Trainer's Manual Mafia XII
TMM Mafia XII: High School Club Mafia
Game information
Host Brainiac100 & Auramyna
Link Trainer's Manual Mafia XII
Size 11 Players (Small)
Start Date 4.13.13
Winning Faction Baddie & Indy
Roster #, player
  1. Flamebirde
  2. Nana7
  3. Kikacat123
  4. vcvcvc12
  5. TheCube
  6. dyalDragon
  7. Akaslickster
  8. Marksmanjay
  9. Panther
  10. YoDell
  11. Lahiem
First to Die Slick
Last Remaining Flamebirde
Awards -

TMM Mafia XII: High School Club Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Brainy and Aura based on own design.

It began on April 13, 2013 and ended in a Baddie & Indie win in D4 (April 22).

Game Mechanics Edit


  • Kills are blocking
  • NK has no carrier, so it can not be redirected/blocked
  • Redirected spies get a correct spy on their new target.
  • OOP (Order of Precedence): Kill>redirect>trap>block
  • Faction OOP: Baddie>Goodie

Explanation of OOP - This only comes into play in a loop of actions. Otherwise all actions go through. A loop will be broken by the highest action in the OOP going first.

Faction OOP only comes into play if both goodie and baddie block are in a loop - i.e - baddie block overrides goodie block if they target each other.

Tie rules:

  • Day 1 - none die
  • Day 2 onwards - all in tie roll randomly.

Appears in night post:

  • Kills
  • Blocks
  • Traps
  • Needed saves
  • Successful RID Steals (acts as a block)

Role DescriptionEdit

Baddies - BTSC and NK. WINCON: Gain majority.

  1. Band- Vote Manip (x0-x2)
  2. Chorus- Block
  3. Guitar Club- Redirect

Goodies - WINCON: Outlive all baddies and Indy.

  1. Chess Club - Vote Manip (x0-x3)
  2. Mock Trial - choice of kill or follow spy each night.
  3. Quiz Bowl - Block
  4. Prom Committee - Trap
  5. Debate Club - Yes or No Question
  6. National Honors Society (NHS) - Save
  7. Photography Club - Role Spy

Indy - WINCON: RID 2 of 4 given roles then leaves the game. If wincon becomes impossible, secondary wincon is to be last standing.

  • Future Farmers of America (FFA):
    • RID Steal and use stolen action from a previous night.
    • Role spies twice during the game. (Max one per night. Stolen spies are in addition to Indy's 2 role spies.)

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations Edit


About players:

I was incredibly impressed by how well everyone did in this game, especially considering the fact that this was the first mafia for many of you. My only comment towards you as a whole is to pay more attention to actions in the night posts and role hints throughout the game so you can more easily deduce who each person's role is.

My commendation goes to Kikacat123, who was so easily able to figure out who had what role (or she was just really good at guessing).

About Mentors:

The mentors during this game, Plasmid (for Kikacat123) and araver (for vcvcvc12), were absolutely incredible. They were willing to answer questions and did so in ways that made everything crystal clear. I would not have been able to answer their questions as adeptly as they did.

About Hosts:

I have a lot for this section...

1. Auramyna and I realized immediately after Night 1 that we wanted to change the rule from "NKs have a carrier and are blockable/redirectable" to "NKs do not have a carrier and are not blockable/redirectable." The reason I did not mention it in Day 1 was because I did not want to mess with lynch because everyone would (correctly) assume that Flamebirde was the Chorus. In hindsight, however, I realize that I should have shared this information as soon as we decided it so as not to give the Baddies an advantage.

2. I personally do not think we should have given the Baddies a block, since the NK was already blocking. Instead, they should have had a spy.

2a. The NK should not have been blocking, either. On N1, akaslickster saved himself, but because the NK was blocking, he died. As the whole point of a save is to save a person from the NK, he should not have died.

3. Numbers 1 and 2 made the Baddies entirely too strong. They were able to interfere with a large majority of the actions each night, even getting to the point on the final night where only the Baddies and Indy were the only ones who successfully acted.

4. A few errors were made by me throughout the game:

4a. I should have mentioned earlier that the rule about the NK not having a carrier had changed.

4b. Araver said this in a PM:

Question to hosts:

Original post states: "Day 2 onwards - all in tie roll randomly". When I read this, I first understood that each in the tie roll have an independent chance of being lynched.

D3 post shows: "Finally, the majority of the people decided it was either dyalDragon or Nana. [...] Tails. Nana77 was suddenly swept up by the students and ejected from the school". The Day post suggests a different rule set: the one where exactly ONE in the tie will be lynched. Was this the intent of the rule from the OP?

This caused me to have an error in the post for D3, which could have ended up changing the game.

Anyways, game is a learning experience for everyone. If anyone has any comments/criticism for me, please share it with me. I would be more than happy to know how I can improve :)

If you did not enjoy this game, do not fret! There are many different types of mafia out in the world of the interweb, so please do not be discouraged if you feel as though you did not like this or you weren't good at it.


Brainiac100 :)

By Brainy

Special commendationsEdit

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit

  • Kikacat123
  • Flamebirde
  • nana7
  • TheCube

Day and Night Posts Edit

N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4 D4

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Flamebirde - Chorus - survived
  2. nana7 - Guitar Club - Lynched D3
  3. Kikacat123 - Future Farmers of America - won and left school N4 as Future Farmers of America
  4. vcvcvc12 - Mock Trial - Killed N4 by Chorus
  5. TheCube - Band - Lynched D2
  6. dyalDragon - Photography Club - Lynched D4
  7. akaslickster - National Honors Society - Killed N1 by Chorus
  8. marksmanjay - Prom Committee - Lynched D1
  9. Panther - Chess Club - Killed N3 by Guitar Club
  10. Yodell - Quiz Bowl - Killed N2 by Guitar Club
  11. lahiem - Debate Club - died at end

Actions Edit

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