WIFOM (correctly WiFoM) = "Wine in Front of Me".


The terminology comes from the movie Princess Bride

Westley: "All right: where is the poison? 
      The battle of wits has begun. 
      It ends when you decide 
      and we both drink, 
      and find out who is right and who is dead."

Vizzini: "But it's so simple. 
      All I have to do is divine from what I know of you. 
      Are you the sort of man who would put the poison 
      into his own goblet, or his enemy's?"

In situations such as the movie scenario mentioned above, one often may try to use what he knows of his opponent to make a better choice. However, in some cases this leads to recursive reasoning: "But that's just what he wants me to think, so I'll do the opposite. But maybe that's what he wants me to think, so I'll not do the opposite. But maybe that's what he wants me to think..."

WIFOM in Mafia

WiFoM occurs when two opposing parties are caught in a whirlwind of inconclusive circular logic. For example, say there are two people in the spotlight as enemies of the Mafia. The Doctor must choose who to save and the Mafia must choose who to kill. Obviously the Mafia wants to choose someone that the Doctor DOESN'T choose, and the Doctor wants to choose the same person that the Mafia DOES choose. Thus they must anticipate each other's actions and are sucked into an infinite ladder of "well they know I know that I'd pick him because..." which leads to no real conclusions. However the key part of WiFoM is that it requires one of the options to be considerably more desirable for one of the parties involved to pick. This doesn't make anything simpler though, in fact it makes it more complicated.

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