Viking Mafia
Game information
Host maurice & Auramyna
Link Game thread: Viking Mafia BTSC threads
Size 14 Players (Medium)
Start Date 28.06.2011
Winning Faction Baddies
Roster 1. Yuli

2. EDM
3. Glycereine
4. Akriti
5. shadow7
6. Araver (Elfen)
7. Lionheart
8. darth nox
9. Hirkala
10. Aaryan
11. Marq
12. Slick
13. GMaster479
14. DarthMask

First to Die Glycereine
Last Remaining 6. Araver (Elfen)

8. darth nox
9. Hirkala
12. Slick
13. GMaster479
14. DarthMask

MVP araver
Awards -

Viking Mafia was a game designed by maurice and hosted by maurice & Auramyna based on original design in a Norse Viking setting.

It began on June 28th, 2011 and ended in a Baddie win in D4 (July 8th, 2011).

Game Mechanics


  • OOP – Indy > Baddie > Goodie
  • RID Kill > trap > block > save > kill > spy
  • Night Kill and RID Kill can not be acted on. Actions fail only if target is saved or trapped.
  • Kills do not work as a block
  • Trap works as a block and save.
  • Vote Manips can not be acted on.
  • Tie lynch = all in lynch flip a coin for their lives
  • If Anders is blocked, then the chosen action is considered used.
  • If Quinby is blocked in any way, it will show up as such. However, he will still discover the role.
  • Spies, unused saves, Vote Manips will not be shown in Night or Day Posts. Only all traps, blocks, kills, needed saves and all Indy actions.
  • Recruits show up as purple in the night post, until lynched.

Role Description

Goodies: Vikings WinCon - get rid of the Mutineers

  • Lars - The captain of the ship. He can save one player per night, but never the same player twice in a row unless there are five or fewer players. He can save himself.
  • Sven - Can RID Kill once per night.
  • Björn - Dice roll determines his action each night (1-save, 2-Kill, 3-block, 4-spy role, 5-RID Kill, 6-none)
  • Thorfin - Can trap a player for the night or for the night and day meaning the player can not be voted for nor post during the day. The trap acts as a block and a save.
  • Quinby -Can discover the identity of one role per night who targets him. If more than one role targets him, he must choose whose identity he wants to discover.
  • Anders - Can copy a role each night, but each role only once, unless all living roles have been chosen (this includes the double-dip ability restriction that follows). If the role he chooses belongs to a dead player, then that action will fail. If the role contains a passive secret ability then the ability will apply but Anders will not be told. He may not choose both spy roles, block roles or vote manip roles.

Baddies: The Mutineers WinCon - be in the majority. Have NightKill and BTSC

  • Magnus - The leader of the Mutineers. He may not be the first baddie to die.

Faction TBD: The Recruits WinCon - win with faction. Explanation: Once roles are determined but before they have been distributed to anyone besides Magnus, Magnus will submit the names of the roles he wants to recruit. He will choose one from each pair. They will gain BTSC with him immediately. The other three players will join the goodies.

  • Spy - One player can spy a role. One can choose to spy who a player targeted or who targeted that player.
    • Godfrid
    • Roald
  • Block - Each can block a player at night
    • Olaf
    • Igor
  • Vote Manipulator - One can make any vote x0, x1, or x2. One has an allotment of 5 extra votes that can he add to other players' votes throughout the game. He can add any and all votes that he has remaining. If Anders chooses this role he will get to add one vote if any remain.
    • Hans
    • Kristoffer

Indy: The Stowaway WinCon - Get thrown off of the ship (killed or lynched) after D2.

  • Fisk - secret ability

In addition there may be other secret abilities

Host's Summary

The truth is that when I developed the game I envisioned players like araver having to work to get the information. It was there, just not as gift wrapped as most games. But araver didn't start, Glyc was killed N1, Hirk and GM were baddies, Yuli an Indy. Nobody listened to lh until he died.

