The Bullseye Club is a group of players who have had the experience of being targeted by a lot of players the same night.

Currently it covers the following (interesting) scenarios:

  • Multi-Killed = killed by at least 2 different players simultaneously (on the same night).
  • Most-Popular-Target = targeted by at least 4 different players simultaneously (on the same night).


  • Maurice - Minecraft Mafia - Killed on N4 by Baddies (suicide) and Slick (Goodies). Proof pending as the final post was not revealed by host (but was independently verified).
  • Glycereine - Serenity Mafia - Killed on N2 by Baddies and indirectly by Indies (indirectly = actually this was a penalty for an incorrect RID Kill attempt by Goodies which triggered the Indies killing a random Goodie). Proof: [5] and [6]


  • Framm18 - in Warcraft III Battle targeted in N1 by 4 (got Burned to Death) - Izzy with Holy Light (save), yuiop with Thunderclap (block), eli with Shockwave (Burn) and by self with Frost Armor (save from Burn)

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