Star Trek Mafia III
Delta Quadrant Deathmatch
Game information
Host araver
Link Game thread: Star Trek Mafia III BTSC threads
Size 13 Players (Medium)
Start Date 16.07.2011
Winning Faction Indy - Starfleet - Borg
Roster 1. sparrowhawk

2. Glycereine
3. maurice
4. Vineetrika
5. Brandonb
6. darth nox
7. DarthMask
8. Yuli
9. KlueMaster
10. curr3nt
11. Marquessa
12. Auramyna
13. Shadow7

First to Die Glycereine
Last Remaining 5. Brandonb

8. Yuli

MVP BrandonB
Awards -

Star Trek Mafia III was a game designed and hosted by araver based on Star Trek Voyager TV series.

It began on July 16th, 2011, was interrupted after a controversial D5 ending when host went AWOL, unpaused and ended in a tie Indy - Starfleet - Borg in D7 (August 5th).

Game Mechanics


Day Rules:

  • Tie lynch on day 1 means no lynch.
  • Any other day it means all players among the tie are lynched.
  • At the beginning of the day, everyone starts with a public vote on him/herself (i.e. the voting roster is initialized with Player X - voting for Player X). EDIT: Abstaining is not allowed.
  • Self-Vote weighter's ability is default x1 and can inflate (like a balloon) to x2 only if day-action is submitted.
  • Vote redirectors will redirect a weighted vote as a whole (weighted vote = double-sized balloon)

Night Rules:

  • Order of actions: Trap >> RID Kill >> Spy (See the wiki for the meaning of >> in OOA)
  • Trap = Block + Saves from RID Kill if the target of the kill is trapped, but RID attackers will be informed if their RID was correct.
  • If 2 players from the same faction target the same player in a night, they meet and establish BTSC between them. If the third player meets with one of the two (by the same rule), he joins the BTSC.
  • If two or more factions successfully RID Kill the same person in one night (i.e. both RID Kill actions are correct and not stopped by a trap on the target), the person is saved by Q, but the role is revealed in the night-post (thus revealing the RID Kill was correct).
  • All successful actions are shown in the night-post, including spies and redirects (only the person that was redirected is shown).

Save from Lynch rules

  • At night, everybody secretly (via PM) chooses a role from their own faction to be saved from lynch. A majority of at least 2 votes must be reached for the role to be saved from lynch.
  • If that role is voted for the lynch the next day, it is saved from the lynch but role is revealed.
  • If no role gets at least 2 votes, no one is invulnerable from lynch (however this is only known by host).
  • You are not allowed to choose the same role twice in a row.

Host's Notes - Please read BEFORE signing up

  1. I still have that blacklist I was thinking about after Amber Mafia. This is the first time I will be using it. So, sorry, but I will not accept some players that have proven in the past to be unable to play Hybrid Mafias / 4 Faction Mafias or have proven to be inactive and/or an unnecessary burden for their teammates.
  2. This being a Hybrid 4-Faction Mafia, it is not recommended for newbies IMHO. Mechanics are quite different from a normal Mafia and if you are unsure if you wanna play, then this is probably not for you. There are plenty of Mafias around that are not 4 Faction, better start with those, learn some strategies, then try something like this. Just don't tell us day 1 that you don't wanna play, ok? I will not un-sign you if you sign up, but please think carefully, read the roles and the rules carefully before signing up.

Role Description

USS Voyager: During a mission to track down a Maquis ship in "the Badlands", the Intrepid-class starship is transported by an alien force called the Caretaker across 70,000 light-years to the Delta Quadrant, damaging Voyager and killing several crewmembers. After destroying the Caretaker’s Array, the ship is stranded in the Delta Quadrant, merges crew with the Maquis ship and begins a 75-year journey home to the Alpha Quadrant. WinCon: Wins by majority