I do want to thank araver for jumping in and changing what was a sure runaway into what could have been a goodie win. And thank nox for sticking with the game and not just checking in and sticking with his first thoughts. And to the baddies for being jerks

Despite what I was told were poor odds for the goodies, the goodies should have won. They were 30 seconds from winning. After D3, it would have been 5-3 and Hirk would have died N4 making it 4-2 and basically a NK/lynch swap. Slick flipped his vote and EDM never submitted a vote mod. So I hate to say it but, while I know tweaks are in order, the goodies lost this, aided by bad luck - mostly Hirk's blind recruiting... OK 30 seconds is not quite true as the vote mod was not submitted. But that still leaves 50/50 for Aaryan to die. Even at 4-3, killing Hirk and losing EDM still gives the goodies lynching power.

Nothing, save the Indy being lynched went in the goodie's favor. I took it that finding Magnus was not luck. Nox made Hirk out to be baddie. They lost their faction spy N1. They lost their RID kill D2. They were not working together, even ignoring logic. And yet they should have won. What went their way save for not lynching a baddie D1?

A bigger game would have made the optimal moves easier to pull off.

That being said, I have acknowledged in ghost btsc that this game needed an extra goodie, extra faction spy type or both (probably both). Oh yeah, I also mentioned in ghost btsc that goodie RID kills should have been RFID kills. I am not arguing that it was favored in the baddies favor...but 20%? (I'm still holding off on my post regarding designing a scoring system to fit desired results, but meh)

Many many thanks to Aura for cohosting. She pushed me to study up on Vikings and was an excellent sounding board. She understands the Host's responsibilities as far as interacting with the players. I would play one of her games in a heartbeat!

Co-host's Summary

The goodies very nearly could have won this game, if Slick hadn't flashvoted against his own faction, if EDM had've been alive on the last day, if the goodies had read the thread and not contradicted themselves with their actions... etc.

Also, Glycereine/Quinby dies N1 which removed the ability to discern between the purples faction-wise. Quinby -Can discover the identity of one role per night who targets him. If more than one role targets him, he must choose whose identity he wants to discover. (secret ability – if a recruit targets him he discovers the faction as well as the identity of the role.)

Good game all, it was fun watching it all play out!

MVP goes to Araver. With his leadership and analysis, he greatly improved the goodies chances of winning, if they had listened to him. After the day 2 post, he had worked out to a high degree of accuracy most of the roles. He basically turned the game around and gave the goodies a fighting chance!

Honorable mentions also go to Aaryan from the Baddies and darth nox from the Goodies.

  • Aaryan made some gutsy maneuvers such as hinting at being the goodie RID kill and various other claims he made on behalf of himself and his teammates. These moves paid of initially, blinding the goodies to his baddieness but towards the end, he got a little overconfident and his actions gave away his team mates. But all's well that ends well, hey? Live dangerously! He was also very active in the baddie BTSC and the main thread.
  • Darth nox made a great move on the final night, realising he could copy the baddies NK, and choosing Aaryan, the vote manipulator, to NK. He also correctly identified Hirk on N2, unfortunately forgetting Magnus couldn't die first, but nevertheless giving the goodies a clue to watch who Hirk was allied with.
  • Which brings me to Hirk, who receives the award for Most Entertaining Player/Posts. After being outed, he gave us all a lot of comic relief with his WiFOM and baddie humor. Who says you can't have fun after you've been outed as a Baddie? Thanks for the laughs

Sorry no rep points for the last 3 but accept our commendations.

Maurice pushed me to study up on vikings as I knew 0 about them. And I certainly am putting a game together; I'm just indecisive about what roles to use

Also, thanks to mo for letting me co-host with him. I hope I was a good grasshopper

Winning Faction


  • Hirkala - Magnus
  • Aaryan - Hans
  • GMaster479 - Godfrid
  • DarthMask - Olaf

MVP : Araver - Bjorn

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Hosts: maurice & Auramyna

  1. Yuli - Fisk - Lynched D1
  2. EDM - Kristoffer - Killed N4 by Magnus
  3. Glycereine - Quinby - Killed N1 by Magnus
  4. Akriti - Igor - Lynched D3
  5. shadow7 - Thorfin - Killed N2 by Magnus
  6. Araver (Elfen) - Bjorn
  7. Lionheart - Sven - Lynched D2
  8. darth nox - Anders - Lynched D4
  9. Hirkala - Magnus
  10. Aaryan - Hans - killed N4 by Anders
  11. marq - Lars - Killed N3 by Magnus
  12. Slick - Roald
  13. GMaster479 - Godfrid
  14. DarthMask - Olaf


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