Terminator Mafia
Game information
Host music_luvr95 &


Link Terminator Mafia
Size 13 Players (Medium)
Start Date 09.12.2009
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster 1) CrazyPainter

2) DudleyDude
3) Medji
4) Lost in space
5) tpaxatb (Blackcat1313)
6) Slick
7) DarthNoob
8) Izzy
9) Clozo
10) Framm
11) pablos4pandas
12) Magic_luver101
13) sayalzah

First to Die Lost in space
Last Remaining 2) DudleyDude

3) Medji
7) DarthNoob
8) Izzy
9) Clozo

Awards -

Terminator Mafia was a game designed and hosted by music_luvr95 & GMaster479 based on the Terminator franchise.

It began on December 9th, 2009 and ended in a Goodie win in N4 (December 18th, 2009).

Game Mechanics


  • Tie Lynch Rules: A random name will be chosen of the tied to be lynched.
  • If Miles Dyson chooses to stop the lynch early, it will not be announced until the regular end time. The votes will be counted from the time of Miles Dyson's decision.
  • Cameron and Kate save their targets from all actions against them.

Role Description

Cyberdine Creations: Win if all goodies are terminated (have BTSC and group kill)

  • Skynet System: Controls the Terminators. If terminated, all baddie BTSC is lost. Can block one player each night. Has 50% chance of RID. Cannot be terminated during the Night.
  • T-1000: (m) First Terminator made of mimetic polyalloy (liquid metal). Spy. If spied upon, appears as random goodie.
  • T-X: (f/m) The most advanced Terminator. Uses shape-shifting ability to stop one player’s (m or f) action.

The Resistance: Win if all baddies are terminated

  • John Connor: (m) Leader of the Resistance. One termination each night. If he targets Kyle Reese, termination fails. Can not be killed Night 1
  • Sarah Connor: (f) John Connor's mother. Knows about Judgement Day because of Kyle Reese's journey back in time. Vote counts as x0, x1 or x2.
  • Kyle Reese: (m) Fighter in the Resistance and John Connor's father. Spy.
  • Kate Brewster: (f) Doctor and John Connor's future wife. Can save one player every even night. If John Connor is targeted on any night, will automatically save him once.
  • Dr. Peter Silberman: (m) Psychologist and therapist at Pescadero State Hospital. Can block one player each night. Has 50% chance of learning RID.
  • Blair Williams: (f) Jet Fighter pilot for the Resistance. Can use extensive technological knowledge to hack and post one message every night.
  • Miles Dyson: (m) Creator of Cyberdine Systems and Skynet. Can override voting system and end a lynch early
  • Cameron: (f) Reprogrammed Terminator sent back in time to protect the young John Connor. Can save one player every odd night
  • Marcus Wright: (m) Signed up for experimentation at Cyberdine while on Death Row. If targeted, he dies but also terminates his attacker with him

Independent: Win if Skynet, Sarah Connor and John Connor are terminated

  • T-101: (m) The first model of Terminators made by Skynet. Can terminate one person each night. Immune to T-X's charms.

Host's Summary

Yep this was a fun mafia to watch. All of it was very interesting. Clozo second guessed herself a lot, but her decisions saved her. Also, had Medji NOT believed Framm and keep his vote x2 on him for Framm, then the game would've ended Day 3.

It was very fun to watch you jump to your own conclusions about everything.But seriously, it took everything I had not to tell you what was going on... This hosting really tests your self-control.

OK, some things I've been dying to tell you...

  • If Medji hadn't voted x0 for himself the game would have been over with a goodie win.
  • If Tpax had blocked Clozo, John Connor would have died.
  • I put Clozo with DD in the night post to hint that DD had targeted Clozo, but was diverted.
  • Izzy's choice is the only reason CP was lynched.
  • Magic didn't kill because she was inactive, she didn't send in a target, so she had none.

Winning Faction

Goodies - The Resistance

  • DudleyDude - Cameron
  • Medji - Sarah Connor
  • tpaxatb - Dr. Peter Silberman
  • Slick - Kate Brewster
  • DarthNoob - Marcus Wright
  • Izzy - Miles Dyson
  • Clozo - John Connor
  • pablos4pandas - Kyle Reese
  • sayalzah - Blair Williams

MVP: -

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Hosts: Music_luvr & GMaster

  1. CrazyPainter - Skynet Systems - Lynched D2
  2. DudleyDude - Cameron
  3. Medji - Sarah Connor - Lynched D3
  4. Lost In Space - T-101 - Killed N1 by Baddies
  5. tpaxatb - Dr. Peter Silberman
  6. Slick - Kate Brewster - Killed N2 by Baddies
  7. DarthNoob - Marcus Wright
  8. Izzy - Miles Dyson
  9. Clozo - John Connor
  10. Framm - T-X - Killed N4 by John Connor
  11. pablos4pandas - Kyle Reese - Lynched D1
  12. Magic_luver101 - T-1000 - Killed N3 by John Connor
  13. sayalzah - Blair Williams - Killed N2 by John Connor