UN Mafia
Game information
Host Araver
Link UN Mafia
Size 11 Players (Small)
Start Date 21.12.2010
Winning Faction 5 Individuals: 4 Goodies & 1 Indy
Roster 1) Blablah99

2) DarthNoob
3) Hirkala
4) EDM
5) Joe's Student
6) Framm18
7) Akaslickster (Petrus)
8) Segul
9) maurice
10) firno
11) golfjunkie

First to Die EDM
Last Remaining 3) Hirkala

7) Akaslickster
9) Maurice
10) Firno
11) GolfJunkie

MVP Hirkala
Awards -

UN Mafia was a game designed by Yuli and hosted by Araver based on Yuli's original design.

It began on December 21, 2010 and ended in a individual win by some of the Goodies and the Indy in D3 (December 27th, 2010).

Game Mechanics

This was a complex game designed by Yuli where each player had an Individual wincon which had to be fulfilled before the player was allowed to leave the game and win. Factions were more loosely related and killed players did not win with their factions.


  • Leaving the game: All WINCONs are to leave the game. In order to do so, each nation has a goal that must be accomplished. To leave the game, the player must sacrifice his night ability and declare that he wishes to leave the game (PM host at night). After this declaration, he must survive that night and following day. He will be allowed to vote, but his vote will count x0 at the end of the day. If he survives both, he may leave. Blocks do not prevent a player from leaving, but an imprisonment does. An imprisoned player must be freed before attempting to leave.

If a player attempts to leave without completing his assigned goal, he will be informed that he cannot leave only AFTER the night and day cycle have completed. In this case, his vote would still count in the lynch.

  • Order of actions: imprison > invulnerability > save > kill > block > spy/message intercept / message transmission.
  • Night Kill is stopped if target is imprisoned or saved. NK is also stopped if all surviving / still in the game members of the Secret Alliance are blocked or imprisoned that night.
  • When a single faction manages to eliminate all other players, there's no one stopping them to leave the game, except if their WinCon is no longer possible to achieve.
  • Tie Lynch Rules: D1 tie lynch=no lynch. Any other day tie = random lynch selected from the tied players.

Role Description

Secret Alliance
Have BTSC and a night invasion (kill).

  • China -- The size of the country allows for vote manipulation (x0, x1, or x2). Also, if China can successfully guess the Nation who is to receive a message from S. Korea, China may read the message OR replace it with a message of his own, but not both. WINCON: Secretly wants revenge for the destruction of Nanking. Can only leave the game if Japan is dead.
  • North Korea -- Nuclear devices were just a cover for North Korea's top secret project: building a better Google Earth. They have satellites that cover the whole globe. Can spy 1 player per night, even if that player is dead. If they spy Russia, Russia learns their identity as well. WINCON: Doesn't like their Southern brethren and will do anything to see them eliminated. Cannot leave the game until South Korea is eliminated.
  • Afghanistan -- Their dirty bomb threats and scuds keep a country occupied (blocked) for a night. If they target the US, their identity will be published that night. WINCON: They hold a grudge against Russia for their past occupation. Can only leave the game if Russia is dead.

