Star Trek Mafia II
Q's Deathmatch
Game information
Host Araver
Link Game thread: Star Trek Mafia II: Q's Deathmatch BTSC threads
Size 12 Players (Small)
Start Date February 6th, 2011
Winning Faction Cardassians
Roster 1) Vineetrika

2) Fox
3) Glycereine
4) Phaze (Segul)
5) sparrowhawk
6) Hirkala
7) Maurice
8) Marquessa
9) Izzy
10) onetruth
11) Framm18
12) Not24_65_34_83_361

First to Die Marquessa
Last Remaining 5) SparrowHawk

11) Framm18

MVP SparrowHawk
Awards Nominated for Best Mafia Game 2011

Star Trek Mafia II was a game developed and hosted by Araver based on the Science Fiction Series Star Trek. It contained characters from both Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) and Star Trek Deep Space Nine, thrown together by the mysterious Q to play a Deathmatch against each other.

It began on February 6th, 2011 and ended in a Cardassian win in D5 (February 19th, 2011).

Game Mechanics

Star Trek II

4 Factions: (top row) Federation, Klingon Empire, (bottom row) Romulan Star Empire, Cardassian Union

Star Trek Mafia II ran as a standard 4 balanced Factions 12-player Mafia game. The 4 factions: Federation, Klingon, Romulan and Cardassian started with no BTSC, but were able to gain BTSC by targeting the same person during the night (meet).

Day Rules: Tie lynch on day 1 means no lynch. Any other day it means random lynch among the tie. Order of actions (also chronological order actions are executed): RID Save > Trap > RID Kill > Block > First Contact > Spy. Night-post revealing: All succesful actions are shown in the night-post, including spies. Targets for successful spies and unsuccessful RID Kills and RID Saves are not shown. Only the proportion between RID Saves/Kills and the number of people invulnerable to lynch is shown.

Special RID Rules

  • Each faction has a Leader who can choose between a RID Kill or a RID Save each night
  • Two pairs: (Federation and Klingons), (Romulans and Cardassians) can not target each other with RID Kills, but can RID Save each other.
  • 2 correct RID Kills on the same target the same night would nullify each other
  • Traps and RID Saves (limited to once) can save from RID Kills
  • Special WinCon condition: be in majority, but all the members of the opposing pair (the ones that cannot be RID Killed) should be dead.

Save from Lynch Rules

  • At night, everybody secretly (via PM) chooses a role from their own faction to be saved from lynch.
  • A majority of at least 2 votes from that faction must be reached for the role to be saved from lynch.
  • If that role is voted for the lynch the next day, it is saved from the lynch but role is revealed.
  • If no role gets at least 2 votes, no one is invulnerable from lynch (however this is only known by host).
  • One is not allowed to choose the same role twice in a row.

Role Description

United Federation of Planets / Starfleet
WinCon: Wins if it’s the last faction standing. Can win by majority only if all Klingons are dead.

  • Captain Picard Action: Choose two persons to contact each night. One of them is randomly selected by host and is pinged (informed he was discovered by Picard). If he initiates first contact with one of the other 3 factions, he has the opportunity (choice) to send a single message to that faction during the next day. Message will be sent to host who will relay it anonymously to all members of that faction via PM the day after the contact. He can send at most 3 messages during the game.
  • Captain Ben Sisko Action: Trap a player for the night. He will find out the player’s faction but not his role.
  • Lt. Thomas Riker Action: Each night can choose between a RID Kill that works only against Cardassians and Romulans or a RID Save that works only for Federation or Klingon.

Klingon Empire
WinCon: Wins if it’s the last faction standing. Can win by majority only if all Federation players are dead.

  • Chancellor Gowron Action: He can spy a person each night learning his faction and who he visited (but not the role).
  • General Martok Action: He can block a person each night.
  • Worf: Action: Each night can choose between a RID Kill that works only against Cardassians and Romulans or a RID Save that works only for Federation or Klingon.

Romulan Star Empire
WinCon: Wins if it’s the last faction standing. Can win by majority only if all Cardassians are dead.

  • Praetor Neral Action: Each night can choose between a RID Kill that works only against Federation and Klingons or a RID Save that works only for Romulans and Cardassians.
  • Senator Pardek Action: Is able to follow a person each night and learn who they visited.
  • Commander Sela Action: Can spy someone’s faction each night. Is able to make her vote count x2 during the day (only if she chooses to via PM).

Cardassian Union
WinCon: Wins if it’s the last faction standing. Can win by majority only if all Romulans are dead.

