Star Wars Mafia III
Game information
Host Darth Legion
Link Star Wars Mafia III
Size 18 Players (Large)
Start Date 02.02.2011
Winning Faction None (game stopped)
Roster 1) Araver

2) Vineetrika
3) Marq
4) Hirkala (maurice)
5) youngscientist
6) MissKitten
7) Segul
8) curr3nt
9) Aaryan
10) Shadow7
11) Phaze
12) sayalzah
13) Framm18
14) Lionheart
15) golfjunkie
16) DarthMask
17) Blablah99
18) MollyMae (firno)

First to Die Phaze
Last Remaining STOPPED
Awards -

Star Wars Mafia III was a game designed and hosted by Darth Legion based on Star Wars universe.

It began on February 2nd, 2011 and was stopped in N2 and never finished. Before being started, roles were redistributed again.

Game Mechanics


Order of actions: save > RIDkill > protect > spy > trap > kill > vote_manipulation

Role Description

Republic: WinCon – at least one survives the war.

  • Republic Commander #1 – Has BTSC
  • Republic Commander #2 - Has BTSC
  • Republic Soldier #1 – take turns saving one player a night
  • Republic Soldier #2 – take turns saving one player a night
  • Jedi Knight #1 – Take turns spying or protecting
  • Jedi Knight #2 – Take turns spying or protecting
  • Jedi Knight #3 – Take turns spying or protecting
  • Republic Senator -- Vote can count up to 2x
  • Republic Mercenary -- traps and learns one players role. (The player and role is "broadcasted" via night post.)

Vong: WinCon – kill all others. Vong have a kill nightly, BTSC

  • Yuuzhan Vong Soldier
  • Yuuzhan Vong Soldier
  • Yuuzhan Vong Commander – 0x 1x or 2x vote
  • Yuuzhan Vong Torture Lord – Nightly torture (trap role)

Sith: WinCon – outlive Jedi, at least one survives, and kill Boba Fett. BTSC

  • Sith Lord – A single RID kill for Fett (seriously, one attempt at the kill).
  • Sith Spy – Night spy, changes another players vote 0x 1x 2x or 3x vote (breaks mind)

Mandoa: WinCon – at least one must survive, outlive sith/jedi depending on side chosen by Fett (republic must outlive sith, Vong must outlive Jedi.)) BTSC, RID kill

  • Mandolorian Soldier #1
  • Mandolorian Soldier #2
  • Boba Fett – Night spy, vote can count 0x 1x or 2x

Host's Summary


  • First randomization of roles was discarded because the host outed that Fett was inactive and had not chosen a side.
  • After the second randomization, the game stopped after N1 and D1 posts were very late, the host did not answer questions and the Night 2 post never came. Several players backed out and the host stopped the game.

Day and Night Posts

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