UN Mafia II
UN Mafia 2
Game information
Host Araver
Link UN Mafia II
Size 11 Players (Small)
Start Date 09.04.2011
Winning Faction 5 Individuals: 3 Goodies & 2 Baddies
Roster 1) Molly Mae

2) Hirkala
3) maurice
4) Thalia
5) curr3nt
6) Framm18 (Aaryan)
7) Shadow7
8) solman
9) golfjunkie
10) Marq
11) Vineetrika

First to Die Vineetrika
Last Remaining 1) Molly Mae

4) Thalia
7) Shadow7
8) solman
10) Marq

MVP maurice & Molly Mae
Awards -

UN Mafia II was a game designed and hosted by Araver based on an original design by Yuli in UN Mafia.

It began on April 9th, 2011 and ended in 5 Individual players winning ( 3 Goodies & 2 Baddies) in D3 (April 16th, 2011).

Game Mechanics Edit

This was designed using Yuli's game mechanics from UN Mafia, borrowing all the surviving roles from that instance (with changed abilities) and adding new ones. It was a 7 vs 3 vs 1 game, with the Indy being able to choose to side with either faction (which impacted his own ability and individual wincon). In an attempt to patch any end-game scenarios with players trapped in the game unable to fulfill their own individual WinCons, a fail-safe group wincon was introduced, which ultimately led to a controversial ending of the game.


  • Tie lynch rules: D1 tie lynch=no lynch. Any other day tie = All tied players are lynched!
  • Order of actions: Chronological (i.e. all rules are ">>"): Redirect >> Arrest (Imprison)>> Trap >> RID Kill >> Save player / Block NK >> Night Kill >> Block >> Spy >> Message Send/Intercept
    • Night Kill is stopped if target is trapped, imprisoned or saved. NK is also stopped if Germany guesses the NK carrier or the NK carrier is RID Killed or trapped. Night Kill can be redirected.
    • RID Kills can only stopped if target is trapped or arrested (imprisoned) (cannot be stopped by Germany's save or guess)
    • Regular Kill (die-based) can only be stopped if target is trapped, arrested or saved (cannot be stopped by Germany's guess).
    • Redirected spies will not be told they were redirected. Instead, they will receive the role of the person they were redirected to.
    • Night-post will show only successful actions. Spies will not be shown (just hinted at).

Individual WinConsEdit

  • All WinCons are to reach an individual goal then leave the game.
  • To leave the game, the player must sacrifice his night ability and declare that he wishes to leave the game (PM host at night). After this declaration, he must survive that night and following day. If he survives both, he may leave.
  • After they submit the LEAVE action, the following day their vote is counted x0.
  • Blocks do not prevent a player from leaving, but an imprisonment does. An imprisoned player must be freed before attempting to leave.
  • If a player attempts to leave without completing his assigned goal, he will be informed that he cannot leave only AFTER the night and day cycle have completed.
  • When a single faction manages to eliminate all other players, there's no one stopping them to leave the game. This bypasses individual WinCons.

Role DescriptionEdit

Secret Alliance - Have BTSC and a night invasion (kill). NK must be assigned to a person.

  • China -- The size of the country allowed it to send a replacement for the representative lost in the previous game. Can use electronic interception technologies. If China can successfully guess the Nation who is the recipient of a message from Spain, China may read the message (silent intercept) OR replace it with a message of his own (active intercept), but not both. During the day, may secretly change one vote. WinCon: Secretly wants revenge for losing face in recent games. Cannot leave unless both USA and Russia are dead.
  • Argentina-- Wishes to restore its former glory lost in last century's war. Ability - Can spy on one player each night, learning their identity, and what they did that night. If spied upon, it appears as Spain. WinCon: Must spy England or vote for England before leaving the game. Only votes at the end of day are counted towards the WinCon.
  • Iran-- Still walking a thin line, wishes to dominate and prevent other nations of controlling its neighbours. Ability - Each night can hire an external agent. Ability comes after a roll of die - 1. Block 2. Kill 3. Spy 4. RID Kill 5. Redirect 6. No action. WinCon: Can only leave the game if Israel is dead.

