Three Sailors
Three sailors
Game information
Host Sinistral
Link Three Sailors Mafia
Size 3 Players (Small)
Start Date February 04, 2009
Winning Faction Innocents (Goodies)
Roster player
  1. Surge
  2. IDoNotExist
  3. Fox
First to Die Surge
Last Remaining IDoNotExist, Fox
Awards -

Three Sailors was a game designed and hosted by Sinistral based on his own idea, a short training game for three players.

It began on February 04, 2009 and ended in a Innocents (Goodies) win in D1 (February 4, 2009).

Game Mechanics Edit


There is one killer, and two innocents among the three of you. Each of you know your own feature, and have seen the distinct feature of one of the others. One of the innocents will have seen correct information, and the other will have seen false information. The killer knows the identity of the dead sailor, having killed him.

It is up to you to decide and figure out who the killer is.

If at ANY time, one player has a majority of the votes against them(2 votes), the game will immediately end and that player will walk the plank. If the killer is planked, the innocents win. If one of the innocents is planked, the killer kills the remaining innocent that night, so the killer wins.

Think logically, and vote carefully.

Role DescriptionEdit

Baddie: Survive

  • Killer:Can kill a sailor. Knows the identity of the sailor he killed.

Goodie: Survive

  • Innocent: will have seen correct information
  • Innocent: will have seen false information

Host's Summary Edit

Wisely. Bravo, Kat.

Game Over!

Thanks for playing guys!

Winning Faction Edit

  1. The Fox - Innocent(correct) - Wears Hook - Saw Pegleg - Survived
  2. IDNE - Innocent(false) - Wears bandanna - Saw Hook - Survived

MVP : Fox

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Surge - Killer - Wears Pegleg - Saw Eyepatch - Lynched D1
  2. The Fox - Innocent(correct) - Wears Hook - Saw Pegleg
  3. IDNE - Innocent(false) - Wears bandanna - Saw Hook

Actions Edit

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