cannot be stolen (but First Ometiklan's shroud ability can be)

Role Description

United Federation of Planets / Starfleet
WinCon: Wins if all Dominion forces are dead (including Odo if he chooses to side with them).

  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Human) - Action: Cannot be killed at night. His word carries weight (x0, x1, x2) depending on where he chooses to put that weight. Has BTSC with William Riker.
  • Captain William T. Riker (Human) - Action: Plays the role of fate - can redirect one person at night. Has BTSC with Picard.
  • Captain Ben Sisko (Human) - Action: Can block a person each night. If Worf dies, his block ability is replaced by a trap ability.
  • Lt. Commander Worf (Klingon) - Action: Trap a player for the night. He has a 50% chance of finding out his role.
  • Lt. Commander Data (AI) - Action: His logical reasoning serves him best, yet sometimes he needs a human’s gut-feeling to make him reach his target. (Oracle - He can ask the host two yes or no questions each night.)
  • Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge (Human) - Action: Using his VISOR he can see people’s true colors, but only if he focuses on one area. (Spy one target per night)
  • Lt. Thomas Riker (Human) - Action: Can’t help himself to take out people standing in his way (Kill)
  • Lt. Julian Bashir (Human) – Action: He’s eager to use his skill to save someone even if they just met. (Save)

The Dominion – Have BTSC.
WinCon: Win by majority and only if both Picard and Sisko are dead.

  • Female Changeling (Founder) - Action: Follows one person each night and assumes his abilities. Does not forget any stolen ability, but can only use one per night and only if she forfeits using her Changeling (steal) ability that night. If spied upon, she assumes the form of a random Starfleet player (Steal and gather abilities).
  • Weyoun (Vorta) - Action: Can follow one person each night and learn his role. If he spies Odo, his identity is revealed to Odo only. If Odo already chose to side with the Dominion, he joins the BTSC. (Spy)
  • First Omet'iklan (Jem’Hadar) - Action: Each night can choose to either draw his weapon and engage in combat with the enemy (Block) or "shroud" themselves, a form of camouflage that acts as a personal cloaking field (Invulnerable to kill). If the Vor’ta is dead, his ketracel white reserves will be depleted and his block is replaced by a Kill. If the Founder is targeted for a successful kill / RID Kill then Omet'iklan will die and take the attacker with him (but the Founder will remain alive)
  • Gul Dukat (Cardassian) - Action: Can follow a target each night and tell which person they visited. He can “sweet-talk” someone during the day to forget his vote (Make one vote count x0)

Romulan Star Empire
WinCon: Successfully RID Kill 2 out of 3 secret targets selected by host before the game starts. If two of her targets are killed by others or is lynched, no new targets are added but ability and WinCon is changed: she can kill instead of RID Kill and can only win if she’s the last one standing.

  • Commander Sela (Romulan) - Action: Can RID Kill at night. Her RID Kill takes precedence over both Starfleet and Dominion kill. Is able to make her vote count x2 during the day (only if she chooses to via PM).

WinCon: Win with the faction of his choice.

  • Odo (Changeling) - Action: He must decide to join a faction (Starfleet or the Dominion) in N1. If he does not choose, the host will choose for him. He does not have a night action but as a Changeling has the ability to appear as a random Starfleet when spied.

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations

  • I was very anxious to host my first designed Mafia. I put a lot of effort initially into creating a story to support the actions and the role description, but once I got up and running, writing day and night posts became much easier than I expected. It was very fun for me.
  • Game Mechanics were mostly ripped off other Mafias I read before (Scrubs Mafia was a big influence), I added things to both sides to patch up balance regardless of Odo's choice, with partial success.


