Game information
Host Boquise & ShadowAngel
Link Traitor BTSC threads
Size 9 Players (Small)
Start Date 3.29.14
Winning Faction Baddies
Roster #, player
  1. Hachi
  2. Vommack
  3. Benjer3
  4. Brainiac100
  5. Segul
  6. MiKi
  7. Dee
  8. Kiwi (Iawy)
  9. Jay
First to Die Miki
Last Remaining Kiwi or Iawy
MVP Vommack
Awards -

Traitor was a game designed and hosted by Boquise & ShadowAngel based on their own idea.

It began on March 29, 2014 and ended in a Baddie win in N4 (April 07).

Game Mechanics Edit


  • OOP: Block > Redirect > Save > Kill
  • Shows: Kills, successful saves, successful broadcast, successful traps
  • Tie Rules: Day 1 = No lynch, other days = Every player tied will flip a coin for their survival
  • Baddies’ kill is carried
  • This game will function like Trust, though it won't have the same role abilities like the previous ones.
  • This game will be a 9-player game and will be using greek accounts.

Role DescriptionEdit

The roles:

  1. Laura - The normal girl. There's nothing particular interesting about her. She has her part-time job and just enjoy the daily life of a citizen.
  2. Maurice - He is a prep and he loves it. He was actually surprised that Kyrie could afford an island and decided that he needs to outshine her when he hosts a party. He is handsome.
  3. Nora - She is quite the philosophical chick. Back at high school she was a bookish nerd, and even though she has now blossomed in looks, her intellect is still as sharp as ever.
  4. Olof - The foreigner that moved to this country and decided to stay. He got teased a lot for being German.
  5. Penelope - She is a brat. She was that back in high school and the others noticed that she still is. Such a shame her intellect doesn't match with her looks.
  6. Quentyn - Back in the day he dressed up in black and sprayed his hair in different colors. He didn't cut himself though, thus he was easily accepted in the group.
  7. Rachel - A hippe. She smoke a lot of pot, but she still had a strange wit. We'll see if it still remains.
  8. Seth - That guy loves sports. He loves to handle weights, he loves to make those tackles from American football. Is he all brawns and no brains, or is he actually smart?
  9. Tor - The carefree oddball of the group. He has always some joke going on.
  • According to research. These fellows became friends after joining a school group. It was a group dedicated to the game of Mafia. It will be interesting to see how this group of young people will fare compared to the other group that was made of professionals. Let us see who the traitor is.

Host's Summary Edit

Host's noteEdit

A lot of screw-ups happened on my part which I am deeply sorry for. First I mixed up the baddies' abilities which each other. FORTUNATELY it didn't matter in the long run. But still!

Then we had the Gamma affair. I first thought that if Gamma used his save on Theta, he would be able to achieve his wincon (target 2 male characters), but Shad, fortunately again, reminded me that Jay actually got redirected to himself that night he tried to kill Iota. How did he live? Well Delta blocked him.

I decided to end this prematurely despite Gamma saving himself because Gamma couldn't achieve his wincon anymore and the next day would have to be decided over the coin. I don't want to end a game with a coin; that's unfair when thinking about the whole game process since one part wouldn't win even if it won the coin flip.

But the game has been really fun hosting and I loved all the shenanigans that occured! The third and final game of this series will be different with actions though. I hope you players have had a fun time as well and I hope Gamma aint too angry at me x)

Also worth to note is that we had two Theta's going around. IAWY was the first Theta but PM'd me that he wouldn't be able to play. I asked him to do N1 which he did whilst I contacted Kiwifruit! However, Kiwi had yet to make a post when IAWY checked again. He assumed that I hadn't found a replacement yet and thus posted some more... which resulted in albeit a short, but yet hilarious, chaos in baddie BTSC. This was also the reason to why Theta was idle. Therefore I am very happy with Beta pulling through. I will actually bless Beta with being the MVP of Traitor because of his good choices of actions and be at least a bit out of the radar (except for Alpha's). So Vommack, you finally got your first baddie win AND it is a MVP as well!

Congratulations baddies! And thanks everyone of you for playing! Modhello
By Boquise

Game Idea and Expectations Edit


Special commendationsEdit

Host disappointmentsEdit

Alternate endingsEdit

Winning Faction Edit


  • Vommack - Beta/Maurice
  • Kiwi - Theta/Seth

Day and Night Posts Edit

Intro N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4

End of Game Roster Edit

  1. Hachi - Alpha/Rachel - NK'd by baddies during N3
  2. Vommack - Beta/Maurice - Killed by Rachel during N3
  3. Benjer - Delta/Nora - killed during N2 by Penelope
  4. Brainy - Epsilon/Olof - NK'd by baddies during N2
  5. Segul - Zeta/Laura - Lynched during D3 and found out to be Laura
  6. Miki - Eta/Quentyn - NK'd by baddies during N1
  7. Dee - Iota/Tor - Lynched during D2 and found out to be Tor
  8. Kiwi - Theta/Seth
  9. Jay - Gamma/Penelope - NK'd by baddies during N4

Actions Edit

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