UN Alliance - No BTSC, No group abilities.

  • USA -- Can survive through countless tragedies therefore cannot die at night on odd nights. Can RID Kill each night. WinCon: Must correctly RID Kill 1 baddie before leaving the game.
  • Russia -- The size of the country allows vote manipulation (own vote) during the day (x0, x1, or x2) . Has hundreds of satellites floating in space. Can use one per night to spy a nation, even if that nation left the game or died. However their spying technology is easy to detect with the right equipment. If an alive member of the Secret Alliance is spied, the Secret Alliance will be notified of the fact that Russia spied one of them (and which of them), but will not be told Russia's identity.WinCon: Has to prove itself by tagging 2 baddies before leaving the game. Spying a baddie at night is counted as 1 tag (different spies, different tags). Voting for a baddie who is eventually lynched is also counted as 1 tag.
  • Germany -- Its economic influence grows steadily which leads to an increase in political influence. Sometimes is forced to save nations in dire need, but would prefer preventing actions. Each night can choose to save a player or try to guess the Night Kill carrier. If Germany guesses correctly, the NK is blocked (but not the other action of that player).WinCon: Must save (successfully) a player or guess and block the Night kill to be allowed to leave.
  • England -- Has worldwide influence among its former colonies. When one of the English speaking countries (US, Australia) dies, England takes over the actions or abilities of that nation. Every night, England must choose only one ability to use from the available list. After inheriting abilities, if Englands outs that one of the nations has died, it loses all the inherited abilities.WinCon: Cannot leave the game until at least one of USA and Australia have left the game or are dead and after it uses at least once one of the inherited abilities.
  • Australia -- As a former penal colony, Australia can trap one player per night, but not the same player two nights in a row. The enhanced spy technology borrowed from Canada will allow the spy results on the trapped player to be redirected to both Australia and USA. WinCon: They cannot be the first goodie to leave the game - either one goodie must successfully leave or two goodies must be dead in order for Australia to be allowed to leave.
  • Spain-- As a former colonial empire, Spain is still struggling to achieve a fraction of its former glory. Has connections to vast network of Spanish speaking informers all around the world which can be used to send a 100 character message each night to one of the nations (ROLE, not player). WinCon: Must send at least two messages successfully before being allowed to leave.
  • Israel-- Distrustful of alliances, often finds itself in need of allies due to its neighbor's influences. Can redirect a target each night. If it does not act during the night, it can instead change a vote in lynch during the day. WinCon: Must redirect (successfully) Iran's action or change Iran's vote to be alowed to leave.


  • Sweden -- A rounded nation with nothing to contribute to wars. From time to time, chooses to temporarily side with a Faction or the other, in order to protect its own interests. Can arrest one person each night and learn his faction. That person is imprisoned for following day, cannot post or be voted for. Sweden cannot die N1.

Host's Summary Edit

Game Idea and Expectations

I was actually very anxious to host another UN Mafia, even if at first, I only threw it on the table because there was a lack of Mafias ready for BrainDen. I tweaked the roles and story around, grabbing the survivor roles from UN Mafia and adding new ones. I kinda rushed on the balance (especially on the secret Indy WinCon).