  • Gul Dukat Action: Each night can choose between a RID Kill that works only against Federation and Klingons or a RID Save that works only for Romulans and Cardassians.
  • Elim Garak Actions: He has a spy action each night and can sweet-talk a person into not-voting (voting counts x0) each day. As a former spy, he has a cranial implant that makes him immune to torture, so blocks won’t stop his actions. He is however claustrophobic, so he will die if being trapped at night.
  • Gul Damar Actions: Can trap a player each night. Damar will die with target if Dukat is targeted successfully for a single RID Kill (Suicidal Bodyguard). After Damar dies, Dukat can be RID Killed as usual.

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations

  • I was very anxious to host my first 4-Faction game. I wanted to test the hypothesis that in a 4-Faction game, even if one faction is inactive/weaker, the other 3 factions can still strive and reach an equilibrium state that would prevent any one faction to win quickly. Which leads to interesting developments. Which is the best a host could wish for. It's hard to balance a Mafia game so that it remains balanced after one faction disappears or is weakened considerably. In a 3-Faction game, once a faction gets weaker/inactive, then one of the remaining factions almost always has a decisive advantage over the third.
  • I tried to make all factions symmetrical, each had a RID Kill/Save role and a spy role. Different factions had different style abilities matching the story - e.g. Romulans had more spies and a vote manipulator, Federation had a First Contact role that could be used as an indirect spy and an alliance courier. The last faction, the Cardassians had a handicap (one role could die of claustrophobia if trapped) and an advantage (their leader had a bodyguard that would die and kill his leader's attacker). In retrospect, Klingons were the weakest ability-wise, since their block was rarely useful (could not block RID Kills).


  • The beginning of the game brought the first surprise: Marquessa (Cardassian weak role) died early in Night 1 after a lucky Federation Trap. This left the Cardassian crippled right from the start and actually helped them a lot since all the other Factions were now striving to reach an equilibrium by crippling each other, neglecting the remaining Cardassians. Also, 2 Cardassians and 2 Romulans gained BTSC right from this night.
  • My first mistake: frustrated by Sisko/Segul not sending the save from lynch choice, I let the night-post suggest Sisko was semi-inactive. This later lead to an information leak that was speculated by both teammates trying to reach him for BTSC and enemies trying to RID Kill him.
  • Predictably, Day 1 was a cold war ended in a no-lynch tie. To my disappointment, Picard's First Contact ability was used to contact the Klingons in order to send a double-encrypted spiteful message, instead of a temporary alliance as I expected. Night 2, no one was RID Killed, most of the RID attempts were way off target. Day 2, everyone was looking to expose the Romulan vote-manipulator, and as a side-effect, Onetruth was lynched.
  • During Night 3, Segul was replaced with Phaze, after failing to vote D1 and D2 and not submitting a correct action in N2. Phaze was warned about the information leak and decided to play. He quickly managed to restore Federation chances by using Sisko's trap to meet and establish BTSC with the Federation Leader Izzy. In the same night, Sparrowhawk (Gul Dukat - Cardassian Leader) was trapped, which protected him from the Klingon Leader's (Glycereine) correct RID. The only faction without BTSC, the Klingons, could have met if Hirkala were not friendly-blocked by Not24. The Romulans (Vineetrika outside BTSC and Fox alone in BTSC) lay low after Onetruth's disappearance.
  • Day 3 was led by Maurice (Picard) who sold Hirkala as a Klingon (after contacting him in N1). Hirkala was lynched after both of his teammates voted for him. After his lynch and failure to meet the previous night, the Klingons never recovered. They had a chance to meet in N4, but both Federation and Cardassian trap prevented their meeting.
  • Night 4 was the most eventful of all. Fox gathered all the clues after Maurice outed Hirkala and proposed two targets for meeting with teammates(which was a hint at the Picard role). She RID Killed Maurice as Picard. Maurice's teammates ignored his proposed targets so even if he were not killed, the Federation could have not achieved full BTSC. Izzy RID killed Fox as the Romulan Leader and SparrowHawk RID Killed Phaze as Sisko (using the information leaks from N1 post and the replacement itself).
  • After an eventful night, Day 4 was a boring bandwagon on the Klingon trapped the previous night - Not24. However, Night 5 had its twists. The Klingon Leader (who did not understand my ambiguous definition of the Cardassian Suicidal Bodyguard - my second mistake) targeted the Cardassian Leader. During the night, the Cardassians chose the Bodyguard's action to trap himself, which would have led to the Cardassian Leader being killed. However, after they asked the hosts a series of questions, they found a way to RID Save the Bodyguard which led to the Bodyguard attacking and killing the Klingon Leader, without dying himself.
  • Day 5 began with 1 Federation (Izzy), 1 Romulan with a double vote (Vineetrika) and 2 Cardassians (SparrowHawk and Framm18). Sparrowhawk was invulnerable to lynch that day. The day had an unexpected end since both Izzy and Vineetrika assumed incorrectly that Framm was the Klingon Leader. Neither of them asked me about the Suicidal Bodyguard ability. By mid-day, after the Klingon Leader and one of the Cardassians expressed their confusion on the Suicidal Bodyguard ability, I corrected the ambiguity in the game thread (without waiting to be asked). In spite of my correction, both Izzy and Vineetrika remained under the erroneous impression that the second Cardassian had died in N5 and voted each other, instead of making a temporary alliance against the Cardassians. Vineetrika was lynched, bringing the game to an early end with a Cardassian Win.