  • Captain Kathryn Janeway: Commanding officer of the Intrepid-class USS Voyager on her first mission to locate and capture the Maquis vessel “Val Jean”. Her decision to destroy the Caretaker Array in order to prevent other races from acquiring the technology has lead to the Voyager being stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Her mission is to protect her crew and assimilate new technologies in order to return faster to the Alpha Quadrant. Favorite quote: "Coffee: the finest organic suspension ever devised... I beat the Borg with it." Ability: Forced to negociate with previously unknown species native to the Delta Quadrant, she is sometimes forced to adopt extreme measures in order to protect her ship (RID Kill)
  • Commander Chakotay: A Mayan Native American born on a Federation colony near the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone. He was a Lieutenant Commander assigned as an instructor in Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training. He resigned from Starfleet and joined the Maquis after his home planet was ceded to the Cardassians and his father died. He was the captain of the Val Jean raider. Chakotay is a unifying presence being well-liked and well-respected by both Starfleet and former Maquis crew members. Favorite quote: “(to Tuvok) You were working for her, Seska was working for them, was anyone on that ship working for me?”. Ability: Can embark on vision quests to help guide his life and spirit and to commune with his father's spirit. His vision quest alllows him to follow a person's latest movements. (Faction and follow spy). His vision quests during the day allow him to enter a person's day-dreams and change his vote (Vote redirector)
  • Lieutenant Commander Tuvok: A Vulcan Starfleet officer who served aboard USS Voyager. He infiltrated the crew of the Maquis raider the Val Jean commanded by a former Starfleet officer, Chakotay. After being reunited with USS Voyager, he served as as tactical officer and second officer. Favorite quote: “The strongest tactical move is always the one in which you will reap the highest gain at the lowest cost. 'Going out with phasers firing' may seem heroic, but in the long run it is merely foolish. Retreat is often the best possible option.”. Ability: On odd nights, he can use the Vulcan nerve pinch to render one of his enemies unconscious and carry him to the brig where he can get info through Mind Meld. (Trap and Faction Spy)

Kazon - The Kazon are a violent warrior species native to the Delta Quadrant, enslaved by technological superior Trabe race. After overthrowing the Trabe, Kazon society was divided into 18 sects (the Kazon Collective) that fight each other over territory and resources. While the technology they took from the Trabe (plasma cannons, deflector shields) had allowed the Kazon to spread throughout a small area of the Delta Quadrant, it lacked elements common to the technology of Alpha Quadrant races (transporters, replicators). The Kazon were known to the Borg as species 329, but were deemed unworthy of assimilation. WinCon: Wins by majority

  • Jal Culluh: First Maje of the Kazon-Nistrim, one of the weaker sects of the Kazon Collective. Dreamed of reviving the Nistrim's claim to power and uniting the chaotic Kazon Collective and saw the Voyager defector Seska as his chance when Seska attempted to trade replicator technology to the Nistrim in exchange for Voyager's safe passage through Kazon space. Favorite quote: “A fitting end for a people who would not share their technology. Let's see if you manage to survive... without it.” Ability: Can silence one of his opponents with the right ‘arguments” (RID Kill)
  • Maje Jal Jabin: Leader of a group of Ogla, maintained a settlement on the planet Ocampa to mine cormaline deposits. The Ogla attempted to prevent the USS Voyager from accessing the Caretaker's array when the Caretaker was nearing death, hoping to claim the array for its own. The Ogla were unable to stop Voyager from destroying the array to prevent the Kazon from using it. Favorite quote: “You have made an enemy today!”. Ability: On even nights, he can trap a person in order to learn his allegiance (Trap and Faction spy)
  • Seska: An undercover Cardassian agent aboard the Maquis ship “Val Jean”, posing as a Bajoran. Her disdain of Starfleet and Starfleet principles, such as the prime directive, lead her to ultimately collaborate with the Kazon-Nistrim, offering them replicator technology in exchange for their help in this unknown part of the galaxy. She managed to escape from Voyager, after her Cardassian nature and genetic manipulations were discovered. Favorite quote: “If this had been a Cardassian ship, we would be home now! We must begin to forge alliances. To survive, we must have powerful friends." Ability: Her unique set of skills and genetic manipulation toolkit allow her to infiltrate and observe a target’s actions (Follow spy). Can make own vote count x2 during the day if she chooses so. (Self Vote Weighter)

