Talk Show Mafia
Game information
Host Q-Cumber
Size 15 Players (Medium)
Start Date
Winning Faction
First to Die
Last Remaining
Awards -

Talk Show Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Q-Cumber based on talk show personalities.

It began on month day, year and ended in a Goodie/Baddie/Indie win in N / D (month day).

Game Mechanics Edit


Order of Actions: save> NK > Block > redirect > message > follow report > secret indy ability

Role DescriptionEdit

Goodies: Wincon- Kill the baddies

  1. Oprah Winfrey: One of the most powerful people on Earth. She has heat vision, a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a certificate of everything (Night Kill)
  2. Conan O'Brien: No! NO! DON'T SHOW US YOUR SKIN! BLAHHH!! (block)
  3. Stephen Colbert: Oh I totally agree with this guy's opinions. Wait, WHAT! HE'S JUST A JOKE? I DON'T KNOW WHO TO TRUST ANYMORE! (redirect)
  4. Bill Mahr: This guy will bring very biased, but truthful facts to the field... right after a bong hit (Can chose to reveal to the night board someone's previous night action, but will not know action prior to revelation)
  5. Dr. Phil: He will save your family (save)
  6. David Letterman: Oh, he's nice (vanilla)
  7. Larry King: Everyone knows who Larry King is, he's met with so many people for the last century (everyone knows who he is, vanilla)
  8. Judge Judy: Will go through all your records AND make fun of you at the same time! Wow! (spy)
  9. Ellen: Can telepathically communicate with everyone; she is one with nature (message every night)

Baddies NK and BSTC: Wincon-Kill the goodies

  1. Glenn Beck: He makes a lot of people think differently when they vote. is very politically cunning. Secretly relies on Rush Limbaugh. If Rush dies, Glenn becomes a vanilla (Vote Manip, Can change one person's vote a day. Loses ability if Rush dies)
  2. Rosie O'Donnell: Up until recently a host on the view, possibly an alien spy (spy)
  3. Rush Limbaugh: Although he doesn't go anywhere, he really helps Glenn Beck. With his massive tales he can stop others from acting)
  4. Jay Leno: Controller of the time slots! (can pardon one lynch. The person pardoned will die the day after)

1 Secret Indy role

1 Secret Indy #2 role

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations Edit


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Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

Actions Edit

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