Have you ever stopped to consider your assumptions and biases? It's funny (both odd and humourous) the things we assume to be true. Let's step out of our comfort zone for a minute to assess a few of them.

Religion: God vs Satan, the Maker against the Destroyer. Christianity (and other varying religions) has taught us that these two forces are locked in a state of perpetual spiritual war, fighting for the souls of humankind.

But is that true? Aren't they actually working toward a common goal? If humanity has free will and makes a choice, isn't God the Judge and Satan the Executioner, the Warden of an eternal fiery prison? Are they not working for the same judicial system governed by the same spiritual laws? Sure, one might prefer redemption where the other prefers the axe (or the pitchfork), but they ultimately complement each other.

Politics: Bleh. Your side is corrupt. Just as corrupt as the other side. The right, the left, the up, the down. They're all corrupt.

Acadamia: Grades. Are they important? Sure, they seem to be. Good grades in middle school means a chance at AP or college prep classes in high school. Good grades in high school translates to (sometimes/usually) admission to a more prestigious university. After that, though, who cares about grades? The real world doesn't, unless you're being recruited during your doctorate.

A perfect student who finishes a law degree from Local State University won't be selected over an immature frat boy who graduates from the bottom of his class in Harvard. It's the school on the degree that matters. They don't put your GPA on your diploma. So while you were busy busting your ass working two jobs to pay for books, College Frat Boy was living it up on his parents' money. But he'll get social approval because he went to Harvard, the same as his father and his father's father.

Sometimes life is shitty like that. Take a step back and look at it. Clearly state your assumptions and attempt to verify their truth. Sometimes we carry assumptions for a long time based on something we were told. It's our duty to verify them, revalue them, sometimes devalue them, and make sure our perspective isn't skewed by untruths we've believed because we learned them as a child.

I'm not saying you should abandon your religion or stop trying for good grades. Just have some perspective on what you're achieving.


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