  • Night 1: Indy had 3 secret targets, 2 of them had to be RIDed. 2 goodies + 1 baddie. Baddie target(CP) dies N1 RID Killed by said Indy after no post in the thread. PURE LUCK. But no one else knows the role, which allows the Indy to exploit his lucky RID Kill. Goodies lose their spy in N1, making info harder to get.
  • Day 1: The game is further imbalanced by the switch Indy (Firno) choosing the goodies. He gets lynched soon, lessening the impact of his choice.
  • Night 2 Baddies kill 2 goodies, including the goodie kill.
  • Day 2Game is further imbalanced by another baddie (Hirkala) being lynched, without clear evidence against him. (But votes were bandwagoned on 2 baddies that day). The Indy voted for Hirk.
  • Night 3 Baddies kill one of the remaining Indy targets. The Indy does not know it yet, but he changes focus from the goodie blocker to the goodie saver, despite the fact that no saves were ever mentioned since none was successful.
  • Day 3 Another baddie is lynched, only 1 remaining, making the end of the game imminent. By that time, the Indy managed to get as much info from the thread as goodies had + he knew the identity of his first victim.
  • Night 4:
    • the Indy goes for his final target successfully and Wins, despite being under close scrutiny for being the Indy along with another person, chased by the goodie "investigator" (Social Darwin).
    • the goodie Oracle finds out the Indy's identity - too late
    • the baddie tries to kill the goodie trapper (Social Darwin) and tries to spy the Indy.
    • the goodie redirect (Darth Legion+Framm) redirects the baddie NK to self - which would have ended the game with goodies winning

Special commendations

  • The goodie with most qualifications for an MVP for his game was Social Darwin - active, coagulating his team-mates efforts. He does his best to gain info, distribute info, analyze and pressure persons to hear reasons behind votes, etc. In night 4, he chooses to trap the last remaining obvious Baddie instead of trying to stop one of the Indy suspects with a RID Kill. The only move that could have lost the game. Left untrapped, the baddie would have been redirected to kill himself (unknown to Social Darwin). His simple mistake of not going for the Indy suspect (since an outed baddie with no defense can be safely lynched the next day) cost him the game and the MVP award.
  • While there are a lot of moves from others that shaped the outcome of that Mafia and despite the fact that many felt the end should have been different, I felt that beyond no doubt the fact that the Indy blended in for the first 3 days without causing much suspicion coupled with the way he used all the goodie info to his advantage deserved an MVP. The Indy sensed the baddies are gonna lose and started planting more red-herring so that the hunt for the last baddie does not find him and he can place a few other RID Kill attempts. He still remained frameable and evaded the baddie NK by laying low.

Host disappointments

  • First, I was very disappointed that CrazyPainter (a trekkie), was RID Killed in N1. I had invited her to play, getting her back from a long leave of absence from Mafia only to be RID Killed so early in the game.
  • Second, making the NK able to be redirected / blocked, etc, really was a disadvantage for the baddies in the end-game. Pre-game, I thought the extra killing abilities for Baddies would suffice, but this was not very clear to me.
  • Thirdly, the shifting balance in this Mafia, while it may have been a fun factor for players, was completely out of the hands of the host. After this game, my shift focused on designing 4-Faction Mafia, where an initial balance can be found more easily and in-game balancing mechanisms can be devised.

Alternate endings

  • Alternate universe no 1: In Night 4, had Social Darwin chosen to trap BlaBlah, Slick would have been redirected by Darth Legion to himself and Goodies would have won.
  • Alternate universe no 2: In Night 4, had Social Darwin chosen to trap anyone else or not trap anyone, Slick would have been redirected by Darth Legion to himself and both Indies and Goodies would have won.

There was a lot of popcorn in the Ghost thread about the outcome of this night!

Winning Faction


  • Blablah99 - Commander Sela

MVP: BlaBlah99

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

  1. Slick - Weyoun - Survived
  2. Hirkala - Female Changeling - Lynched D2
  3. Segul - Lt. Thomas Riker - Killed N2 by Baddies
  4. firno - Odo - Chose Goodies - Lynched D1
  5. golfjunkie - Captain Ben Sisko - Killed N2 by Baddies
  6. Framm - Captain Jean-Luc Picard - Survived
  7. Vineetrika - Lt. Commander Data - Survived
  8. DarthLegion - Captain William T. Riker - Survived
  9. Blablah - Commander Sela - Survived - WON - MVP
  10. Glycereine - Lt. Julian Bashir - Killed N4 by Romulans
  11. benjer3 - First Omet'iklan - Lynched D3
  12. Crazypainter - Gul Dukat - Killed N1 by Romulans
  13. maurice - Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge - Killed N1 by Baddies
  14. Social Darwin - Lt. Commander Worf - Survived