UN Alliance

  • USA -- Can survive through countless tragedies. Cannot die at night. WINCON: As a firm supporter of democracy, the USA dislikes the idea of vote manipulation. Says one thing and does another--if they directly reveal their role, they are the next lynch victim regardless of votes. Has one RID guess per night. Must correctly RID China before leaving the game.
  • Russia -- Has hundreds of satellites floating in space. Can use one per night to spy a player's role and target. If either the spied player or his target that night is NorthKorea, then North Korea also learns Russia’s identity. WINCON: Must spy one of the three baddies before leaving the game.
  • Japan -- Has trained many ninja assassins and is known for their stealth and technology. If spied by North Korea, Japan will appear to be South Korea. Once during the game, at night, Japan can target a player. If that player is in the baddie BTSC, he is assassinated -- removed from the BTSC and replaced by a back-up. Any information the original player had is not transferred. If the target is not a baddie, he is still replaced by the back-up and no previous information is transferred. (Any actions for that night are likewise not transferred). WINCON: Must successfully assassinate one player before leaving the game.
  • South Korea -- Has a hard time dealing with their pesky northern neighbors. Silently monitors activities and can tell which player targeted which nation (instead of the other way around). S. Korea can also send a message (through the host) to one Nation. The message will be delivered the following day. WINCON: Must successfully deliver two messages to friendly nations. The contents of the messages do not matter, as long as the messages were never intercepted by China. After the second message is delivered, S. Korea may leave the game.
  • England -- Has worldwide influence among its colonies. Has no action unless the USA, Australia, or Canada (AUSCANUS) is/are dead. When one of those countries dies, England takes over the actions or abilities of that nation. Every night, England must choose only one ability to use from the available list. (Note: While America's invulnerability ability is passive, England must choose in order to use it). WINCON: Cannot leave the game until at least one of the AUSCANUS have left the game AND at least 2 of which are no longer playing UNLESS all three are dead. (For clarification, the only way for England to leave is if two AUSCANUS players have left the game OR if one has died and one has left the game OR if all three have died.)
  • Australia -- As a penal colony, Australia can imprison one player per night, but not the same player two nights in a row. Imprisoned players cannot act that night or vote the following day. They hire Canadian contractors to guard their prisons. WINCON: They try to prove that they are just as worthwhile as their allies. Cannot be the first of the AUS/CAN/UK/US to leave the game (they can leave, however, if at least one of the alliance is dead).
  • Canada -- Maintains that social healthcare is a benefit, even though they know it isn't. Saves a player on odd nights and kills on even nights. Learns the faction of players imprisoned by Australia. WINCON: Before leaving the game, Canada must either successfully save a team mate or successfully kill one of the Secret Alliance members.


  • Sweden -- A rounded nation with nothing to contribute to war. Must choose two actions to replicate per night, but can only use the same set once per game and cannot repeat an action more than twice in a row. Message transmission or interception and assassination cannot be replicated. WINCON: Survive as long as possible. May leave the game only after at least 5 players are dead.

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations

Well, I kinda jumped on hosting this. I was very anxious to host a Mafia and after MollyMae left it open to hosting, and seeing it was already queued on BD as next, I rushed to get approval from MollyMae (and GMaster479) to host it. I did not understand all the role clashes or the individual wincon twists that MollyMae wired in the game so I studied it for a while before the game started. I had to make the order of actions chronological (i.e. all actions happen on a timeline - notation >> came much later) to be able to follow actions and build a story.

Right, I had no story to start with ... I had a beautiful Mafia already designed and did not know how to write the story. So, I went with my own experience of trying to understand the roles and clashes explain the underlying mechanics (such as spying gadgets, traps that prevent further actions, etc) and created the Hooded Figure (as a mean arrogant, you get the point).

This was a great opportunity for me (for which I'm forever thankful to MollyMae) and this game's design had a great influence for all my next Mafias (including game mechanics, roles and stories behind the posts).


As Molly Mae designed this game ... everyone had an individual WinCon. But some depended specifically on others to achieve their own WinCon. "Factions" were pretty loose since some could leave the game and leave the teammates to rot in their place.

Special commendations

4 Goodies and the Indy fulfilled their WinCons. Two of the goodies, Firno and Slick (replacing Petrus in the last night) had very little to do with their individual wincon being fulfilled (passive wincons). Dead goodies were either confused / cross-fired on team-mates preemptively or not defended properly. Baddies were outed and eliminated due to a combination of not-helping each other in the game thread and some unlucky choices for actions. Leaving Hirk (Indy), Maurice (Goodie trap) and Golfjunkie (Russian spy) eligible for MVP:

  • Golfjunkie was lucky to being spied upon and thus reveal a baddie in N1. And he also spied the last remaining baddie (although at that point, the identity was certain). His actions or lynch votes were not extraordinary, but he played them well. Outing himself D1 to lynch a baddie did prevent his faction from getting other spies in N2 but did help to get rid of one baddie and clear a goodie (self). He did miss some voting/days, leaving his faction vulnerable at times (a cleared goodie is more eligible for pushing).
  • Maurice, as the goodie trapper, had a very easy individual wincon. Wait for one of 3 players to die first. And he told me from N1 that's his intention. He trapped himself N1 to be safe from NK. Only after being denied a second trap self he renounced his ways and "learned how to work with peers". He almost left in N2, thinking there's a fair change that one of the 3 players in his WinCon had already died in N1 or will die in N2. He did little to clear confusion for the goodies in the early game, except letting another Goodie know his identity, but helped his team greatly in the second part, actively seeking baddies out and forfeiting his leave for one night to vote for the last baddie.
  • Hirk as the Indy - Indy Wincon: Survive as long as possible. May leave the game only after at least 5 players are dead. Leaving meant forfeiting your action for a night AND surviving the next day lynch! He had the hardest wincon of all. He had the choice of some limited protecting abilities at night ( to help with his wincon) but he had to evade his way during the day AND be alive for a cycle AFTER the moment 5 other players are dead. He also had the most adaptable strategy (I am a little biased here, having multiple choice abilities did help him win). He played it by the book: Night 1 - Save self, spy around. Day 1 - voted for the outed baddie. Outed self as the Indy after some suspicion was thrown on him. Publicly threw his support for the Goodie cause (the faction that was closer to win). He promised an extra spy and delivered the following day. Night 2 - Invulnerable, spy around. Day 2 - Indy-Goodie Alliance is rather weak after 1 known goodie died. Hirk reveals his spy result, accepts the fact goodies can lynch him, promises to behave, etc. His dispute with Maurice gets a little heated... but Hirk puts his info on the table and starts corroborating it, shares his findings. Forces Firno to out what he did clearing who a dead person might be. Starts a logical lynch against the second baddie. Night 3 - Submits the action to leave. Day 3 - Last baddie is ferreted out. Rules are tested, and both Hirk and Maurice decide to forfeit their leave if this would get their votes to count x1 instead of x0 and get the Baddie lynched. Goodie-Indy alliance wins.

So, Hirk gets the MVP award for 2 main reasons (in a game with so many Individual wincons)

  1. He picked a faction to help him win (in order to get day protection he missed) + getting faster to his wincon (goodie kills - more deaths ) This is an Indy covering all the angles, with a good choice of night-protection as night actions.Textbook.
  2. He earned the Goodie trust, defused any situation that appeared in the thread from Goodies not trusting him, lead the final two lynches gathering all the info the Goodies and himself had. Plus WIFOM-ed the baddie in N3 to make him leave instead of killing the Indy. And pushed for the last baddie lynch despite the fact he could have left the goodies to deal with it

Host disappointments

  • I was too inexperienced as a host to know how to balance things during the game. I had a feeling that baddies were loosing ground, but I found no way to revive their status without breaking the rules.
  • This game was played during winter holidays which meant a lot of IRL stuff to deal for all involved. I should have taken that into account more (even though players did not seek or seem to want the 48-day rule).

Alternate endings

  • In N3/D3, if BlaBlah's plan to lynch Hirk as the Indy would have worked (blaming Segul as the third baddie - killed by goodies in N2), he would have left the game.
By by Araver

Winning Faction

There were 5 individual winners - players who were able to leave the game without being killed and completing their individual wincons before leaving:

  • Hirkala - Sweden
  • Slick /Petrus - England
  • maurice - Australia
  • firno - USA
  • golfjunkie - Russia

MVP - Hirkala

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

  1. Blahblah - China - Lynched D3
  2. DarthNoob - North Korea - Lynched D1
  3. Hirkala - Sweden - Left after D3 - WON
  4. EDM - South Korea Killed N1 by Secret Alliance
  5. JS - Afghanistan - Lynched D2
  6. Framm - Canada - Killed N2 by Secret Alliance
  7. Slick /Petrus - England - Left after D5 - WON
  8. Segul - Japan - Killed N2 by Canada
  9. maurice - Australia - Left after D4 - WON
  10. firno - USA - Left after D4 - WON
  11. golfjunkie - Russia - Left after D4 - WON