Special commendations

  • SparrowHawk for coordinating Cardassians actions and fooling Izzy into an imbalanced alliance
  • Framm18 for laying low, dodging everybody, and assuming a Klingon role in the end.

It was a pleasure to watch them manipulate the other factions from N1 till the end.

Host disappointments

  • I did a couple of mistakes: leaked an inactive player in the N1 post and leaving an ambiguous role description that was only explained publicly in D5
  • This Mafia showed me that no one believes in temporary un-betrayable alliances which make perfect sense on paper. The pairs which could not target each other with RID Kills could make a temporary alliance in early and mid-game and have a duel in the end. No other type of alliance was possible in this game since no one had the incentive to help you get rid of the ones you can't get rid of yourself, when they could kill you instead.
  • Whole mechanisms were not used (to forge an alliance): e.g. First Contact - courier-like ability, trading a RID save for another faction to someone RID save you (cross RID Saves) to avoid the unique RID save limitation, public coded messages (established after First Contact) to plan different RID Kill targets to avoid the double-RID Kill.

Alternate endings

  • Alternate ending 1: Had Klingons and Federation worked together during the day, especially after it was obvious that they both lost heavily (after N4), they might have stopped the Cardassians. Neither had vote manipulation to fear from the other, and none could target each other for a kill, so they would have to plan their actions during the night to save themselves + cross save the other (Izzy + Glycereine) and vote for Cardassians and Romulans during the day. If 1 Klingon and 1 Federation were alive in the end, then it was a tie. If more survived the Romulan+Cardassian RID Kills till the end, then it would have been a final lynch deciding one winner between the two factions.
  • Alternate ending 2: Had the Romulan spy established BTSC with the other two, the Romulan RID kill and the vote-manipulation would have won the game. The Romulan Leader had very little clues on the others and the Romulan vote-manipulator just managed to stay low. In the end-game, because of the vote-manipulation ability, the Romulan (Vineetrika) could have pushed the game towards a coinflip if she targeted anyone else for the lynch, other than the Federation (which was "protected" by Cardassians since they could easily RID Kill her).
  • Alternate ending 3:During N4, had the Federation BTSC decided to trap SH and RID Save maurice as Picard - neither Maurice nor Phaze would have died. Maurice would have joined the BTSC, and the Federation would have started D4 with full BTSC and no casualty.
By Araver

Winning Faction


  1. sparrowhawk - Gul Dukat
  2. Framm - Gul Damar
  3. Marquessa - Elim Garak

MVP: SparrowHawk

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Host: araver

  1. Vineetrika - Commander Sela - Vanished by Q in D5
  2. Fox - Praetor Neral - RID Killed in N4 by Riker
  3. Glycereine - Worf - Dead in N5 after a failed RID Kill attempt on Gul Dukat
  4. Phaze (Segul) - Captain Ben Sisko - RID Killed in N4 by Gul Dukat
  5. sparrowhawk - Gul Dukat
  6. Hirkala - Chancellor Gowron - Vanished by Q in D3
  7. Maurice - Captain Picard - RID Killed in N4 by Neral
  8. Marquessa - Elim Garak - Suffered a heart attack in N1 while trapped
  9. Izzy - Lt. Thomas Riker - Vanished by Q in final post
  10. onetruth - Senator Pardek - Vanished by Q in D2
  11. Framm - Gul Damar
  12. Not 24 - General Martok - Vanished by Q in D4