Hirogen: The Hirogen are a nomadic species of hunters in the Delta Quadrant. An ancient and dominant species in the region, roaming vast distances in pursuit of worthy prey. Their technology is not overly superior to that on Voyager, although their tetryon-based weapons are unfamiliar to Starfleet. WinCon: Wins by majority

  • Idrin: Alpha-Hirogen hunter who found out that the USS Voyager was using the Hirogen relay network to send messages in the Alpha Quadrand. He pursues the ship in order to prevent them from interfering with the 100 000 years old relay network. Favorite quote: “Strong prey makes for a better hunt.” Ability: Can use his tetryon rifle with sensor display to track his prey (RID Kill)
  • Karr: Alpha-Hirogen who desires the Voyager Holodeck technology for training purposes. He believed that the hunt had consumed the Hirogens and that their race was dying out because of the hunt. With a holodeck, they could keep the hunt tradition without having to spread all over the quadrant to do it and devote more time to maintaining their culture. Favorite quote: “Never underestimate your prey or disrespect its abilities. If you do, you will become the hunted.” Ability: Each night can use an advanced Hirogen movement scanner to follow his prey from a safe distance. (Follow Spy). During the day, he may use his Hirogen mind control gadgets to influence his target's focus during voting. (Vote redirector)
  • Donik: Hirogen holo-program engineer experimenting with Hirogen hologram technology in the hopes to create holograms that represent self-aware formidable prey. Favorite quote: Defenseless prey makes a poor trophy. Ability: On even nights, he can use holograms with portable emmiters to overcome a person and lock him inside a prison simulation (which is programmed to capture the target's thoughts and select scenarios depending on the target's race). On odd nights, system is recharging (Trap and Faction spy)

Borg - Pseudo-race of cybernetic organisms, the Borg voluntarily submit to cybernetic enhancement as a means of achieving what they believe to be perfection. In alien encounters, they exhibit no desire for negotiation or reason, only to assimilate. Assimilation is the process by which the Borg integrate beings and cultures into their collective. The Borg have encountered and assimilated thousands of species and billions to trillions of individual life-forms throughout the galaxy. The Borg designate each species with a number assigned to them upon first contact.

  • Borg Collective: The "hive mind" or "collective consciousness" - the group mind of the Borg civilization. Each Borg individual, or drone, is linked to the collective by a sophisticated subspace network that ensures each member is given constant supervision and guidance. The collective is broadcast over a subspace domain similar to that utilized by the transporter. The collective consciousness not only gives them the ability to "share the same thoughts", but also to adapt with great speed to defensive tactics used against them. Favorite quote: “Resistence is futile! Prepare to be assimilated” Ability: The collective has the ability of sensing superior technology in the immediate vecinity and follow targets evaluated as threats through sub-space (Follow Spy). Can make own vote count x2 during the day if it chooses so. (Self Vote Weighter)
  • Borg Queen: Entity that exists within and served as a central nexus for the Borg Collective with the sole purpose of bringing order to chaos. After Species 8472 destroys a large number of Borg drones in a war to wipe-out the galaxy, the Borg Queen solicits Voyager’s help in designing biological photon torpedo warheads against their common enemy in exchange for safe passage through Borg space and non-assimilation. Favorite Quote: “One order, one voice! Insignificant!” Ability: Can focus the information gained by Borg Collective to eliminate targets which cannot be assimilated (RID Kill)
  • Seven of Nine: a Human female (born Annika Hansen) assimilated by the Borg at age six, along with her parents. The Collective assigned Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01, to work with Voyager to develop a weapon to attack species 8472. Her secondary mission was to assimilate Voyager, breaking the alliance, after the threat from Species 8472 was over. Favorite quote: "We are Borg. ... Irrelevant. Your appeal to my humanity is pointless." Ability: On odd nights, she can use modified nano-probes to infiltrate a person’s immune system, rendering him unconscious and revealing the target's race. (Trap and Faction Spy)

