The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead Mafia
Fight The Dead, Fear The Living
Game information
Host Dee & GMaster479
Link The Walking Dead BTSC threads
Size 13 Players (Medium)
Start Date 5.12.2014
Winning Faction Goodies and Indy
Roster #, player
  1. EDM
  2. Auramyna
  3. Magic luver101
  4. Hachi
  5. Jay Gold
  6. Barcallica (DragonFreak)
  7. Izzy
  8. Yuli
  9. Boquise
  10. WakeUpDonnie
  11. Mewminator
  12. Slick
  13. Marth
First to Die WakeUpDonnie
Last Remaining Izzy, Aura, Slick, Barc, Yuli, Magic
MVP Izzy
Awards -

The Walking Dead was a game designed and hosted by Bluesky & GMaster479 based on The Walking Dead TV series.

It began on May 12, 2014 and ended in a Goodie and Indy win in D4 (May 20).

Game Mechanics Edit


  • OOP is RID Kill > Block > Redirect > Kill > Spy
  • Tie Rules: Day 1: Tie = No Lynch ; Day 2 onwards: Tie = Random lynch between tied players

Shown in NP:

  • Successful Save
  • Successful Kill
  • Successful Redirect
  • Successful Block


  • Players will be told how many votes is the majority every day phase. (e.g. : With 10 players alive, 7 votes is needed to gain majority).
  • Players will be told if there action succeeded or not.

Role DescriptionEdit

NK: Has BTSC, no carrier and cannot be block/redirect; gain majority

  1. The Governor: Godfather. Appear good if spied; And cannot be lynched unless majority of votes has been reached.
  2. Merle Dixon: Role Spy
  3. Caesar Martinez: Block

Goodies: Eliminate all baddies

  1. Glenn Rhee: Faction Spy
  2. Daryl Dixon: Redirect
  3. Rick Grimes: RID KILL
  4. Maggie Greene: Messenger
  5. Hershel Greene: Save/Doctor
  6. Michonne: Block
  7. Andrea: Choose one person each night. If you die, the chosen's person faction will be revealed
  8. T-Dog: Lynch Save. Can only use 2x the entire game
  9. Carl Grimes: Vote Redirect.

Indy: Secret

  1. Shane Walsh

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations Edit


End of Game Notes:
I know I screwed up a lot, it may or may not have an impact on the game, and if ever, I just hope it didn't have big effect.
1. Making sure all the person who has BTSC have access. There was a problem in Marth’s BTSC. And he got the access with at least 14 hours left. I told him I’ll extend the time to compensate for him but I wasn’t able to do so and forgot to tell him. The reason, I can’t extend it due to time/timezone problem. I can only limit the end of phase time between 11pm-12am EST.
2. Apologies for the the 2 late Night results. I wasn’t able to wake up earlier than I’m supposed to. Stupid alarm. Lol
3. The block thing on Izzy during night 1 isn’t supposed to happen. I didn’t know RID Kill can’t be blocked. From that moment I started to get confused about RID Kills, so I always consult GM, the reason why I can’t answer some of the questions by Aura.
4. Excuse me for the wrong spelling, grammars, phrases or if there are combine words that is difficult to understand in Night/Day results. English is my second language.
Other Notes:
1. Izzy had a good start, both the baddies and Indy benefited Donnie being killed. At first I thought Izzy was just lucky, but she got a good deductions how Marth can be a baddie. (Oh, regarding the replacement thing, I replaced the two previous players because they are really inactive, no post, no reply and/or has been not online in MM for days.).
2. When Hachi wants to risk and target himself as the NK, I was like WHAT?! You did great though.
3. Boquise saving the Governor Lmao
4. Boquise deducing the Indy WinCon. More or less he was right. Thumbsup
5. I kinda wish Izzy didn’t reveal Hachi for more crazier stuff. Devil Lol
6. Aura had the most questions, be it in PM or thread. Ohmy
7. Barc’s post is hilarious brilliant, that kind of imagination and analysis XD

I’m awarding the MVP to Izzy because she did well in this game and achieved her wincon very smooth. Clap Congrats Izzy and goodies!! Smile

Overall it was tiring but fun hosting this game. It was my first time here in MM being the host, I enjoyed it and had a lot of Lols too behind the scenes when you guys arguing about the wrong things. Thank you GM for helping me Hug. And thank you guys for playing Hug. Hope you had fun!

By the way any thoughts, comments, or complaints?]]

By Dee

Special commendationsEdit

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit


  • Izzy


  • EDM
  • Aura
  • Magic
  • Jay
  • Barc
  • Yuli
  • Boquise
  • Donnie
  • Slick

Day and Night Posts Edit

Intro N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4 D4

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. EDM - Andrea - Killed by Shane N4
  2. Aura - Daryl
  3. Magic - T-Dog
  4. Hachi - The Governor - Lycnhed D3
  5. Jay - Maggie - Killed by the Baddies N2
  6. Barc - Glen
  7. Izzy - Shane
  8. Yuli - Michonne
  9. Boquise - Hershel - Killed by the Baddies N4
  10. Donnie - Rick - Killed by the Baddies N1
  11. Mew - Caesar - Lynched D4
  12. Slick - Carl
  13. Marth - Merle - Killed by Shane N2

Actions Edit

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