In Mafia, a Trap is a night action that combines several other night actions forcing them on the same target (a combo) --typically the block; save; the silence action of the Dentist; and, in some cases, some variation of the spy. The trap groups these actions together into a single role that has its own place among the order of actions. Because of the inability for a trapped player to defend himself, it has become canon to remove the voting power of, and the ability of everyone else to vote for, a trapped player (see silence).

While a trap typically lasts one cycle, several variations exist:

  • Most common among these variations: the single night trap (block + save)
  • Other variation (also known as arrest): the indefinite trap (see Sergeant in Pirates of Penzance Mafia). An indefinite trap will trap a player until a specific condition is met -- typically a RID Guess from another player. Such an ability is typical of a non-grouped indy and should be avoided for the baddies, as it can quickly resemble an additional Nightkill if the goodie who can free trapped players becomes trapped himself (see zombify in Secret of Mana Mafia).