Species 8472 - A tripedal and apparently highly xenophobic non-humanoid species whose actual name is unknown. Designation was given by the Borg (other designations: ‘Undine’, ‘Fluidians’) who discovered them a passage to their native dimension – fluidic space - a continuum filled with an organic fluid with no stars, planets or nebulae. Species 8472 has a dense genetic structure, and its somatic cells can become extremely virulent when in a foreign blood-stream, duplicating themselves rapidly, consuming a host from the inside out. Immune to Borg Assimilation. Secret WinCon and Secret Ability

  • Unnamed Species 8472: Stranded with his bio-ship, he must attempt to return to the fluidic space.

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations

This is a 4-Faction Mafia with a twist - 5th faction with secret ability/wincon. The basic setup is very similar to Star Trek Mafia II: Q's Deathmatch with an extra Indy as the 13th player and no RID Kill/Save cross-deny-rules (which have not been used in STM II anyway) and no arch-nemesis pairing of factions. After feedback received in Amber Mafia's Ghost BTSC, I've decided to re-write the abilities as a mirror set of RID Kill + Odd/Even (Trap+Faction Spy combo) + (Follow spy + Vote manip combo) that each faction has. This is still not perfectly mirror-balanced (odd/even, different types of vote manips), but IMO, the difference between sets is negligible given the existence of the Indy faction.

Also, I have left Sequence Voting out on purpose, since I still feel it is playable with one lynch only and there are enough BTSC-gaining mechanics and information gathering abilities to ensure a proper information flow. Sequence voting would only add another layer of complexity on top, interfering with the intended effect of BTSC by meet.

Also, as always, there are ample bits of information regarding the background of all factions / all characters. This was done, both to both clear up some terms which will serve as a background to the story of the night/day posts AND to provide information for hinting for non-trekkies ;) And of course, it was my pleasure to pull all this information from various sources (but mostly Memory Alpha).


  • Night 1: Simulations showed trappers had the most changes of gaining BTSC. But this happened in 3 out of 4 cases in N1: Both active trappers found a team-mate (2 out of 12 odds) and one passive trapper was followed by a teammate (less odds). That was a lucky headstart for three out of 4 factions.
  • Day 1: Out of 4 vote manipulators, only 1 submitted an action and that tipped the balance 6 votes for Glyc, 5 for Shadow7. Glyc could have saved himself if he chose to make his vote x2, making it a tie again. Curr3nt and nox could have also interfered in voting.
  • Night 2: The Indy strikes 1/4 and speculation about the Indy's secrets begins. Curr3nt chooses to not act, framing whoever is trapped as Seska.
  • Day 2: I made a booboo by not marking DM as safe from lynch in my notepad file when the last save from lynch vote was sent by PM (though I did mark it in the spreadsheet and posted it in the ghost thread). Failed to double-check and sent DM to the Popcorn Nebulae. Had to resurrect him with the promise of not using information from the ghost thread. As most players expected, he was killed off by the Indy in the same night he was "resurrected".