  • Night 1 began with a failed NK as Molly was trapped and to the Indy choosing the Goodie side. Baddies did manage to find out the identity of the goodie spy.
  • During Day 1, which ultimately led to Vineetrika being lynched, saw the goodies dropping a lot of strong hints. A very controversial move by curr3nt (who was trying to prove his allegiance to the Goodies) was to openly discuss all the given hints and organize them as claims, unaware that he was adding his own knowledge of Australia's spy trap on Molly the night before. While most of it was based on very strong hints given by others, the wording allowed the baddies to narrow down a few other roles, including the goodie kill and the goodie save.
  • Night 2 - Baddies get a die-RID Kill, but Hirk is saved by being trapped by the Indy. The same trap prevented Hirk's correct RID Kill of Molly/Argentina. Argentina's and Iran's wincons are fulfilled. Half of China's wincon could have been fulfilled if Hirk were not trapped
  • Day 2 - Maurice is lynched, after both baddies do not attempt to flash-vote in order to save him as planned. It would not have worked though, since the goodie vote manip - Marq, who was redirected by baddies, did not make her vote x2, so it would have only made it a tie.
  • Night 3 - After Maurice's lynch, Yuli plans a final bluff - coming out in the open and asking the goodies to a mass-abstain the next day, in return of no NK preventing them from achieving their Individual WinCons.
  • Day 3 - No lynch. The baddies escaped, leaving some goodies trapped behind as the group failsafe wincon was NOT fulfilled.
    • All able players abstained - Molly and Shad's votes counted x0 (since they tried to leave) and goodies could have lynched both of them (tie lynch-all are lynched). All it took was 1 vote on Molly and 1 vote on Shad.
    • No one asked questions about the group WinCon, except for the baddies (and the ghosts).
    • Hirk could have killed Molly in N3 and complete his individual WinCon. GJ had no chance to fill his individual WinCon. Both Marq and Solman continued their quest to fulfill their individual WinCon and were able to leave

Special commendations

I saw no clear MVP Award because mostly, only the Baddies decisions impacted the game. However instead of no MVP award I decided to award a co-MVP:

  • to Yuli for final operation - for coming up with the bluff - the plan to allow the baddie escapes unlynched, for keeping a separate (glitch-like) line of communication with the host and for his precise actions during N3/D3. He never once prompted the goodies to ask more questions that it was necessary for the plan to succeed.
  • to Maurice for paving the way for that final operation, including extensive BTSC arguments which kept the Baddies stronger than their Individual WinCons normally allowed. He could have had his WinCon met earlier (USA and Russia were known to them after N1/D1), but he supported (and even proposed) actions in N2 that allowed the other two to achieve their own individual WinCon. Maurice did most of the powerplaying in both N1 and N2 and they could have won by all three getting their individual WinCons had Maurice not been lynched D2. The balance between individual WinCons inside the Baddie BTSC ensured that no baddie would powerplay the other's actions (or his own) to reach their individual WinCon on their own and brought a second layer of trust within the baddie BTSC.

Host disappointments

Well, I managed to piss a lot of people with the ending. However, I stand by my decision. The group WinCon was intended as a failsafe (after what happened in UN Mafia where baddies were obliterated, but some goodies were almost unable to leave). It read "elimination" as in defeating not letting leave unharmed. Letting the opposing faction leave is so un-Mafia-like, it can't be a "standard" group WinCon. Baddies asked about the word elimination and I asked the ghosts during N3 and D3 too. If some Goodies did not ask the host in 2 cycles if their plan to not lynch the baddies would lead to a group WinCon, it's not my fault as a host. Of course, in hindsight, I could have worded it as "obliterate" or "lynch/kill". But that's a stretch.

Alternate endings

During D3, because of the special tie-lynch rules, more tied players could have been lynched. With Molly and Shadow leaving, their vote was x0 so all it took was 2 goodies voting for Molly and Shadow respectively in order for the Goodies to eliminate the Baddies.

Winning Faction Edit

Individual Win (based on completing individual WinCon and being able to leave):

  • MollyMae - Argentina
  • Thalia - England
  • Shadow7 - Iran
  • solman - Spain
  • Marq - Russia

MVP: co-MVPs maurice & Yuli

Day and Night Posts Edit

End of Game Roster Edit

Hooded Figure: Araver

  1. MollyMae - Argentina - Left after D3 - WON
  2. Hirkala - USA - Trapped in-game - LOST
  3. maurice - China - Lynched D2 - LOST
  4. Thalia - England - Left after D3 - WON
  5. curr3nt - Sweden - chose to side with UN Alliance - Trapped in-game - LOST
  6. Framm - Israel - Killed N2 - LOST
  7. Shadow7 - Iran - Left after D3 - WON
  8. solman - Spain - Left after D4 - WON
  9. golfjunkie - Germany - Trapped in-game - LOST
  10. Marq - Russia - Left after D4 - WON
  11. Vineetrika - Australia - Lynched D1 - LOST

Actions Edit

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