  • Night 3: The Indy strikes again at the outed safe from lynch target, making it 2/4 towards wincon.
  • Day 3: Brandonb outlined the entire Indy wincon in public at the beginning of the day. Nox followed KM to DM who died, so he thinks KM is the Fluidian so he changed KM's vote to self. KM was outed as Idrin, but not lynched, and this is the first time the Fluidian will not benefit from lynch results (Aura already knows KM is Hirogen, so she has no need for him).
  • Night 4: Due to curr3nt's heavy Wifom and fake no-action for Seska in N2, the Indy misses his RID for the night. Nox is very lucky as Shadow trapped KlueMaster who had sent a correct RID Kill for Nox, the Indy sent a correct RID for Nox which was not evaluated because of curr3nt's Wifom.
  • Day 4: Curr3nt is lynched (the only downside of his otherwise good WiFoM strategy). This marks him as a sure kill for the Indy
  • Night 5: Brandon gained BTSC with Marq but by doing so, saved Maurice from death. Sparrowhawk tried to save curr3nt by double-kill. It would have worked but for my precedence rule which favored the Indy. Had they not trapped Nox, maurice and Nox would still have met at Vine's. The Indy makes it 3/4 by killing another outed from lynch victim.
  • Day 5: The Indy comes forward, supports a Starfleet-Indy alliance and declares a bulletproof plan to win. However, the plan had a flaw, the trappers could have saved both of Indy's targets for N6. Fortunately for the Indy, none wanted to save a Starfleet since they benefited from the removal.
  • Night 6: Removing maurice, the Indy completed it's wincon, won and left the game. There were a lot of correct RIDs, but Vine's trap saved SH from Borg and SH already changed his correct strike at the Borg in an attempt to gain BTSC. KlueMaster RIDed maurice, but he was superseded by the Indy Kill
  • Day 6: The Borg propose an alliance to the Kazon to get RID of the Hirogen and Starfleet. However, the Kazon betray it. With all vote manipulators dead, in a double-flash vote ending, Kazon (SH and Vine) managed to create a 3-way tie between KlueMaster, Yuli and Brandonb. Had all been vulnerable, the Kazon would have won. However, both Yuli and BrandonB were safe, pushing the game further.
  • Night 7: SH plays it safe, killing the Borg RID threat. Yuli traps self, as recommended by Brandon, to start a Borg-Starfleet alliance. Brandon gambles that SH was invulnerable D6, so he will be vulnerable D7 and changes the Borg attack on Vine, leaving SH alive. This bold plan had two advantages: It kills both Kazon if SH decides to protect himself by RID Kill self (unlikely) and it leaves the Kazon RID killer alive, which gives a strong incentive for the Starfleet to honor the Borg-Starfleet alliance
  • Day 7: In a 3-player ending, with Bb and SH voting for each other, Yuli correctly analyzes the outcome of the night and the threat of the Kazon RID Kill (SH) if left alive, so he votes with Bb. SH bluffs that he is invulnerable, but this does not sway Bb nor Yuli. The no-abstain rule established D1 actually does not let Yuli to betray by removing his vote even if he wanted to (which he didn't).

Special commendations

  • MVP award goes to BrandonB, for leading the Borgs to victory, including (but not limited to) figuring out a non-betraying endgame based on trust and implementing this one as opposed to a sure win involving betrayal (see Borg BTSC for details).
  • Special commendations for SH, who held a very good position/analysis and insights mid and end-game (even if D6 plan did not work out as planned) and to curr3nt, who managed to WIFOM a lot of people (even if that did not lead to his faction winning ... it did put them in a good position).

Host disappointments

I have made 2 mistakes:

  • a blunder: making DarthMask a ghost after D3, when he should have been safe from lynch)
  • a mistake: writing the D6 post as a Kazon win as I looked at a different safe from lynch list (in which both Brandonb and Yuli were not safe). Fortunately, curr3nt warned me in the ghost thread, so I managed to change it in less than 5 minutes.

Other than the mistakes there were 3 incidents. And while I may regret my reactions, I don't regret and I would not overturn any of the decisions. Now, a bit about the background (some known, some unknown).

  1. Unsigning-up Yomiel after she displayed poor knowledge of Mafia and lack of courtesy to read the game rules, despite the Host Notes making this mandatory for newbies BEFORE signing up. Redirecting her to TMMs on BD (or any other non-hybrid game). Subsequent behavior by same player has shown me that I was not wrong in my analysis. Leaving the secret hidden words aside (I would not unsign up a player for smth like that), Yomiel had asked me not one single question for a whole day after signing up (and presumably read the Host Notes). After talking back to the host for being unsigned up, there was again no attempt to talk to the host, just a public display of aggressiveness.
  2. After I mistakenly added DarthMask to the ghost BTSC in D3, I've chosen to resurrect him ("partially" omniscient) rather than replace him with a backup that would 99% die in the same night (and this should not have come). I vouched for DarthMask because I know him, and yes, I would probably not do that with any player. He has not betrayed that trust.
  3. I've allowed the Borg plan to flash-vote and specifically told both Marq and Bb that I will allow a flash-vote via Facebook if it is attempted, since Marq's mobile only works with FB (not able to access MM). That vote came and was registered just before the deadline (midnight EDT). It matters less that it was posted in the thread 1 minute after (according to board time). In fact, hypothetically, if a flash-vote occurs at -20s, how many seconds has the host to acknowledge it and re-post it? And calling a vote in a post by the host, just before the words: "Day ends" cheating is, I'm sorry to say, completely illogical. A vote is registered and tallied if the host says so. And the day ends when the host says so. And if the host chooses to establish parallel BTSCs on BrainDen (for Yuli) and on FaceBook (for Marq) in an attempt to allow the players to be as active as they possibly can (to help with technical problems), so be it. It is the host's decision to pass messages back and forth between the parallel BTSCs, etc. I have not allowed powerplaying of votes. But I have allowed message transmission and voting via alternate sites that are more accessible to players.

Now that the background elements have been told: You may resent the fact that one of the above decisions interfered in your game play or lead to a certain death or losing path for you or your team. And you may take that resent/hate feelings and pass it on to me. It's your choice. I felt tempted to that in the past a lot. And I did pass it onto the host, and I've certainly pushed a few boundaries myself when I let dying/losing frustration to take advantage of me. But talking back is (still) not a valid option. Which in probably better captured by Yoruichi-san in M4F14-7: As the host, I reserve the right to take actions to preserve the integrity of the game, including removing/replacing people and making rule changes. Of course, I will try not to do this, but if it is necessary, I will take appropriate actions. And last but not least: Do not challenge the host AIs ... they control your oxygen supply

Bottom-line is: If you do not like such a ruling, don't apply it in your games, boycott that particular host, gain support by using Mafia Discussion threads etc. But don't take it on the host, during the game, in public. If you feel something was wrong, use PMs to contact the hosts. All hosts make errors at some point, that's a given. Discuss situations discreetly, maybe there is a compromise possible, maybe there isn't.

Alternate endings

  • Starfleet and Borg won as a tie, because there is no optimal scenario other than an uneventful night and then both them lynching each (barring inactivity / since there are no abstains or vote manipulation). A 1-1-1 scenario would not have been ruled as a tie since both days and nights could have lead to one of them being eliminated.
  • Kazon could have won after D6 flash-vote making it a 3-way tie (in fact they did, for 5 minutes see mistake above) but both Brandonb and Yuli were actually safe from lynch that day.
  • In day 7, contrary to what some thought, there was no possibility of a 2-way tie. There were 3 votes and according to D1 ruling, I allowed no abstains, which prevented the flash-remove ending seen in Halloween Mafia II or Bag o' Tricks Mafia.

Winning Faction


  • Auramyna - Species 8472


  • Brandonb - Seven of Nine
  • Marquessa - Borg Queen
  • Glycereine - Borg Collective


  • Yuli - Tuvok
  • maurice - Capt. Janeway
  • darth nox - Chakotay

MVP: BrandonB

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Host Araver as Q

  1. sparrowhawk - Jal Culluh - Survived
  2. Glycereine - Borg Collective - Saved from lynch D1, Killed N2 by Species 8472
  3. maurice - Capt. Janeway - Killed N6 by Species 8472
  4. Vineetrika - Maje Jal Jabin - Killed N7 by Borg Queen
  5. Brandonb - Seven of Nine - Saved from lynch D6, Survived
  6. darth nox - Chakotay - Lynched D5
  7. DarthMask - Karr - Saved from lynch D2, Killed N3 by Species 8472
  8. Yuli - Tuvok - Saved from lynch D6, Survived
  9. KlueMaster - Idrin - Saved from lynch D3, Lynched D6
  10. curr3nt - Seska - - Saved from lynch D4, Killed N5 by Species 8472
  11. Marquessa - Borg Queen - Killed N7 by Jal Culluh
  12. Auramyna - Species 8472 - Won and left the game after N6
  13. Shadow7 - Donik - Lynched D5


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